Best sheep shears

Best sheep shears. Whether you have a small or large flock of sheep, they all need regular shearing to be able to survive. Shearing also helps your flock achieve a more uniform look, as some don’t grow wool in the same way as others.

People think that it is easy but with so many sheep, it can become quite tedious and physically demanding. That’s why the best thing to do is to invest in a good pair of shears and get them some DIY shearing training.

Some people use clippers for sheep in order to save time during shearing, which will definitely help out at first. However, over time the hair will begin to break and mat when being cut by a clipper, eventually causing rashes and uneven wool coverage above the skin.

Your sheep will live much happier lives if you invest in top-notch shears from reputable manufacturers who also have spare parts available online to purchase should anything go wrong with your purchase.

6 Best sheep shears

1. Anbull 550W Electric Sheep Shearsbest sheep shears

This shears machine’s blade is manufactured of high load bearing steel that is both wear-resistant and rust-resistant. This makes it perfect for cutting through the tough skin found on sheep, goats, cattle and even larger animals such as horses if you ever need to.

Apart from this, each blade happens to be very durable because it’s been forged with care by our craftsmen in order to make it last for years.

Moreover, this machine produces less noise because some of its parts are made of rubber. This avoids scaring away your livestock unlike when you use gas powered shears thanks to its 550W motor.

Copper is an incredibly durable material that can withstand regular wear and tear – so tinkering with machines isn’t going to be needed anytime soon.

And because there’s less space between this machine’s body and the rotating blades due to the vents which have been intentionally fitted here, the minimum risk of getting injured is greatly reduced.

The brush guard function of the model is convenient for safely storing and protecting your wool shears while maintaining the same high-quality blades to significantly extend their service life.

However, one should clean the brushes of the machine regularly to ensure optimal performance. Additionally it’s important to maintain constant maintenance of the lubricating oil on your blades in order to protect them from rusting and premature wear.

2. Andis 22340 ProClip 2-Speed Detachableandis 22340 proclip 2 speed detachable

Andis Speed Detachable is a cool and quiet running clipper. The Voltage – 120 Volts and perfect for all coats and breeds.

This model featuring a detachable blade set-up for ease of cleaning the blades, which are also able to work on thick, medium or fine coat types (depending on the length of your pet’s hair).

Andis Speed Detachable feature: Shatterproof housing Delivers a smooth cut finish compared to attachment combs Removable Drive Cap Lightweight making it easier to maneuver around animals and equipment.

Two-speed rotary motor For performance that professionals demand Andis makes Corded, Cordless and Combo Sets including accessories such as blade sets, drive combs and oil with stands available–all at affordable prices.

Andis Speed Detachable is the perfect choice for grooming anytime, anywhere. If you have curly-coated breeds such as Bichon Frise, Poodles or Golden Doodle.

Then you’ll love how easily it works through even the toughest coats with its precision-built Speed Detachable blade. Its long lasting motor helps prevent dragging or stalling to make this a reliable clipper for even the most difficult job.

ON/OFF/ON capabilities On setting places a new blade on the clipper, OFF setting takes off the old one and ON setting puts back your old one on when it’s running low on battery power.

3. Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears Electric Clipperspet & livestock hq sheep shears electric clippers

The Pet & Livestock HQ Sheep Shears Electric Clipper is ideal for all wool dogs, cats, and even larger critters that you might want to trim.

This heavy-duty tool will cut through thick wool like a hot knife through butter, which makes it an excellent way to remove unwanted hair from your four-legged friend.

The lower motor features copper wires that resist rust and corrosion so you don’t have to worry about blades or clippers breaking down in the middle of a job.

Not only does this work as a shearing tool for livestock, but also works great for regular pets such as cats or dogs who have long hair that gets out of control every once in a while.

HQ for Pets and Livestock When it comes to grooming, Sheep Shears Electric Clippers are designed for you to take care of your animals and pets.

It’s a heavy-duty animal clipper with a polymer body that cuts through even the thickest coats fast and efficiently while reducing vibration.

To ensure the longevity, this shearing blade is made of high-grade steal. The cutter blade has four teeth and is designed to prevent jams, cuts, and burns.

The airflow vents on the bottom of the blade keep them cold at all times, preventing skin or fur from being burned. It can also be used on a variety of different substrates, such as watermelon and wood.

4. HONGNAL Pro Pet Clippershongnal pro pet clippers

This pet clipper can last up to 8 hours thanks to its 5,000 mAh battery. It’s rechargeable, so you can charge it outside the clipper if you want.

There is a power cord which should be inserted in the bottom of the clipper (make sure not to miss this step otherwise forget about your device working).

The battery is Li-ion technology so it is safe as well as powerful. Included with this pet hair clipper are two adjustable blades of 18 mm and 25mm in length.

You can cut hairs on dogs, cats and other animals with long hairs using these blades since they clip all types of pet hair, not just fur.

A great feature of this product is that the motor runs at 7,000RPM which help to provide you with a very smooth cut without snagging or pulling on the hair like some cheaper models out there do.

This makes it perfect for pets who have sensitive skin (like frequent itching) because it causes less irritation than cheap models which snag more.

This clipper has a noise level of 50dB, which is quiet enough even for trimming pets. It comes with in-built titanium blades and movable ceramic blades, which are ideal for cutting through hair.

There are a variety of clipper lengths available to choose from, as well as optional guard combs which you can use according to your preferences. For a new pet owner, it’s fair to say that the clippers are easy to use.

However we recommend using the included guide combs when starting out on your pet hair styling journey if you find that things don’t feel completely comfortable for you & your pet first time round.

5. SUNCOO Professional Sheep Shearssuncoo professional sheep shears

Electric Sheep Clippers are efficient thanks to their aluminum head and PVC body. These shears offer smooth and quick sheep shearing thanks the ultra-sharp Tungsten Carbide blades with high hardness and toughness.

The sharp blades help cut through thick coats quickly and gently with minimal risk of injuries, which ensures an optimal hair clip quality.

Thanks to adjustable blade pressure with the rotating button, you can also maintain a rhythm while clipping without any interruptions.

If you’d like to trim your horse or cattle as well as large animals such as Sheep, camels or llamas, Electric Sheep Clippers come with replacement cutting heads that can be easily swapped in seconds.

This heavy duty clippers are also functional enough to be used daily on horses, dogs or cats – even timid ones. Ensure safety by carefully reading the operating instructions before using them.

They premium-quality pack of clippers is perfect for everything from clipping pet’s hair to your own. Even if you’ve never used clippers before, the kit is easy to learn with, thanks to its ergonomic design.

Being cordless means you can use it anywhere and keep it charged at all times. It also comes with a 16-foot long power cord, which allows you the freedom to move around without unplugging.

6. BEETRO 500W, Electric Best sheep shearsbeetro 500w, electric professional sheep shears

BEETRO sheep shear’s motor has undeniable strength of 500 watts. It offers between 2400 and 4600 RPMs to improve efficiency, allowing one to shear sheep, goats and other furry creatures quickly and easily.

Whether one is a novice or expert, the 6 speeds control help you finish the job quickly and effectively. With a sharp blade made of high hardness and top-quality carbon steel that can withstand high heat, this clipper is robust enough to handle all situations.

The BEETRO sheep shear hair cutting kit is the best way to achieve that professional, smooth cut. The rotating, self-sharpening blades will last forever while the rust-resistant housing protect the motor from damage in even the most rugged environments.

The kit includes a 12 foot professional flex cord and accessories to meet your specific maintenance needs: comb attachments, cleaning brush, lubricant bottle and instruction guide with useful tips.

This kit is also equipped with tension control which allows you to customize the power outlet you’re plugged into based on your desired length and speed of cut.

Remember these safety tips and remember not to overheat run this tool longer than needed or at high speeds for too long so as to avoid damaging your powerful bearings. Remember not to use this product on people or animals.


Best sheep shears. Nowadays, there are tons of sheep shears for sale on the market. However, not all of them are that great. To find the best ones, you need to consider a few things, like the material, size, and quality. We hope that this blog post has helped you find the best sheep shears for your business.

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