Best Shop Vacs Consumer Reports

Best Shop Vacs Consumer Reports. Shop vacs are basically industrial-grade vacuums often used in construction and woodworking.

They consist of a powerful motor and suction unit to suck up dirt, debris, and chunks of material from building sites and woodworking shops.

They feature a big canister for holding the debris collected, which attaches directly to their high-strength hose.

It looks like a bucket with a hose coming out of it or as we call them bucket vacuum because they resemble buckets with hoses attached to them.

Shop vacs should not be confused with residential-style vacuums used in homes. They are clearly intended for bigger jobs and tend to be more powerful than household models, hence their ability to suck up larger quantities of debris at once.

7 Best Shop Vacs Consumer Reports

1. CRAFTSMAN CMXEVBE17595 16 Gallon 6.5 Vac

craftsman cmxevbe17595 16 gallon 6.5 vac

The Craftsman 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum is ideal for tackling large cleanup projects in the garage or on a job site that need the most power due to its powerful 6.5 peak horsepower motor.

This vacuum comes equipped with 4 nozzles making it exceptionally helpful for using this shop vac for cleaning large-scale renovation projects, buildings and floods.

On-board hose storage plus accessory and cord organizers help reduce overall storage space by eliminating wasted time spent untangling hoses and cords.

From top to bottom, you’ve got versatile features that keep your clean up quick and easy from the dual blower port to the 30 feet of reach this shop vac has.

It’s hard to find a vacuum with these many great attachments and such a strong build at such an affordable price! Now you’re really getting your money’s worth – With the craftsman 16 gallons wet/dry vac.

The Qwik Lock Filter Fastening System makes it really simple to change your wet dry vacuum filters. It comes with an extra-large drain port; so liquids can flow out of it a lot quicker and more easily than conventional systems.

The blowing port is also located in a convenient position, which means you’ll be able to clean up the mess from a construction site and then use the same vacuum for clearing out all sorts of general waste lying around, on your driveway for example.

2. Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet/Dry, Portable Car Vacuum

stanley sl18910p 3 wetdry, portable car vacuum

Stanley SL18910P-3 car vacuum cleaner has an impressive 11 liters of storage capacity, which makes cleaning out small spills in the car a breeze you won’t need to empty it frequently anymore.

Plus, with its powerful 3-peak HP motor, this wet/dry vacuum offers sufficient suction power to handle any cleanup jobs in the vehicle and with its wide crack crevice nozzle and other included accessories, it’s great for use on carpets or hardwood floors.

You can quickly switch between wet spills and dry debris thanks to this versatile vac’s 2 in 1 function and when you are finished vacuuming or have wrapped up your electric cord on top of the top handle when necessary users can easily carry this vac thanks to the convenient carrying strap where accessories can be stored while not in use.

Wet/Dry Vac Stanley SL18910P-3 offers a powerful 3-speed motor and flexible attachment options.

In addition to a convenient handle, it features a splash guard for small debris, an easy-to-store cord wrap, an accessible water drain, a large output capacity chamber, 6 feet of cable, HEPA filter for long life filtration, and a washable foam pre-filter for extra protection from fine particles.

3. Shop-Vac 2021005 Micro Wet Dry Vacuum

shop vac 2021005 micro wet dry vacuum

The Shop-Vac 1 gallon micro wet dry vac is a small but powerful vacuum with great on-the-go attachment tools that make it easier to work with.

The Shop-Vac was created with lightweight, yet durable materials that are both BPA and Lead-Free to handle your messes faster and easier than before.

They will never rust or corrode while being safe for you and your family as well.

This machine has a 6-foot-long power cord that offers quick connectivity when you need it time and time again.

The Shop-Vac comes with 2 extension tubes, an onboard storage area for the cord, a plethora of different accessories, filters, and even plugs for different kinds of attachments so you should never have to worry about what you need to get the job done right away.

This vacuum cleaner comes with 9 accessory tools that can be used to help you get the job done right.

Some of the accessories include a crevice tool, bellow extension, wand/hose adapter, central vac hose connector, bucket adaptor, and 6-foot vinyl hose.

Shop-Vac suggests that when you’re sure that you want to take advantage of all their vacuum features and performance capabilities, it’s time to order disposable filter bags and cartridges if they don’t come with the unit already.

4. Bissell, Red, MultiClean Auto Vacuum Cleaner

bissell, red, multiclean auto vacuum cleaner

The Bissell multi-clean auto wet/dry vac does a good job of cleaning both small areas like upholstery and large areas like garages and outdoor spaces.

With 6 gallons of capacity, it’s perfectly suited for cleaning large messes in particular.

This vacuum also comes with specialized tools that make every type of cleaning job go by smoothly no matter how tough the surface is.

The high-power 11 amp motor tackles tough tasks while the combination floor tool makes cleaning simple due to its low pile carpeting capabilities as well as hard-to-reach rooms like between your car seats and under your car’s hood where dirt can hideout.

The wet floor tool is designed for dealing with water spill cleanups quickly and easily; you never know when the weather will turn bad so it’s best to be prepared for any situation with this powerful, versatile vacuum cleaner.

A quick-access brush and crevice tool are included with the Bissell Red MultiClean Auto Vacuum Cleaner.

Getting detailed work done this way doesn’t require you to interrupt your cleaning routine. You can easily clean up larger messes outside, on the patio, or driveway, once you’re done with your surface cleaning.

5. Vacmaster 4 Gallon, 5 Peak HP Floor Vacuum

vacmaster 4 gallon, 5 peak hp floor vacuum

The Vacmaster 4-Gallon* 5 Peak HP Vacuum is the ideal vacuum for jobs around the house.

Everyday dirt and grime have no place to hide when the 2-stage motor sucks up the mess into the lightweight, easy-to-maneuver vacuum cleaner.

The HEPA material exhaust filter ensures that dust, allergens, and other irritants are removed from the air before returning back into your home.

The balanced top handle design, durable casters, and non-marring rear wheels provide stability on any terrain so you can maneuver it easily around your home without being concerned about scratching your floors or leaving deep tire marks in soft areas.

The onboard hose and accessory storage allow you to keep all of the attachments handy without making a mess, whereas the automatic cord rewind makes wrapping up an inch.

With the included 1.5 HP motor, the BackPack Vac can generate a CFM of up to 159. The lift of water refers to how much it can lift off the ground, 2 inches of water lift approximately 30 gallons.

The Air Watts unit, on the other hand, measures the amount of liquid that goes through an internal hose or pipe per minute, allowing you to measure heating or cooling efficiency, but not the total volume you can process through the hose during that duration.

6. Sun Joe SWD12000 12-Gallon Shop Vacuum

sun joe swd12000 12 gallon shop vacuum

SWD12000 Wet/Dry Vacuum by SUN JOE makes cleaning your home, garage, and workshop easy. Standard shop vacuums are cumbersome.

Since they’re cumbersome and bulky, difficult to maneuver, and even harder to store,

Sun Joe has created an eco-friendly electric vacuum that’s supercharged with a huge tank to absorb spills, messes, and stains around the house, in the garage, the pantry, the bathroom, the basement or in the laundry room.

A wet/dry vacuum that delivers up to 60 CFM of suction power is so effective that it will drastically reduce the need for brooms and dustpans or standard mops.

The HEPA Filtration System is specifically designed to remove aerosols and it’s ideal for dusty areas like curtains, sofas, rugs, bedding, and other similar areas.

Hard-to-reach dust in tight places like hard-to-clean corners is easily removed by Sun Joe! The washable foam filter makes cleaning messes easy.

The system’s powerful suction allows you to effectively clean floors, ceilings, and walls. Dust brush or crevice tool can be used to get into hard-to-reach spots and gaps as well.

Moreover, the accessory storage areas are an additional plus to this vacuum cleaner. It allows you to store various things like attachments in one convenient location.

7. Stealth ECV05P1 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

stealth ecv05p1 wet dry vacuum cleaner

The stealth ECV05P1 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a great tool for making sure that no job gets away from you.

This Wet Dry Vac is designed to ensure that you have the power you need for the toughest of messes.

The vacuum cleaner has a powerful 5.5 peak horsepower pure copper motor so it’s able to provide some serious suction in case there’s something that needs to be hauled away right now.

The vacuum cleaner comes with an ultra-large tank which has 5 gallons of space and this gives you large storage options, plus it also features a very powerful pump so you can use this vacuum to not just suck up liquids, but also dry items and even dirt thanks to its 2 separate filtration systems.

With four casters for easy movement, onboard trays to store accessories, and its 25-foot long power cord, this model is meant not to miss a spot with its 1000-watt motor and 5-gallon water capacity.

It weighs around 20 pounds and comes with a 1-year warranty on all parts including the tank.

Other features include a 27-foot hose, three different extension wands, a foam filter for allergy sufferers, a removable dust bag for continuous use, a crevice tool for tough spots, and multiple user manual languages included.



Best Shop Vacs Consumer Reports. Shop vacs have been a fixture in the construction, woodworking, and janitorial industries for over half a century.

They are versatile and powerful tools because of the massive amounts of suction they can produce.

Shop vacs are essentially industrial-grade vacuums that can handle almost any debris on a building site or woodworking shop.

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