Best solar blanket for salt water pool

Best solar blanket for salt water pool. Undoubtedly, many people prefer swimming or diving in a heated swimming pool unless you are a fan of chilly water activities.

However, are you aware that aside from using the conventional gas heater or electric heater, to heat up pools, there is another alternative that can do the job more effectively and economically?

The cheapest solar blanket for the above-ground pools can help increase and retain water temperature in most swimming pools and spas by absorbing sunlight throughout the day.

Using one helps significantly reduce electric expenses, reduce water loss and minimize the use of chemicals.

Additionally, the right solar blanket for your needs and type of swimming pool set-up will also help improve water circulation throughout your pool which acts as an additional source of heat.

Best solar blanket for salt water pool

1. Intex Solar Cover for 16ft Diameter Frame Pools

best solar blanket for salt water pool

You will find a few holes in this solar cover. Actually, these holes are essential to making this blanket lay flat on the water. It’s not supposed to be a flaw.

They’re there specifically to create a layer of air beneath the protective covering that helps keep heat from escaping from under the blanket and keeps your pool warmer overall!

While oftentimes it’s a lot more convenient to simply use a reusable cover, solar blankets can come in pretty handy when you have no other choice.

This solar pool cover can literally take care of the entire pool keeping your water crystal clear and free of debris but most importantly, heated up and ready to go when needed.

This useful material can be quite thick and durable to prevent tears or punctures commonly caused by loose rocks or other hindrances at the bottom of a pool which will also help keep them away from sharp edges as this blanket is laid on top.

The newest solar blankets you’ll find are designed not only to protect pools so they may remain clean but also warm, thereby saving users the time and money spent having to heat up the lengthier variety.

2. Blue Wave NS520 14-Mil Solar Blanket

blue wave ns520 14 mil solar blanket

No matter the weather, this pool blanket is there to keep your swimming water heated and warm, no matter how chilly it may be outside.

This can be a lifesaver during nights or cloudy days as it can eventually heat up any continuous flow of water by keeping it dark longer, thereby heating it up in a more sustainable fashion.

Your pool will stay warmer, even in the windiest season by installing this solar cover. The shade constructed from polyethylene that is free to bulge around your pool provides it with 90% UV sun protection.

These solar covers come with a 1-year guarantee and a 6-year warranty offer on all purchased models. Whether you order a 10 or 15-year warranty, we think the best value is indisputably a 12-year warranty.

Similar to other more expensive products, this solar cover is manufactured with superior quality and can resist water evaporation quite well. Not only that, it can work efficiently in reducing heat loss.

It’s worth mentioning that the reduction of evaporation does not only help reduce environmental impact but also saves people time and money. Its super sturdy build materials make this solar blanket heavy-duty enough to combat degradation brought about by chemicals and UV rays.

3. Blue Wave NS445 12-mil Solar Blanket

blue wave ns445 12 mil solar blanket

This top-quality solar cover is the perfect addition to any pool. It provides economical heating for pools, is backed by a 5-year warranty, and has received excellent reviews from happy customers.

This product will really make your swimming pool more inviting during the relaxing summer months, plus it’s an environmentally friendly way to heat your pool, reducing your heating bills at the same time.

In the same way, this item is made with a durable and rugged design. This is why it could tolerate extreme heat from the sun, and it is designed to prevent UV radiation damage.

That said, you can be at peace knowing that it will not deteriorate sooner than expected and works like a charm in preventing up to 95% of chemical and pool water evaporation.

The innovative cells contained in this solar blanket work effectively to retain warmth to ensure effective heat retention during cloudy days and summer nights.

4. In The Swim 2040D Solar Blanket Cover

in the swim 2040d solar blanket cover

The Swim Premium Pool Solar Blanket 12 Mil is the most popular pool solar cover. A solar blanket reduces water temperature, chemical usage, and electrical costs.

It also covers the surface of your pool to keep leaves and debris out during the off-season or when you’re not using it for a long period of time.

Using this solar pool cover saves us a ton of time and hassle. It’s a good value per dollar considering it comes with a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty that supports it.

Not to mention, it greatly decreases heat loss and reduces the debris that gets into the pool water. Why is that? Because this cover reduces chemical loss and water evaporation.

This solar blanket allows us to swim more comfortably and enjoyably because the pool still provides nice heat despite the weather – preventing any unwanted elements from getting into our clean pool.

Since there are no liner tears or rips here, this blanket keeps trash from bypassing the filter as well so maintaining our pool is now more enjoyable than ever before.

5. Thermo-Tex 2831632 Solar Pool Cover

thermo tex 2831632 solar pool cover

This lightweight, yet high-quality designed cover for your pool is sure to meet your requirements. It comes with a three-year warranty or guarantee, meaning that you don’t need to worry about anything when it comes to investing in this product.

In addition, this item is crafted from ultraviolet-stabilized polymers which make it ideal as it can fight off premature deterioration due to pool chemicals and extreme sun exposure.

This is user-friendly considering that setting up is quite straightforward and easy even for beginners! It can be installed on an ordinary above-ground pool as well as any round hole above-ground pool.

This solar cover for swimming pools helps keep your water warm in the short term and helps it heat up faster over time so that you can strike a happy medium between these two extremes.

If your pool is rectangular with a length of 16 feet, then this can be an ideal solution because it’s slated to give you what you need without costing more than necessary. And yes, although inexpensive, it’s well made and ideally built to last.

6. Sun2Solar Blue 16-Foot-by-32-Foot Solar Cover

best solar blanket for salt water pool

This solar cover for inground pools is crafted with a super sturdy 16 x 32 inches resin material.

This material will tan with time so you have to be careful when handling it. It has a 0.15mm thick PVC top that will keep dirt and debris from your swimming pool.

This cloth will also prevent up to 427,339 gallons of water evaporation each year. It weighs 15 pounds which makes its installation hassle-free and very easy to use even by amateurs without professional expertise on this matter.

As you can see, this solar blanket is designed with an eye-catching blue design that looks pleasant to the eyes.

And, it comes with a special tiny bubble layer designed to both heat and captivate water when soaked in the sun’s rays.

So, if you prefer warm water for some therapeutic pool time, this might be just what you’re seeking!

Like an 18×36 solar pool cover, we are amazed at how simple it is to cut this solar blanket to our desired fit. Since the time we purchased this solar blanket, our pool water has been kept warm and clean all the time. Best solar blanket for salt water pool.


Can you use a solar cover on a saltwater pool?

If you own a saltwater swimming pool, you can still use a solar cover to heat it. However, it’s important to make sure that this cover is thick enough.

This means if you’re considering buying one for your own pool, look for one that is better able to help retain the pool’s heat and ensure it doesn’t escape from underneath.

Do solar covers cause algae?

Simply fitting a solar pool cover will not make the water go green, but unfortunately, it could warm the water and potentially accelerate algae growth.

To mitigate this problem, you must work to adjust your pool’s chemical balance in order to correctly treat the water conditions.

How to Install a Solar Blanket for your Swimming Pool?


Best solar blanket for salt water pool. In conclusion, if you are looking for the cheapest solar blanket for saltwater pools, this article will help you save money and time.

We are sure that with the right solar blanket, you can heat your swimming pool efficiently and effectively while preventing water loss and reducing chemical consumption.

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