Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer

Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer. A soundbar is one of the first things many home theater enthusiasts invest in. Whether you plan to expand on your home theater system or not, there’s no shame in starting with a good piece.

In fact, many buyers do opt to start with a soundbar even if they have every intention of expanding on their system because it brings life back into their TV’s speakers and greatly enhances sound quality.

For those who already own a speaker setup that they like, buying a new system may not be ideal since it can be expensive. After all, the idea behind owning multiple speakers is that everybody gets their own personal set up so there is no fighting over the television volume while watching movies.

A suitable alternative to this dilemma is getting a soundbar that comes without a subwoofer attached. Since subwoofers add extra bulk and are usually just an added feature anyway, this should prove easier than dealing with finding a unit that has some way of including one!

6 Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer

1. Bose Smart Soundbar 700best soundbar without subwoofer

The SoundTouch 300 soundbar from Bose is designed to work with your TV and other electronics. Its hands-free capabilities, as well as its excellent audio characteristics, make for a fantastic entertainment experience.

From any viewing position, the speaker’s tremendous performance ensures that every aspect of the action is caught.

It also features Alexa connectivity, so clients can use their voice to obtain answers to questions, assist with other activities, and usually carry out their orders.

The Bose soundbar becomes the greatest companion for TV shows, streaming movies, gaming consoles, and more when they connect their cable or satellite boxes!

For the great quality of their sound devices, Bose is revered by millions of people all over the world. This tradition continues with the Bose Soundbar 700.

The Soundbar 700 is equipped with four midrange drivers and a single-center channel driver that was hand-designed using Bose proprietary engineering to produce remarkable clarity and reduce distortion without the use of a bulky casing.

Low-profile transducers with “QuietPort Technology” and “PhaseGuide” properly direct sound and immerse listeners in a wide spectrum of tones, noises, and notes.

2. SAMSUNG 3.0 Sound+ Premium Soundbarsamsung 3.1ch a650 a series soundbar

The HW-M650 series from Samsung is a 9.1 channel soundbar with seven independent drivers. The wave path behind the speaker concentrates and clarifies the sound, while the 4K enabled HDMI loop through provides your display greater depth for higher-resolution video projection.

Any TV or other AV source device, such as a Blu-Ray player or game console, may play three channels of sound. You can stream material from your mobile devices to this sound bar using Samsung’s Multi Room App, and you can also control it wirelessly via Bluetooth.

On the Samsung HW-M650 series smart Sound Bar, you can now ask Alexa to play music whenever you want. When there is no signal, the Sound Bar switches off for 5 minutes to save energy for you.

The built-in sophisticated algorithm inside this Sound Bar series is known as the auto power off function – HW M550/651/650 Samsung.

9 speakers with dedicated amps result in room-filling sound coming from a one-piece soundbar so you hear consistent great sound anywhere in the room.

And when it comes to how music will sound, don’t worry about the bass notes not being quite as crisp and clear – because this soundbar speaker has tweeters capable of covering a much wider frequency range than usual so you get natural-sounding tones across the board.

And even if your hands are full or dirty, never fear! You can still control aspects like volume or switch off playback by using simple voice commands with Alexa for an immersive home theater experience that doesn’t ever feel inaccessible in any way. Because you have these higher quality speakers to improve your experience every which way possible!

3. VIZIO SB3820-C6 38-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Barvizio v series 5.1 home theater sound

This Smart Sound Bar System from VIZIO features a revolutionary design that is ideal for sound bars with 42″ or bigger TV displays, as well as surround sound.

The 2.2 Channel system has three speakers  and two built-in subwoofers that produce room-filling audio when controlled by the accompanying wireless remote. The accompanying remote control can also be used to modify bass levels and select Bluetooth sources.

This bar has a wireless range of up to 40 feet, so you may use other devices while this powerful speaker is linked wirelessly to your device of choice.

The VIZIO SB3820-C6 is a classic example of American consumer electronics. It has USB, 3.5mm, and optical connectors, giving it a wide range of connectivity possibilities.

The VIZIO SB3820-C6 supports Dolby Digital, as well as Stereo RCA and Coaxial interfaces for sound quality. Even at higher levels or quality settings, the 100 dB range provides superb sound quality with minimal to no distortion or background noise.

The VIZIO SB3820-C6 has Bluetooth built-in, as well as support for streaming services. While sitting comfortably on your couch, streaming music through the VIZIO SB3820-C6 is more convenient than having to reach for a computer or tablet to control things.

If you choose not to listen to music through a television or game console, the soundbar may also act as the rear speakers in a configuration with other components such as bookshelf speakers and/or wireless subwoofer.

4. YAMAHA YAS-108 Sound Baryamaha yas 109 sound bar with built

Yamaha doesn’t make soundbars based on the materials they employ, but rather on the technology they utilise to increase the performance of their YAS-108 SoundBar. It’s also a terrific alternative for those of you seeking for a low-cost, dependable product from a well-known brand.

While this model still gives all of your favourite audio tones, it now features two built-in subwoofers, allowing you to see or hear those same high frequencies and enjoy overall rich sounds.

Additionally, two speakers are provided to enhance your listening experience and add that genuine sound fullness, with the added benefit of two tweeters to provide you with more volume benefits, including the full range audio response tone enjoyed by listeners!

Include a sharp and strong sound system to get the most out of your TV, which will entertain and set everything from your favourite movies, music, and games.

The system has been fine-tuned to blend in with the design of a television, so it can be placed in front of a flat-panel or on a shelf without looking out of place.

Setup is as simple as connecting wires to get theater-quality sound out of your speakers. Also, because this unit has both wired and wireless Bluetooth streaming capabilities, you can stream videos directly from your phone or connect with an echo device to get even more multimedia value out of your entertainment system.

5. BESTISAN Soundbar, TV Sound Barbestisan soundbar, tv sound bar

For the money, this is an excellent all-around sound system. It may not be able to compete with Bose and SONOS, but it’s a great option for individuals on a tight budget who want a high-quality device. Three full-range drivers and two tweeters contribute to sharp highs and rich midranges.

This system features three different equaliser modes – Movie, Music, and News – for individuals who prefer precision in their audio gadgets. These modes allow you to tailor your experience by changing various frequencies within the sound spectrum.

And, because these modifications can be adjusted quickly and through remote control, getting the most out of your device is simple no matter where you listen to it!

powerful speakers can be found in apartment buildings and homes all over the world! They’re able to deliver a very high-quality audio experience for people of all ages because they have 3-inch full-range drivers.

These powerful sound systems will bring the rich and deeper bass, boost your sound and make it louder without sounding distorted no matter what task you’re doing around the house or whether you want to listen to music or watch your favorite TV show.

The wireless connection is effective on these speakers as well, allowing you to connect more simply with your fridge’s sake bar by Bluetooth 5. 0 and also through an RCA connection if you prefer wired connections instead.

If you’d like more versatility when it comes to where you can stick these sleek-looking speakers, that’s ok! You can also connect them via optical cables to other boxes or game consoles so there are many options depending on which way fits best with your lifestyle!

6. ZVOX SB500 Best Soundbar Without Subwooferbest soundbar without subwoofer 2022

When watching movies at home, the ZVOX SB 500 has a function that you’re sure to like. When it comes to watching action movies and tense comedy, the sleek built-in subwoofers make all the difference!

Thanks to the three full-range speakers, your ears will not be fighting with any other type of noise, which sets this model apart from others.

The automated speech enhancement tools, which automatically fine-tune the sound for improved clarity, also help you stay focused on what’s on screen.

Thanks to such Wi-Fi features, Bluetooth or wirelessly receiving material is a breeze! However, as you may have seen if you read our review, this device only has composite video inputs, not HDMI. High-quality surround sound is the most important aspect of any home theatre.

The SB500 features three three-inch speakers, two subwoofers (a subwoofer is similar to a speaker but can produce low tones), an acoustically stable aluminum cabinet that provides the necessary strength and durability to keep everything in place, and a 140-watt digital amplifier for crisp, crackling sound and surprisingly powerful bass.


Is it possible to have a good soundbar without subwoofers?

If you possess a smaller home theater system and don’t want to put a lot of space into it, you can really benefit from enjoying music as well as movies listening through a freestanding soundbar.

They are meant to provide a more engaging experience that does away with the need for an external stereo setup such as subwoofers or speakers, for example.

Is Sonos beam better than Bose?

The Sonos Beam outperforms the Bose Soundbar 500 in terms of sound quality. The Sonos Beam is much smaller and more compact than the Sonos Playbar, making it much easier to install in your house.

Furthermore, its stereo frequency response is noticeably more accurate than the Bose’s, giving every sound you hear additional depth. Furthermore, the Beam has a larger soundstage than the Bose, bringing music even closer to you.


Best Soundbar Without Subwoofer. With a soundbar, you get to enjoy the sound from a single device and if you have a wireless subwoofer, you’ll have wireless sound throughout your whole room. If you have never used a soundbar before, you might be surprised at how much you will enjoy it.

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