Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Room

Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Room. With winter around the corner, living in an expansive home without an adequate heating system can make it difficult to remain warm while you’re at home.

If this is the case and you’re considering purchasing a space heater, we think that it would be wise to pick one of the finest space heaters for large homes without central ac.

It’s important to consider your requirements when designing a heating plan for your large room as different types of heaters work best if they’re placed in certain areas.

Ventless heaters are suitable for kitchen, dining rooms or living rooms because they can be installed close to the area where people tend to gather and occupy.

A remote-controlled option like a fan or convector might also suffice for larger zones. Be sure you know your heating needs before purchasing a new heater!

Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Room

1. GiveBest Portable Electric Space Heaterbest space heater for large drafty room

GiveBest’s ceramic heater has two heat settings along with an adjustable thermostat and a tip-over shutoff for safety. Thanks to the built-in thermostat, it allows you to use this model in temperatures ranging from 60 to 75 degrees F.

The best part about this unit is that it heats quietly, so it won’t disrupt those who want to partake in activities like reading, TV watching or conversation during cold weather days and evenings.

On top of that, it features an easy-carry handle for moving from room to room as needed. One thing loved about the GiveBest is its compact design. This heater measures 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 10 inches deep – leaving out just enough space on either side so you can step right over it.

Moreover, you can easily move the device around your home thanks to its convenient carry handle.  When it was cold, the best setting kept a temperature around 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the entire house. It was clear that the thermostat displayed inaccurate readings and it would seem estimate temperatures in that variation.

We preferred consumers be aware of exactly what their set thermostat is recording, but it at least allowed us to make a safety gap when it came to turning on the heater in each room.

This way we wouldn’t have over-exerted our heater, which is something we all want to avoid while trying not to freeze! The only downside to this safety feature was that toddlers or other people who could trip over the power cord are also victims of tripping over this kind of danger.

2. AirNmore Comfort Deluxe with Copper PTCairnmore comfort deluxe with copper pt

The  Ardmore comfort pocket infrared space heater also comes with a host of safety features, to ensure your family is safe at all costs. It will heat a room size up to 150 square feet but this radiator-type portable heater has an outer case that stays cool which is crucial for homes with kids and pets.

Its tip-over safety feature shuts it off if it’s accidently knocked over; this lightweight unit can’t weigh more than 27 pounds.

The power level is adjustable and the unit even has a built in thermostat so you get a consistent temperature, keeping you warm in colder months ahead.

A removable, washable filter prevents dust from circulating air pollutants indoors and you’ll fall head over heels for its sleek design that may confuse it for an old-time radio on first glance! While the AirNmore space heater from Air and More is incredibly powerful, it’s big, loud, and cumbersome and takes up a lot of space.

This portable heater comes with industry-leading dual heat sensors. As a result, the high setting is limited and the unit remains cool to the touch. This model contains advanced tip-over protection that uses safety sensors – so that if it’s accidentally moved it will automatically turn off.

It also comes equipped with a removable filter that catches dust and small particles so your heater lasts longer. With just a click of a button, you can easily raise or lower the temperature or switch between low or high settings really easily!

3. Lasko 6405 Space Heater, Designer Oscillatinglasko 6405 space heater, designer oscillating

The Lasko Designer Oscillating Heater is designed to look more like a work of art than a space heater, but it can produce some serious heat. We tested this unit in an office that measured 200 square feet, and it quickly raised the temperature to a cozy 72 degrees Fahrenheit within one hour.

The product can also be programmed in advance to turn on and off when needed, so you never have to worry whether you’ve turned it on or left it behind.

While the fan doesn’t oscillate continuously like one would expect instead opting to make 10-second rotations before stopping for 30 seconds the unit does draw warmth from various spots around a room uniformly, creating excellent air circulation that keeps everything feeling warm and cozy.

A built-in timer allows for two automatic shutoff settings: eight hours or 13 hours. This Lasko Designer Series Oscillating Ceramic Heater will keep your living space feeling warm and cozy with 1500 watts of warmth.

The auto-sensing technology will automatically turn on and off as needed, providing you with the ultimate in convenience. With its modern base design, this heater puts the focus on charm and functionality.

Comes fully assembled for added convenience, so you can use it right out of the box. This heater includes self-regulating ceramic elements to prevent overheating while ensuring safe usage while adding a touch of elegance to any room that is completely customizable to match your personal style.

4. De’Longhi DeLonghi TRD40615Ede'longhi delonghi trd40615e

The De’Longhi Oil-Filled Radiator produces long-lasting heat by using the oil that it’s filled with, which never runs out and only ever gets replaced when you buy a new radiator. With a seating capacity of 1,500 watts, this radiator can provide optimal heat in areas up to 150 square feet.

You can easily adjust these heat levels thanks to the included thermostat and use the included eco setting to help you cut back on energy costs while still staying nice and warm.

For added safety, this unit is designed to switch off immediately if it starts getting too hot so you won’t need to worry about any accidents happening as a result of its use.

The metal case of this radiator helps it maintain its cool temperature, meaning that you can reach out for it at any time without risking burns! The DeLonghi DRD4S Portable Ceramic Heater is a minimalist model that sits unobtrusively on the floor, so there’s no need to plug and unplug it, which can be annoying on other models.

It features automatic shut off, which means it will turn itself off automatically if tipped over, or if the room temperature rises above 50 degrees.

It puts out 1.3 kilowatts of heat to warm a space up 625 square feet in four minutes or less!  This heater for your office space because it keeps consistent heat without being noisy, bright or drawing in dust particles.

5. Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W

The Dr. Heater Dual Heter-Fuel 1500 will keep your garage dr infrared heater dr998, 1500wat an even temperature all year long without you having to lift a finger.

With a dual heating and humidification system, this unit uses both electricity, which heats the air, and propane to produce cool water.

To further regulate its functionality, your garage is controlled via computerized microprocessing that will make sure everything is working smoothly while also keeping you super safe! When stored away or out of sight on wheels, the Dr.Heater Dual Heter-Fuel 1500 looks great in any garage.

With an oscillation feature, hot air is scattered across all corners of your garage evenly for more effective cooling/humidification; making this heater perfect for use in any season.

This unit can also be used in conjunction were other cooling elements. For instance, you may want to put an ice cube or cold pack unit alongside it so that air circulation will help keep you cool. Dr Infrared Heater is designed to heat your body with infrared rays, rather than warm the surrounding air, which is what conventional heating units do.

The fact that Dr. Infrared doesn’t produce any heated air makes it energy efficient and more economical than other approaches when it comes to heating your space throughout the winter season but also whenever your own personal comfort levels are at stake; Dr Infrared’s temperature output has been tested and offers a degree of safety that is not available on a regular heater.

6. Aikoper Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Roomaikoper space heater, 1500w electric heaters

Whether you’re looking to turn up your house’s thermostat or just trying to keep your house warm while working on a few things before winter, the Aikoper Garage Heater is pretty much made for anything that you might throw at it regardless of the type or size of room it might be used in.

It wouldn’t be wise to use this heater in a large garage like one which our own garage heater review would suggest (because we already know that can be stifling) but otherwise this is one heater that can pretty much go anywhere!

The reason why many people have been liking this specific little guy is that he comes in with a low price point. Unlike many others, the Aikoper is not only extremely affordable but also doubles as a small stove as well which seems to make sense given how frequently people will want to heat things up either inside or outside of their homes when the seasons start changing and the temperature ends up getting colder.

The Aikoper portable ceramic space heater will make sure you’ll never have to worry about the coziness of your surroundings. Its 3 different heating modes combined with its fan-only function you’ll be able to set it and forget it while waiting for just the right time to dive into whatever activities will keep you warm or maybe just give you something fun to do before bed!

The customizable thermostat makes this product user-friendly so although its simple design may be only making a small entrance in your home, once plugged in, it’s going to illuminate well-lit moments with plenty of comforts.


Best Space Heater For Large Drafty Room. We hope you enjoyed our article about the best ventless heaters that are great for large rooms. It’s important to consider your heating requirements before purchasing a new heater. Larger options, like a ventless room heater, are perfect for larger zones like kitchen, dining rooms or living rooms where people tend to congregate.

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