Best Tailgate Light Bar

Best Tailgate Light Bar. The best tailgate light bars to choose from are the workhorse, the Westin LED, and LED Genix. These three types of tailgate light bars have proven their mettle over the years due to their durability, ease of installation, and functionalities.

They are manufactured using solid materials such as aluminum, have waterproof covers so they can withstand harsh weather conditions without getting damaged easily, and have a wide variety of uses.

They are great on backup lights- both reversing and break lights as well as for being used during emergency situations and can even be dual purpose in operating inside your towed trailer (if you own one).

Choosing one of these three is sure to make a great choice for your vehicle.

7 Best Tailgate Light Bar

1. OPT7 60″ Redline Triple LED Tailgate opt7 60 redline triple led tailgate 

The light bar is ideal for multipurpose use, especially in situations where red lights are required. It will not only function as the running lights on your truck or RV, but it will also function as a brake light and even a reverse light to alert other parties of your intentions.

Furthermore, the blinker will provide you with a 1-2-3 amber colored turn signal. The best part about owning this product is its charming appearance. While driving down the road, a person will notice that your vehicle appears sporty.

Another advantage of this product is that it comes with heavy duty, 25 pound rated adhesive that provides strong holding power for an extended period of time, making installation completely hassle-free.

Despite being water tight and dust proof with an IP67 rating, it is not expensive, making it very affordable on everyone’s budget given its many features. The OPT7 60″ Redline tailgate light bar is a stunning eye-catcher that adds a touch of elegance and safety to your vehicle.

Whether you’re driving at midnight or cruising around town in the middle of the day, you’ll be seen with more than enough brightness over what’s currently on the market.

The OPT7 Triple module system includes all of the features you’d ever need while driving, such as turns, hazards, brake lights, and even reverse gear. There are two ways to attach it: mounting clips or 3M adhesive tape – whichever works best for you!

2. Nilight TR-04 Truck Tailgate Barnilight tr 04 truck tailgate bar

This product was carefully engineered to be a high-performing light bar that is sure to keep you safe at all times while still providing you top-notch visibility on the road.

It has been designed with extra brightness, measuring 60 inches wide and using 504 LEDs lined up in three rows for maximum output. The producing company added that it has an output 300% more than other light bars because of its super brightness and there are six functions.

These include running lights which are dark red, brakes where there is a bright red light displayed by the bar, reverse lights which feature white lights, signaling where there is amber lighting and when they’re used together they create a sequential strobe light.

It also features an emergency strobe light during emergencies. Installation is easy because of its peel and stick adhesive tape along with the included adhesive enhancer which secures it stronger thanks to self-tapping screws in the box.

With it’s luminous red undercarriage lights, white reversing strobes and sequential amber turn signals, the 504LED will dramatically enhance your vehicle both on the road and off. By using a double-row LED design which was made to be as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing quality or brightness.

3. HYB LED Tailgate Light Bar Triplehyb led tailgate light bar triple

The HYB Tailgate Strip Light contains countless features that are sure to increase your safety on the road. This product will emit dark red running lights, bright red brake lights, white reverse lights and amber sequential right-left turn signals as well as flash Amber for emergency strobe lights.

The HYB Tailgate Strip Light also comes equipped with a 4-Way Flat Connector Wire that allows you to connect the taillight with almost any car you own.

The tailgate light is made of durable silicone to protect against water damage and is guaranteed for use in rainy conditions or even snowy day.  If you are not struck by a bolt of lightning, bad weather can wreak havoc on electronics, rendering them unreliable or even unusable.

Lightning strikes are one of the most infamous hazards of driving in bad weather for truckers. This LED light bar has been specially designed to withstand heavy rainfall, dust storms, and even strong winds, which would otherwise destroy a standard light kit.

It has 4 pin connectors that allow you to wire an additional set of lights or an amplifier directly into this bar, adding to its incredible performance and efficiency as a trucker-specific product.

4. MICTUNING 60 Inch 2-Row LED Truck mictuning 60 inch 2 row led truck 

The Mictuning 2-Row 12-24V LED Light Bar has an emergency light built in, which is a great feature. It has a long service life of 100,000 hours and can be set to either white or blue.

This fantastic product has an IP68 waterproof design, which means it is both waterproof and dustproof, so you never have to worry about it.

This  MICTUING for SUVs, trucks, and RVs – if you want something that will last a long time, check out the Mictuning 2-Row 12-24V LED Light Bar, which is an excellent quality product from Mictuning.

This bar is more than just a motorcycle light. Make no mistake, it’s a fantastic light that changes colors depending on whether you’re braking, reversing, or simply turning.

That’s enough for many motorists, who usually only need those three colors anyway and if they do happen to take on a fourth color (for example, changing to red when it’s time to stop).

Being able to incorporate that function while never having to worry about not having enough light power remaining in your bar is an added bonus that comes in handy across various uses.

5. MAXHAWK Double Row LED Tailgate maxhawk double row led tailgate 

This LED light bar from MAXHAWK has 216 LED lights in a double row. It offers turn signals in red-only, skipping amber completely for a custom look that your Ford F150 will love.

This matching trailer brake light wiring harness is supported by plug-n-play installation, allowing you to connect and install it in moments. For added safety, a sequential lighting effect helps alert others to your intentions during tight turns and lane changes.

The flexible design allows you to fit the light bar perfectly on your tailgate of your F150, but you can also attach these lights to the rear of a crossover or even on a taller sedan as well as RVs and other vehicles that have brake lights.

MAXHAWK 60″ 2-Row LED Sequential Tailgate Light Strip with 3528 high power 240 LED chips, makes the lumen & output is 200% brighter than normal single row tailgate light strip.

MAXHAWK Taillight, Running, Driving light, Sequential Turn signal light, Brake light, Parking light, Sequential Hazard flashers, Reverse light. MAXHAWK 3528 super bright Double Row 240 LED source, waking up the drunk and texters behind you.

6. Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Barputco blade led tailgate light bar

This is one of the more expensive options on this list, providing some features that others do not but at a cost. The lights are LED and run off of Putco’s own chip-on-board LED lamps for bright light when you need it most.

Changing colors is easy just flip the switch. While this installation uses red and white lights, other colors are available including blue and white for law enforcement.

It’s stacked with over 2,000 high powered LEDs so those around you can see your rig even better compared to other brands. This strip looks more like a neon tube than a light strip without the fragility of neon.

While this bar is heavy duty enough to stand up to any rain shower or other weather elements on the road, it holds an IP69 waterproof rating which means that water won’t be able to affect any functions.

Quick connect harnesses are vehicle specific and offer durable operation while in use. This bar offers red brake, running, hazard and signal lights with white reverse lighting too.

Putco lights are extremely bright, and they’re designed to be industry-defining. When you want people to look at your car, truck or boat with envy, choose Putco’s products and you won’t be disappointed.

7. RT-TCZ Rear Glass Lift Gate LED Lightrt tcz rear glass lift gate led light

This super bright LED light bar is designed specifically for Jeep Wrangler models with a hardtop. With a large number of ultra-bright white, energy efficient LEDs, this bar provides you with plenty of extra lumens when compared to the Jeep’s lack of cargo bay lighting.

This accessory is designed specifically to work with the tailgate of a Jeep but may work with other beds that do not have bed caps very easily.  This LED light bar is a super bright and more affordable version of the popular KC Aux Cs-1004 cargo light.

Equipped with 80 powerful 5W white LEDs, it provides more than enough light for loading cargo on any truck or SUV during nighttime. The product’s color temperature is 6000K, which puts out a clean white light that will not appear blue or yellow on objects like many of the other cheap alternatives out there tend to do.

With a high/low/strobe function, this unit also comes with an RF remote control that allows you to turn it on and off by simply waving your hand in front of it up to 15 feet away.

It works great with any tailgate, although if you have a sports bar or cab cover you probably don’t need such an intense amount of illumination and may be better off with something smaller & less expensive.

How to Install Tailgate Light Bar Rear Glass Cargo Light LED


Best Tailgate Light Bar. We hope you enjoyed our blog about the best tailgate light bars. There are many different types of tailgate light bars available, but we hope that our article has helped you find the one that is best for your vehicle.

If you want to find out more about a specific model of tailgate light bar, please click on the links provided in the article. Thank you for reading.

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