Best Tile Cutting Tools

Best Tile Cutting Tools. Tile installation can be quite a daunting job. With the right tools, the task of installing tiles becomes simple. Tile specialists from all over the world select these tools very carefully in order to perform their jobs with ease and accuracy.

We take great care when choosing the right device for our clients because we know how tough it can be to find just what you’re looking for. However, there are many different types of tile cutters available on the market and it is not easy to choose the right one.

But by investing in a guide like this one, you will surely benefit from our knowledge on tile cutting! You will be able to see detailed descriptions about some of your top choices for marble tile cutting tools and there will also be some helpful tips at the end that should make your decision-making process easier on you.

Best Tile Cutting Tools

1. SKIL 7-Inch Wet Tile Sawskil 7 inch wet tile saw

If you are looking for a capable tile blade wet saw but do not want to pay several hundred dollars, then get the popular Skil 7-inch wet tile saw.

This tabletop wet saw from Skil sells for less than what you might pay for a rental saw from your local box store and makes quick work of cutting tiles so that you can use them in flooring or décor projects.

The fence on this budget wet saw is adjustable and allows you to rip tiles right down the center with precision. A miter gauge plays an important role in a mitre saw.

It lets you make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees. Many users find this tool to be great for basic home renovation projects or DIYers. They also find that it works well when used on various tile types and sizes, although most reviewers have found that it works best only with tiles that are smaller than 7 inches in format due to its somewhat compact build and tabletop design.

If you’re not confident about your ability to cut anything larger than this or if you have any doubts about whether or not you can do so without the help of an object such as a fence, then a larger table might be best for you.

2. QEP 10630Q 24-Inch Manual Tileqep 10630q 24 inch manual tile

Also called a brick cutter, this tool is essential for making straight cuts in bricks or blocks of drywall up to 24 inches in size. The tungsten carbide scoring wheel provides for clean, easy cuts that cannot be made by most tools available today.

This lightweight and compact tile cutter is inexpensive and portable enough to use on site if necessary and has received mostly positive feedback from professionals who have used it already and found it to meet their needs well.

If you’re looking for a manual tile cutter that can make consistent scores in tiles, bricks or stone up to 24 ½ inches in size and then snap cleanly while keeping your hands safe during the operation, consider the QEP 24-inch Manual Tile Cutter.

Each cutter has a heavy duty steel frame. The design is solid, with chrome-plated steel rails which can support hundreds of pounds of weight.

Both models also come with an adjustable measuring guide that allows users to accurately repeat cuts down the line. The frame is designed with rounded edges to reduce damage when placing or removal tile onto it as you work on your project.

3. DEWALT Rotary Saw Colletsdewalt rotary saw collets

An electric tile cutter might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one considers adequate tools for cutting tiles. It’s true! An ordinary saw may work just as well and is oftentimes more readily available in home workshops.

However, the DEWALT DW660 provides a better experience than other electric saws because it has the potential for higher precision – making this tool truly useful for intricate tile work.

What makes the DW660 particularly useful is that even though it belongs to a niche of its own, its built-in wire cutter makes it especially versatile!  Also, its relatively quiet motor provides peace of mind when you’re getting down to business in close quarters.

This DeWalt Model uses the most powerful motor yet in a cutout tool, and is therefore a great tool for professional drywalls, carpenters and electricians.

In order to stop dust infiltration, the tool features a sealed motor and switch–a must-have in any serious dry wall tool. It also has an easy bit changing system; requiring no tools necessary. There are 1/8″ collets included along with 1/4″ ones.

4. Montolit Masterpiuma Evolution Push montolit masterpiuma evolution push 

A master in its own right, the 75P3 is a professional slide projector that presents a fluid range of features. Though the price may be slightly on the high side, the device leaves a lasting impression and is worth every penny spent.

Many times it is challenging for manual tile cutters to dole out straight cuts when creating large flooring tiles. Fortunately, the 75P3 refuses to succumb to these hiccups.

Powerful enough to slice through large an inch thick tiles with elegant finesse and style, this device performs like no other when faced with problematic curves and edges.

Accuracy is one of the main features that set this device apart from the rest. Not only are the materials themselves designed to be accurate and high quality, but there is also a push-button operation with its corresponding “push-scrib” handle.

This handle was crafted by an ergonomist and hand sculpted, making it much easier to use than other products you may have tried. The ergonomic design gives not only impeccable accuracy but also reliability because it’s so comfortable to hold in your hands.

5. M-D Building Products 49047 20-Inch m d building products 49047 20 inch 

If you’re seeking to invest in a high-quality tile cutter device that is crafted out of high quality materials, this budget-friendly product is the one to purchase.

Created for long-term use and rugged demands, the entire framework sits on an extruded aluminum base which not only provides the stability needed for operation but also ensures that it will be around for a feature time.

And another nice feature of this product is how it handles diagonal cutting versus using the sun behind you. When the light shines into your window, the device turns on automatically and waits for you to come over and pick up your source of lighting.

After the lights go out, it reverts to its standby mode. From our experience when using these products in the past, most of them have faltered when it came to making diagonal cuts.

But because of the special design capabilities from our research & development systems, we decided to include these devices in our comparison table as well.

The 20-inch tile cutter with five eighths inch thick aluminum base is used by contractors to cut up to 20-inch square tiles. Smooth trouble-free operation is guaranteed as the ball bearing carriage ensures that there are no jerks when placing and removing tiles under high pressure.

6. Sigma 2G 37cm Metric Tile Cuttersigma 2g 37cm metric tile cutter

Sigma snap tile cutters are absolutely incredible due to their easy, versatile cutting options they’re ideal for all sorts of projects, perfectly centered trims and more, not to mention the ability to create all kinds of mosaics, the tile cutter is hugely popular among do-it-yourself homeowners.

Making use of a locked in 45 -point angle, you can lay diagonal patterns almost as fast as square tiles. This capability makes them particularly well suited for installation work like terracotta roofing.

Additionally these snap tile cutters are also excellent when it comes to handling granite, marble and other materials so whether you’re making your own artwork or doing DIY renovations they’re a celebrated tool thanks to their ease of use as well as their versatility  and inviting design.

This product can be your new best friend. Lightweight, portable, and compact, the device weighs less than 5 pounds. You’ll have exceptional portability so that you can get the job done anywhere you need to.

Thanks to its quick locking button, users are able to make cuts between 0-45 degrees. The device is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and steel for a perfect combination of strength and flexibility.

7. Brutus Best Tile Cutting Toolsbrutus 10552br 20 inch rip porcelain

The Brutus 20-Inch Brutus Tile Cutter is a simple and cost-effective way to swiftly and effectively cut tiles. It’s equipped with thick rubber pads to protect the tile, linear ball bearing for smooth action, and chrome plated steel rails with bumpers.

You get two 7/8 in. tungsten carbide coated cutting wheels which are replaceable after they wear down, and there is also an 85 lbs weight capacity on this model. This product has a strong and durable design.

It features an aluminum alloy base and a comfort grip handle, which makes it well worth the price. The tiling tool can handle tiles up to 20 inches long, though diagonally it can cut through up to 14 inches with a thickness of up to half an inch.

This makes it perfect for professionals who want to complete any tile project they have in mind. The product comes equipped with four-height adjustable wheels that roll in two directions, meaning greater navigation control.

Additionally, this product comes with a removable tip that stores extra cutting wheels, plus it has a built-in dust blower to keep your work space clean.


Best Tile Cutting Tools. We hope you found this guide useful for your next tile installation project. Tile cutting tools like the tile nippers and tile wet saws we discussed here can be important to use when you need to cut tiles of different sizes, materials and even shapes.

If you want to learn more about all of the different tile cutting tools available to you, you should check out our blog posts on these and other types of tile cutting tools. That way, you can take the time to choose the right device for your next tile job.

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