Best Toddler Helmets

Best Toddler Helmets. Whether your child is riding beside you on their own bike or learning to ride for the first time, a helmet is required if you want their skull and brain to be protected in the event of an accident.

Helmets can lower the risk of injury in toddlers who have just started moving about sitting up on their own, toddlers who are crawling out of their high chairs and manipulating themselves into standing positions, and youngsters who are learning to walk.

There are varied safety standards and levels of protection supplied by different types of helmets, as well as other factors to consider while replacing a dressage cycling helmet.

6 Best Toddler Helmets

1. Giro Scamp Youth Recreational Cycling Helmet

giro scamp youth recreational cycling helmet

This is Built with lightweight, in-mold construction, a dial-adjust system, and optional MIPS technology to help reduce the impact of a fall when it happens at an awkward angle.

The helmet comes in multiple colors and is sure to keep your little one protected from injuries or bumps on their head.

With some helmets being very expensive, the $60 price tag of this one is affordable for many families budgets.

While all of our testers have loved wearing this helmet for the last few years due to the fact that it’s extremely lightweight, comfortable, and less bulky than other helmets on the market.

This helmet is well suited for bike use as well as for being placed in a bicycle seat or attached to a trailer if you plan on taking your child somewhere via biking!

This helmet is available in a few different sizes. The color selection is important because sometimes you don’t want to only have to wear a certain color when you bike.

This helmet has a MIPS liner (this helps keep your head safe), and it is made from lightweight, in-mold construction which decreases the weight (regardless of a kid or baby size).

2. BERN, Kid’s Nina Helmet with Flip Visor

bern, kid's nina helmet with flip visor

It’s the ideal helmet for your young lady. It comes in a variety of color schemes and provides a comfortable fit with zipped and hook and haulage adjustable straps.

The visor is easy to put on and take off, and the zipper at the rear allows for growth while still ensuring a robust, lightweight construction.

A layer of comfy polyester on the inside keeps her cool, dry, vented, and protected no matter what weather she’ll be riding in.

It is made by Bern, a company that specializes in juvenile helmets, and it incorporates their Zip Mold technology, which ensures lightweight impact protection.

Bern is a leader in helmet technology with its revolutionary ZipMold liquid injection process.

With this innovative new way of crafting helmets, Bern is able to produce stronger and lighter helmets that are the safest in their class. Nothing beats the lightweight security of a Bern.

A Bern helmet protects your head while allowing air to circulate inside keeping you cool, and allowing perspiration to evaporate quickly.

The CoolBreeze Slide visor lets fresh air into the helmet cooling off your head as you ride and helps keep the sun glare out of your eyes.

3. TurboSke Toddler Kids Bike Helmet

turboske toddler kids bike helmet

TurboSke built this helmet specifically for the needs of your child. To improve safety, children use the product when riding bicycles, scooters, and roller skates.

To safeguard their head, the CPSC-certified helmet includes a lower molded shell as well as shock-absorbing cushioning.

It has 14 air vents with inner cushioning that absorbs shocks on contact, so your child is safe no matter what they are doing.

The TurboSke helmet is intended for those with bigger heads.

You may adjust the chin strap and then lock it in place so your child doesn’t have to fiddle with it during the day.

The comfortable fit will keep them from fidgeting, which is a good thing because toddlers prefer to play with their pals or even themselves!

The benefit of something like a helmet is that it not only keeps kids safe while they explore the environment, but it also reminds them of the importance of personal safety.

These helmets are available in a variety of vibrant hues, including orange, green, and blue.

4. Joovy Noodle Multi-Sport Helmet XS-S

joovy noodle multi sport helmet xs s

The NoodleTM helmet is an excellent alternative for folks who ride bikes, trikes, ride-on vehicles, scooters, bike trailers, and other activities that necessitate head protection.

It comes in a variety of colors and has 14 air vents with integrated insect mesh in the front vents, an extended visor to keep you protected from the weather, and nylon straps with pinch guard chin strap adjustment for a secure fit.

It’s tough enough to wear every day, yet attractive enough to wear on special occasions like athletic events or outings with family and friends.

The Joovy NoodleTM helmet is the ideal companion for cycling adventures, whether it’s your regular commute to work or the next Red Bull race around the world!

For your toddler’s first balancing bike, a cool-looking kid-size helmet that can protect them is a must-have.

This clever, colorful solution is available in six child-friendly colors and will keep their heads secure as they learn to ride independently. And, with two size options small and medium you may create your own unique style.

For children at the lower end of the range (between 18 12 and 20 1/2 inches), but if there’s a potential their noggins may continue to develop into the larger medium area, the latter fit will be more comfortable.

The sole rule is to never leave the house without this dependable safety helmet! It’s also ideal for riding motorcycles or other wheeled vehicles (like trailers, scooters, or trikes).

5. Bell Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet

bell toddler zoomer bike helmet

If you are shopping for a helmet for your toddler and would like to find one that will make them smile, then have we got a suggestion. Bell’s Toddler Zoomer Bike Helmet is a wonderful choice.

This irresistible helmet comes in several different color options, making the choice of which one to select a difficult decision.

Our favorites are the blue pony, the red jump house flowers, or the orange tiger.

Designed to keep your toddler safe as he rides his bike, this helmet features high-impact reflectors that are sure to add visibility in low lighting conditions (which means no matter where you go and whatever time of day it is, your kid will be well protected).

There are seven air vents located throughout the interior lining to help keep their head cool while riding along on warm days.

This stroller is entirely adjustable, with a width ranging from 18.9 to 20.5 inches. It is not appropriate for young newborns because the manufacturer advises ages 3 – 5.

To prevent potential chafing on the chin, you can replace the plastic buckle with a pinch-free soft elastic one with a pinch guard.

When a kid reclines in his or her seat position, the back includes additional coverage to protect the child’s head as well as excellent ergonomics for their spine development and posture as he or she develops into adulthood.

6. Nutcase, Baby Nutty, Toddler Bike Helmet

nutcase, baby nutty, toddler bike helmet

The Baby Nutty is a unique baby helmet that combines elegance, comfort, and complete safety for our children.

It has MIPS, an innovative technology meant to better manage hits during an accident and reduce brain damage in newborns.

The fit system at the rear of the helmet protects and supports your child’s head while also keeping them comfortable and safe.

The plush cushioning on both the front and rear is also intended to protect their chins as they navigate through traffic!

This infant helmet features 11 multicolored vents that facilitate airflow and keep your baby’s head cool at all times.

No more sweaty heads or newborn discomfort due to hot weather since this product was designed with all kinds of nice stuff to make you feel like you’re properly taken care of!

And, like all other helmets, it’s locked by an incredible magnetic contacting closure, allowing you to snap it on without any unpleasant pinching feeling for sore chins!

This toddler helmet contains an impact-reducing mechanism that distributes the force of a fall. Its new design emphasizes head and neck posture and support.

There are also magnetic buckles to prevent pinched skin, 11 vents, and insect netting. Furthermore, this helmet will grow with your youngster. It comes in a variety of cute designs, such as sharks, dinosaurs, flowers, and more.



Best Toddler Helmets. Helmets are required by law in most countries, however, a lot of parents still do not take the time to purchase a helmet for their child.

This is a very poor decision, as not only does the helmet provide protection for your child, but it also serves as a marker for other vehicles on the road, as well as for other cyclists.

As well, if your child is wearing a helmet in the event of an accident, other people will be more willing to provide assistance, as they know that you are a responsible parent who takes the safety of their child seriously.

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