Best Toilet Paper Holder For Mega Rolls

Best Toilet Paper Holder For Mega Rolls. One of life’s simple pleasures is having a clean and comfortable bathroom. In the midst of your busy daily tasks, you want to make sure everything is in its place so that any time you need something, it’s always within reach or nearby.

There are numerous things one can do to help get organized and feel a sense of peace when stepping inside the door from their hectic day. But even something as simple as updating an accessory like your toilet paper holder can change the entire atmosphere from simply functional to welcoming and relaxing.

Whether you have guests coming over or feel motivated to just show off a bit for yourself, we’re about to show you an easy trick that will make a big difference by making your guests think twice before walking out the door.

7 Best Toilet Paper Holder For Mega Rolls

1. Moen Iso Collection Double Postmoen iso collection double post

This Moen toilet paper holder is, without a doubt, the best in the business. One of its most notable features is a pivoting post that holds the paper, allowing you to change rolls easily and quickly.

Other types of holders use a traditional roller with a spring inside, and it’s unlikely that any of us hasn’t dropped its post (or parts) at least once or twice during installation or after removing a roll from its housing.

The Iso’s chrome-like finish will complement almost any decor, and its corrosion-resistant finish ensures that shine will last for years. This fixture goes well with the rest of the Moen Iso collection.

By incorporating industrial elements and emphasising beauty through streamlined, functional designs, the Iso Collection embraces minimalism and elegance. The Iso collection exemplifies how design can be multifaceted while still maintaining a cohesive appearance.

It’s simple yet exceptional, allowing it to fit into any lifestyle or personality. It’s elegant without being overly formal or fussy; in fact, you’ll want them to become a regular part of your life.

2. Nolimas Brushed Nickel Toilet Paper nolimas brushed nickel toilet paper 

This cheap, sturdy toilet paper holder from Nolimas is not only durable, but it won’t fade or rust either. Made of stainless steel and brushed nickel this simple, modern style holder can be placed both horizontally and vertically.

The 4-star hook at the rod end aids in keeping your toilet paper on its roll with a soft cushioned grip that prevents it from falling off accidentally which makes for one thoughtful feature.

This package comes complete with all the hardware you need for a trouble-free completion of installation and its screws are concealed for a flawless finish. Nolimas consists of 100% 304 SS (Stainless Steel), which is a specially formulated steel that is free of rust and corrosion, making it durable and long lasting.

With the combined strength of 4 protection layers on top of 304 SS, Nolimas has been made with quality craftsmanship ensuring years of reliability and durability. These characteristics make it perfect in any residential or commercial environment as it is strong and long-lasting.

This premium paper towel holder possesses a stylish modern design that adds a touch of high-end to any bathroom or kitchen setting in your home. Overall, it’s great for bathrooms since most products out there are overpriced for poor quality

3. APLusee Toilet Paper Holder aplusee toilet paper holder 

If you want to go hands-free, consider this toilet paper rack from APLusee. Designed with a modern style and brilliant features, this holder frees up space and adds peace of mind – leaving more time for you to accomplish your number two.

The phone shelf provides a convenient place to set your smartphone during bathroom breaks. It’s wide enough for most phones and curved lips won’t let anything slip off the side. It can also hold other items like hand wipes, tissues or air fresheners without a problem.

Made of stainless steel with a brushed nickel finish, it blends seamlessly into most modern baths, providing a sleek look that never gets old. The half-open rod design ensures easy changes when you’re out of toilet paper so there’s nothing else to worry about.

Not only can it function as a simple and practical toilet paper holder, but it also serves as multipurpose storage with wheels! What’s really great is that this wall mounted toilet paper dispenser can act as an organizer in bathrooms when decorating or remodeling your bath.

4. TASTOS Toilet Paper Holder Matte tastos toilet paper holder matte 

The TASTOS Toilet Paper Holder is constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, which resists rust and corrosion. Its sleek and modern design allows it to be mounted horizontally or vertically, allowing you to hang your toilet paper however you like.

There is no need to fixate your mind on a specific direction for the roll to go because it will freely advance either way. It has a black matte finish that adds a simple elegance to any bathroom décor.

This product also includes installation instructions and all necessary hardware. Tastos toilet paper holder has a stunning black finish and an anti-corrosion, noncorroding design to last through the harsh everyday wear that your bathroom may put it through.

It is made of durable, rustproof steel which requires no maintenance or repair and comes with easy mounting hardware. This particular model can be attached horizontally or vertically depending on your toilet paper preference. The ingenious design has been tested by salt spray tests lasting 48 hours.

5. TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand treelen toilet paper holder stand  (2)

Mega rolls don’t require as much changing because they have more toilet paper on them, which means they last longer.

However, there is one drawback; many toilet paper stands are too small to accommodate these super large rolls.  The TreeLen Toilet Paper Holder Stand can easily fit in both standard and extra-large rolls of any brand.

This freestanding holder has a three-in-one design, with an accessible half-open toilet paper holder, a convenient shelf that doubles as secure storage for small items like mobile phones or your favorite air fresheners, and a broad storage base that opens fully to fit up to three extra large rolls or up to six standard size rolls!

Made of sturdy stainless steel with a high quality chrome finish, this outstanding yet understated piece will add stability and elegance to your bathroom décor. This triple-duty combination chrome toilet paper holder provides the storage area that once stood separately to store a few extra items like your phone, sanitizer or even baby wipes.

The three different functions make it an ideal product for those who are minimalistic and want to create more space by not needing to use another three products for the several minuscule items needed.

6. KES Self Adhesive Toilet Paper Holderkes self adhesive toilet paper holder

If you choose not to drill holes in your wall and instead want something more unique or creative, you can use a toilet paper holder such as the one available at KES that mounts securely to practically any surface.

This option is for renters or those homeowners who don’t have time to constantly fix holes in their walls. Mounting this product is quick and easy, thereby saving time and energy.

Aside from its versatility, this accessory is rust proof and waterproof, ensuring it won’t rust or get damaged after an extended period of time.

Furthermore, even if you change the design of your bathroom, you can take down the holder without wasting money due to potential holes in the walls left by traditional adhesive holders would leave behind.

KES is made of a high quality stainless steel, which protects against rust and gives it a silvery shine. This product will not rust even when it ends up in a room with lots of water like the bathroom, or put up on your living room wall were you keep a fish aquarium.

It uses a pin to extend its arm in order to hold onto the paper. The arm swings freely so that the KES can accommodate even thick papers types. To create this innovative product, use tape to attach it to a smooth surface like ceramic tiles, smooth marble stone, metal, glass etc.

7. iDesign Best Toilet Paper Holder For Mega Rollsidesign classico metal toilet paper reserve

When thinking about bathroom storage for those who are renters or do not have the space to install an entire cabinet, consider this sturdy steel paper-roll holder with a chrome finish.

Made of steel and able to be easily clipped into place over a toilet tank lid, this minimalist urinal roll holder can be used to store papers conveniently and within easy reach

. You’ll never spend another moment searching through your cabinets or drawers. The iDesign Classico Roto Tank Toilet Paper Holder adds a modern touch to any bathroom.

It is made of steel with a chrome finish and comes with three extra rolls for your convenience. This entire piece can be rotated, allowing you to easily and quickly view and access the desired rolls.

Lifting the lid and sliding on the bracket is all that is required for installation. With an appealing design that complements any decor, iDesign by InterDesign allows you to LiveSimply every day.



Best Toilet Paper Holder For Mega Rolls. You’re probably wondering what we could possibly mean, right. It’s something that you may have never thought about, but it can make a huge difference. See, toilet paper holders can be great for holding your paper, but what about all of your other necessities.

Having a lot of products on the counter can make it hard to find what you need and keep things looking tidy. So here’s our advice: Try this simple trick out for yourself and see how much easier it is to find what you need. It’s a sure way to make your bathroom feel more comfortable and less cluttered.

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