Best trailer wheel lock

Best trailer wheel lock. Learning about different security measures and determining which ones will meet your budget is the best method to get the best wheel lock for your trailer.

When it comes to trailer safety, finding the correct lockdown apparatus might be tough unless you’ve done some preliminary study.

That is why we are here to assist you! In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make your search a lot easier so you won’t be tempted to make impulsive purchases just because they’re “cool-looking” rather than meeting your needs and preferences.

Let’s begin with a summary of the six locks, which includes all of the most significant specifications to evaluate afterward.

6 Best trailer wheel lock

1. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

trimax tcl65 wheel chock lock

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock, Yellow/Red, 7.25in Assembly is quick and easy for a wheel chock that provides you with peace of mind when your hitch or trailer is not otherwise attached to something or someone else.

The wheel chock prevents the trailer from rolling without it but offers added security against the unauthorized movement as well thanks to its robust locking mechanism that makes stealing nearly impossible.

And even if it were somehow attempted this lock would be one hard nut to crack given how solid it is and how thick its powder coating happens to be in addition to the rubber coatings on either side of the arms that protect your vehicle’s finish from scratches or other damage.

With the Chock Wheel Lock System, you can protect any trailer, truck, or vehicle from theft in seconds.

ChockWheel’s simple design chocks the wheel with sixteen points of contact, meaning that it is difficult for thieves to tow your car away or drive it away once the device is installed.

TRIMAX Corporation is the leading provider of high-quality lock products and services in the industry.

The TRIMAX team of executives, engineers, and sales representatives has been providing customers with innovative designs since 1943.

Now in Centennial, Colorado, TRIMAX is one of the best for keeping up with market conditions as well as producing products to meet consumers’ demand for better security.

2. CURT 23255 5th Wheel Trailer Lock

curt 23255 5th wheel trailer lock

A new lock for your fifth-wheel trailer is a smart investment.

If you leave your trailer unattended, a standard bolt lock will prevent it from being hitched to another vehicle or stolen outright,

but it won’t prevent your trailer from being towed away when your hitch isn’t even connected.

A convenient 2″ diameter opening on the CURT 23255 Fifth Wheel Trailer Lock provides you with versatility when locking your trailer up.

Whether you’re looking to protect it while camping off of pavement or while at an event, this solid steel and aluminum lock is strong enough to deter potential thieves.

When you buy the CURT 23255 5th wheel trailer loc, you’ll find that there is a convenient locking cap included so you can easily protect this product’s internal mechanisms from water damage and the elements.

Two keys are also included with your purchase. One may be kept in a secure area for easy access when you want to unlock this product, or it could be given to a friend for them to help in emergencies.

3. VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock

vaygway tire clamp wheel lock

VaygWay Tire Clamp Wheel Lock includes 2 keys. In case of misplacing or losing one of the keys, you have a backup available so you don’t have to worry about being inconvenienced while getting stuck on your travels.

The Wheel Lock was made with high-quality ABS material to ensure efficient functioning and durability over long-term usage.

It has a PVC coating so it won’t scratch or damage the wheel rims in any way.

This is a solid iron guard that protects your car against theft attempts. It easily fits around the wheel, preventing any would-be thieves from being able to unscrew it.

And thanks to its simple design and construction, you can easily secure all of your vehicles in just minutes.

Simply find the best location for the clamp on your respective wheels (preferably one where it will be difficult for anyone who might want to steal your vehicle to notice).

Lock it in place using the locking mechanism attached to any pocket of your choosing, and then either remove your keys or set them aside out of sight until you’re ready to use your car again.

This Lock is Assuredly noticed and yet still convenient. With its striking red and yellow color, it is highly visible on the road or even in the home.

Truly a must-have for anyone who has a trailer of any kind whether it be a utility trailer, bumper pull, horse trailer, or boat trailer.

4. Goplus Heavy Duty Trailer Lock

goplus heavy duty trailer lock

This is a heavy-duty lock clamp that can be put to good use for locking a trailer wheel to your vehicle’s axle.

Simply attach it onto the wheel and secure it into place using the Allen key provided.

If you’ve ever had your car stolen, you know exactly how important this feature is.

Thieves nowadays are becoming more sophisticated and may not even try retreating at theft time if they can see your parking brake clips or disc locks.

Or in the case of some really sneaky thieves, they’ll pop off an adjacent spare tire so they can slip their own spare under and drive away undetected.

We want you to feel safe when you park your car, which is why our product helps ensure everyone will recognize your trailer as unique and thus leave it alone while still allowing quick deployment should an emergency arise.

They can fit tires with a width of 7-11 inches and are ideal for many types of vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, boat trailers, scooters, and even airplanes.

This product is made of steel, so it will last for a long time, and it only weighs 5.3 pounds, so carrying it around won’t be a problem. You can also easily assemble it.

5. OxGord Trailer Wheel Lock

oxgord trailer wheel lock

OxGord Trailer Wheel Locks are universal fit wheel locking kits with four included keys. You get an adjustable lock that fits 7 to 11-inch diameters with the kit.

This means that it can be attached to cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and smaller trailers of any design or size.

It can also be used on boats, scooters, and lawnmowers. Additionally, you can use it for go-karts and jet skis.

OxGord comes with a set of plates with colored dots that allow you to lock your wheels so that they cannot turn; therefore, preventing them from being stolen.

The heavy-duty steel plate slips right on over your tire and frame so it can’t easily be taken off, ensuring the safety of your wheels until you decide to take it off.

We will make the necessary efforts to ensure your satisfaction so we promise you a refund if you’re unhappy with any item that you receive from us.

6. Tire Clamp Wheel Lock

tire clamp wheel lock

A3 steel is used to manufacture our trailer wheel locks, which are the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting locks available.

In addition to creating a high level of security for public transportation, this key features an anti-skid handle design that is both comfortable to hold and highly secure.

The clamp has a PVC coating that won’t damage or scratch your trailer wheels.

In addition to its rust-proof weather-resistant case, the device can withstand any climate condition from hot to cold.

Heavy-duty steel tire locks can easily be wrapped around your vehicle’s wheels, which increases overall security and prevents theft attempts.

It fits tires in the 180mm to 300mm range, which is wide enough for most rim sizes, making it easy to fit your vehicle.

Additionally, it can be used for other things besides cars, such as golf carts and small aircraft, mainly because every little bit of protection is going to have a positive effect on lowering your risk.

Easy to attach and remove, this wheel lock is simple and easy to use. It is adjustable so that it fits any tire size. One key unlocks the wheel, and one key locks the wheel lock back onto your vehicle’s wheel. Be sure to keep track of both of them to avoid embarrassing situations.

Best trailer wheel lock


What does a hitch attach to?

A trailer hitch is a connection point for a sled attached to a motor vehicle pulling another sled. It’s the device that organizes the coupling of the car and pulls it from behind.

It resembles a ball mass but it’s more often called simply a trailer hitch. The major purpose of this device is to stabilize the connected vehicles.

Especially when they run on rough terrain or are exposed to any obstructions while traveling down the highway.

Do you need to chock both sides of a trailer?

If the direction of the incline is not facing forward of your truck, place a chock or rock behind the rear tire to get maximum lift. If you are just wanting to be safe, make sure you use two chocks – one on each side of the tire.


Best trailer wheel lock. We hope you found this article informative. If you are interested in purchasing a wheel lock for your trailer or need more information on the topic, please contact us anytime.

Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this.

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