Best Utility Blades

Best Utility Blades. Keeping a sharp blade close by can help you get more done faster and more safely. This is why the best utility knife blades, like the ones featured here, are all you need to get back to work right away.

Knowing when it is time to replace the utility knife blade comes with practice over time, but a good rule of thumb to remember is that if your blade appears dull or has issues causing it to stick into materials such as carpet/padding while you’re cutting then they probably should be replaced.

But don’t worry, some utility knives will come with different interchangeable parts that allow you to switch out the blades.

Some brands even introduce convenient storage boxes for their product’s accessories once the box becomes full that way if you end up purchasing extra blades for your toolkit the blades will be properly secured in a safe and organized manner free from rusting or damaging elements exposure.

8 Best Utility Blades

1. CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife Blades

craftsman utility knife blades

CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife Blades 100-Count is one of the most innovative utility knife blades on the market.

The manufacturer makes them very easily available at an affordable price of less than a dollar each, yet craftsmen still receive top quality.

CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife Blades utilize a previsioned edge and an ergonomic design to make cutting a smooth and hassle-free process.

These blades have the added benefit of being thick in size, which improves their resistance to snapping.

Despite the thinness they exhibited when compared to other knives, they lasted longer and cut more smoothly than any we tested in the comparative study.

CRAFTSMAN Utility Knife Blades offers fans of this brand product that help them to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Strongly made from materials that do not rust or corrode, these blades can be used for a variety of different cutting, scraping, and trimming projects.

They are easy to use and offer precision-honed edges that offer consistent life as long as you keep your blade sharpened.

These versatile blades come in 6 packs so there’s always an ample supply when you’re getting started with a project.

So if you’re looking for durable tools with which to perform a variety of tasks – give CRAFTSMAN a try.

2. Goldblatt 100-Pack Utility Blades Premium

goldblatt 100 pack utility blades premium

The blades are made to provide people with a brand that they can trust when it comes to their quality over the course of time because after all, every customer wants their utility blade to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Nowadays, people often go for the cheapest tool around but don’t be fooled because what you end up getting is subpar equipment.

Try Goldblatt 100-Pack Utility Blades so you always have the option in taking care of your masonry, concrete, drywall, tile, and paint needs even on a tight budget without sacrificing performance.

After all, these Goldblatt blades are compatible with most utility knives which not only makes them a good contender when shopping around but also means that you can use them anytime – anywhere.

The Goldblatt Premium Utility Blades 100-Pack is ideal for cutting off the paper, cloth, pipe, and newspaper. You can use it to cut through rope, metal, and linoleum as well.

Because you can remove up to five of these at a time from different positions on this blade dispenser, you don’t have to worry about running out.

This blade is made from high-end alloy steel which means that it lasts three times longer than other traditional carbon steel in most instances but don’t take my word for it, let your own tests confirm that statement.

3. LENOX Utility Knife Blades

lenox utility knife blades

The LENOX Utility Knife Blade is constructed with high-speed steel edges and titanium coating for a longer blade life. When compared to plastic utility knives.

This shatterproof bi-metal construction allows you to make cuts through tough materials like drywall, insulation, flooring, and roofing without worrying that the knife will snap in half.

It has been designed to bend and flex without breaking when extended beyond the handle, so even very deep cuts are possible without sacrificing overall blade length.

The blades fit most standard utility knives; the set comes with 4 extra custom-made replacement blades for durability. The LENOX Gold Titanium Edge Premium Utility Knife Blades are designed for professional-grade use.

They are built using high-quality materials to ensure that the blades cut just as well day by day, week by week, and month by month so you know when you need to replace your blades again down the line.

These drywall knife replacement blades feature a bi-metal design which allows them to withstand repeated bending.

A titanium coating that minimizes frictional heating during cutting, and four notches in the blade help it to extend further when there’s tough work involved.

Moreover, this utility knife blade pack contains 5 gold titanium edge replacement drywall knife blades, so you know you’re getting good value for money all around with this pack of utility knives.

4. Pacific Handy Cutter S5R Safety Cutter

pacific handy cutter s5r safety cutter

The S5 3-1 Safety Cutter safety knife from Pacific Handy Cutter with the Fold-Out Safe is a manufactured gadget that has been engineered to be effective at cutting through the plastic film such as shrink wrap when used as directed by the manufacturer.

Naturally, this is also effective at cutting through box flaps.

The blade unfolds out of one side of the protective handle during use which reduces any risk of cutting yourself while using this tool.

It’s made to be used anywhere in a local business environment, right where things need doing, so it permits safe integration into your workday instead of demanding caution and attention away from other important tasks like handling money or organizing merchandise.

No more mean old dull knives ruining your stock. The S5 safety blade is made from rigid metal and won’t bend or break.

It will protect you from exposure to the blade, even during top cutting operations, thanks to its design that fully guards the blade.

Also, it allows for a perfect cut every time and sets the optimal angle for perfect cuts. The non-slip base holds firm to the carton, ensuring a precision cut without damaging your package content.

For opening most packages without exposing yourself to blades, one can utilize the heavy-duty tape splitter and also avoid dulling your blades.

5. Rapid Edge – RT00016 All-Purpose Serrated

rapid edge rt00016 all purpose serrated

When you’re crafting a new product, it can sometimes be less intimidating to use a general-purpose blade that’s not too intricate.

However, using the wrong kind of blade may cost you precious time and energy down the road ask any craft professional and they’ll tell you that one of the most important aspects for success with your project is choosing the right cutting tool for each task.

Rapid Edge utility blades are precision-engineered, which allows them to cut through virtually anything.

Make sure and check out these tools if your next project is an extensive one requiring a durable, reliable cutting edge along with some other great products in this category like glue dispensers or paper trimmers.

Rapid Edge All-Purpose Serrated are multi-purpose utility knives that can cut through virtually anything. From carton trimming to wall scored,  they’ve got you covered.

These handy utility knife replacement blades will deliver precise clean cuts, and they know you will find plenty of uses for them around the house.

They’re a must-have tool to have in any household, especially around all the holidays where there is decorating, baking, party planning, and gift wrapping that go on nonstop.

There’s literally no limit to what these high-quality blades can cut through; they’re so strong they can be used by DIYers or contractors alike, either way, you’ll come out with great results.

6. Kobalt Utility Knife & 11 Blades

kobalt utility knife


When it comes to knives, they all know that there’s nothing quite like a folding pocket knife. The Kobalt Utility Blades tool has that kind of strength and durability.

When one has this knife in hand, one will find that this knife has a spring lock mechanism that provides an excellent level of security when the blade is open.

This is ideal for those who use pocket knives in their work as police officers, chefs, and others in positions where they need knives to help them with their day-to-day tasks.

What’s even better about this knife is the fact that you can carry it using the pocket clip that holds it securely on your person whether you’re sitting down or moving around while squatting or jumping.

Kobalt Utility Blades may have a burly construction and secure locking pocket clip but it has their drawbacks. For example, the folding mechanism might be somewhat difficult to manage with one hand, but closing it is even more tricky.

They wouldn’t recommend you try to close it without two hands. There is no onboard blade storage. Needs improvement in this area as well as ensuring that the knife stays in working condition for a long time and is properly sharpened with ease of access to the blade itself.

All in all, this is a good knife at a reasonable price for those who want to do basic cutting tasks on a daily basis or for those who are handymen and women who fix things around the house using common utility knifes almost every day.

7. DEWALT – DWHT11131L Utility Blades

dewalt dwht11131l utility blades


DEWALT Utility Blades are one heck of a set of tools that really offer the best of both worlds for people who need a durable and flexible pair of blades.

Since these blades have been designed with a locking mechanism to keep the blade upright, you can be sure that if any unexpected bumps arise from carrying materials or from handling fragile objects; the little risk may occur as they will stay in place while also maintaining their position.

They might be incredibly convenient to work with, but you can make sure that they’re even safer when working at heights by attaching them to your belt or to your tool bag because the sturdy belt clip allows this versatile knife to easily remain with you no matter how fast-paced or laborious the task at hand is.

One negative aspect of the DEWALT Utility Knife is that it’s somewhat hard to open one-handed. However, trying to close it with just one hand can be dangerous as you’ll have a hard time keeping your fingers out of danger by guarding yourself against the blade.

There also isn’t a means to store extra blades within the handle. Despite this flaw, we really like the speed and flexibility of using this knife because there are no unnecessary parts.

This model uses a swiping system which makes it easier to change out blades without creating undue stress on your hands during use.

8. Gerber Gear 22-41830N EAB Pocket Knife

gerber gear 22 41830n eab pocket knife

The Gerber Exchange-a-Blade pocket knife can always be on hand with the quick, simple push of a button. Take out a dull old blade, pop in the new one and you’re good to go.

Use it for simple tasks throughout the day and with contractor-grade utility blades that can easily be replaced, you can always rely on this useful tool to get you through even your toughest job.

The stainless steel body and liner lock construction keep this tool sturdy and stable while in use. With a handy blade knife raised for easy opening.

All will appreciate The Gerber Exchange-a-Blade pocket knives’ ability to get you up and going again every morning, afternoon, and evening.

They have a stainless steel body and liner lock construction. This is important for anyone who’s going to be using their utility knife in any type of sharp, high-pressure environment.

It’s also important for people who will be using the knife much more often than others as well like tradesmen or even first responders which is why they designed these knives with an emphasis on durability and practicality.

The handle also doubles as a money clip allowing you to carry it around with you at all times in your pocket or wallet which is not only convenient but helps deter theft because it’s safer than keeping it in your back pocket where someone with nefarious intentions might get their hands on it.

Best Utility Blades


Best Utility Blades. The top utility knives on the market are compared in this article. Their quality was tested by making countless cuts of common materials which were garden hoses, rubber moulding, and sheetrock amongst others.

It’s clear from that how each tool performs best in a specific situation and this detailed information will help you cut through the sales pitch and make an informed purchase decision so that you can carry out your work with full confidence knowing what to expect before you buy.

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