Best Vhs To Digital Converter For Mac

Best Vhs To Digital Converter For Mac. If you have VHS tapes or camcorder tapes of the same kind, that have sentimental value, then it’s important for you to convert them to DVD format as soon as possible.

Tapes decay whether you store them carefully or not this happens to be due to the magnetic nature of the tapes and there isn’t much one can do about it.

The good news is that if you invest in a good VHS to DVD converter, then you can save these precious memories before they become lost forever. Converters are surprisingly easy-to-use and they connect easily with both camcorders and VCRs.

So once your conversions are done, you’ll be able to transfer those old recordings right onto your computer’s hard drive and in some cases, even burn them onto a physical DVD.

This way, you won’t lose touch with footage that holds incredibly valuable souvenirs and recollections of yourself and/or loved ones.

7 Best Vhs To Digital Converter For Mac

1. Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac

roxio easy vhs to dvd for mac

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD enables you to preserve and share your memories by converting videotapes and camcorders to digital formats for watching on a DVD player (or PC), uploading to YouTube, or sharing DVDs with others.

Preserve video from analogue formats including camcorders using Easy VHS to DVD Burn and Capture. Use the one-click disc burner wizard.

Which automatically completes all necessary settings and transfers videos to your disc in no time—seamlessly.

Or use Convert after capturing video from analogue sources or loading directly into iMovie. Upload videos directly from your computer via YouTube or import them into iLife programs for ongoing viewing on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV, Sony PSP, car stereo, portable media player (PMP), PDA– wherever you happen to be.

It can be a chore to convert videos captured via older home video formats. Fortunately, Roxio offers their Easy VHS To DVD software (Windows and Mac compatible) which allows one to easily transfer VHS, Hi8, and Video8 tapes from the past into today’s digital formats.
Users may simply connect their VCR or analogue camcorder to their computer by way of an S-video or RCA cable and then use this application to capture the video onto their hard drive.
This is done by pressing the record in the program, so users will be capturing footage without any lag time for as long as there is disk space available.

2. ClearClick Video to Digital Converter

clearclick video to digital converter

It’s great to have something with you that will easily allow you to convert your old reel-to-reel or camcorder tapes into digital format.

That will not only provide you with a way of preserving any memories you may have but also make it easier for you to watch them without having to mess around with a tape player as if it were 1995.

(Just hook it up, press record, and go about your business, no more staying home on Saturday nights in hopes there’s something good on TV).

ClearClick is an updated version of the Video2Digital Video Converter that includes a number of extra features that made recording videos much easier and more efficient.

Actually, this video converter is also cheaper and provides you with a lot more than its first (competitor) iteration did.

For example, it comes with more memory space – now updated to 32 GB instead of 16 GB from before. Just in case you are feeling creative and want to edit your own clips on your PC, this model allows for you to create your own personalized movie using the included Pspad software by LumaSoft.

Furthermore, there have been many improvements in the overall recorder quality and performance; especially when dealing with mobile devices compatible with MP4 files (for example: smartphones).

3. USB Video Capture Adapter Cable usb video capture adapter cable allows you to turn your video sources into digital files with a USB video capture adapter box.

No need for a disc, just plug it in and the device converts anything from VHS or an analog camcorder, Real-time MPEG-1, MPEG-2 encoding encodes output for immediate viewing on a computer or TV.

The snapshot button lets you instantly capture still images from videos to save onto your PC for future reference. DVD to DVD/R is designed for the professional transfer of video footage directly from any DVD player or recorder.

There’s no need to rewind just play. Easy operation, perfect picture quality and long product lifetime have made the RTD2290 A+ series so popular with the market.

The USB Video Capture Adapter Cable from is a universal video capture solution that provides smooth analogue video capture for devices throughout your Microsoft system.

In addition, the S-Video / Composite to USB adapter also has TWAIN support ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems and software, making it the perfect tool to bridge incompatible worlds.

Whether you use it on your desktop computer or laptop computer (and even compatible devices like cameras), this portable cable has everything you need in one compact piece of hardware.

You’ll be able to easily connect to just about any device that includes a video-out port or even work wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

4. Elgato Video Capture – Digitize Video for Mac

elgato video capture digitize video for mac

Elgato’s Video Capture box lets you convert a VHS tape, camcorder, or other analog video sources into a file for playback on your iPad, Mac or Windows PC.

The box performs the chore of capturing a video without requiring you to dig through settings and menus.

The software will even test quality at various recording resolutions so you can immediately see which makes for the best viewing experience.

As an example, there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes when you want to make changes in order to digitize home videos and transfer video from a VCR, DVR or other analog video devices. Elgato helps sweeten the experience with its streamlined approach and friendly user interface (UI).

Elgato Video Capture is the Digital Innovations VHS Video Head Cleaning Kit that safely cleans any VHS video player or recorder.

Although you want to watch all your favorite home videos on a television, with TVs being digital these days, you may feel it’s more of an obligation than a treat.

If you’ve been wanting to get rid of your old VHS collection but can’t seem to part with those memories, instead of buying expensive DVDs what about upgrading your equipment.

A reliable video editing software like Elgato Video Capture can be used to digitally store and create even better quality videos while keeping all the old ones in mint condition.

5. TOTMC USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter 

totmc usb 2.0 video capture adapter 

TOTMC USB 2.0 Video Capture Adapter is a great choice for laptop users wanting to capture high-quality video and audio directly from their computer by using the USB 2.0 interface, without requiring a sound card.

They give you all the essential tools, with which you will be able to withstand virtually any video-editing challenge that comes your way.

Video Studio is a video-editing application that makes editing your movies as fun as shooting them.

It uses an intuitive three-step Movie Wizard function to guide users through movie editing with minimum effort.

This application also comes with exciting features such as the ability to add external subtitles and the option of adding markers and captions to your clips while they are in the process of being edited.

Edit your videos into a spectacular masterpiece that can be shared over DVD, tape, FTP server and even mobile devices.

Cross-platform full burn, real-time and high-quality video compression means less waiting and more creating. With them, you get a host of features; into the edit in minutes via easy-to-use software.

Because they know how important it is not to waste time. In fact, the entire system has been crafted to cut down on the waiting around so that you can spend more time actually making things happen.

Direct and record digital files from DVD+/-R/RW, DVD+/-VR, and DVD-Video (SL/DL) formats, as well as edit audio from VHS(SL/DL).

V8 but also from other digital video sources or analogue sources and they have s support for many different codecs too – all that’s missing is an idea of what great things you want to create with your new device.

6. Hauppauge 610 USB-Live 2 Analog Video Digitizer

hauppauge 610 usb live 2 analog video digitizer

The Hauppauge 610 USB-Live 2 Analog Video Digitizer is a video adapter that allows you to connect any analogue video to your computer through USB.

It’s easy to use: just plug the USB-Live2 into the USB port on your computer and connect your VCR, camera, or camcorder with S-Video or composite cables to the device.

The USB-Live2 creates MPEG videos, which you can burn onto DVD or CD discs so that you can watch them wherever you want to.

Hauppauge provides a USB-Live2 Analog Video Digitizer that functions as a recording adapter for analogue video sources. It transmits high-quality 4:2:2 video sampling at up to 720p for the best results.

Use USB-Live2 to record your old home tapes in DVD format using your computer. It connects to your PC via USB, so no need for additional equipment if you have a suitable output installed on your computer.

You can use Hauppauge Capture included with the purchase of the device to trim and save videos in MPEG-2 format onto discs or other storage media.

If you aren’t ready to stop recording video on your VCR or camcorder yet. If that’s the case, the USB-Live must be able to help you out.
It connects to your PC or laptop via a USB port and plugs into any S-Video or composite video source. The best part is that once attached, you can receive real-time digital images and other information without any loss of quality.
Digitize the signals from your camcorder so they can be uploaded instantly. The exclusive WinTV Snapshot application quickly saves the image so you can transfer them off of the device in a jiffy.

7. UCEC USB 2.0 Video Capture Card Device

ucec usb 2.0 video capture card device

They’re sure a lot of people are familiar with what a video capture card is, but just in case we’ll run through it again.

PCI Express USB 2.0 Video Capture Card lets you transfer video from a VCR or other analogue video source to your Mac or PC.

The neat thing about this product is that it lets you do so without any hassles since the included software makes things incredibly easy.

You can put family memories and family videos on your computer, Super Easy-to-use software guides you through every step and turns your analogue into digital using the universal H.264 digital format for iPad, Windows Live Movie Maker, YouTube, even DVD and AVI amongst other popular formats.

As if that weren’t enough, think of all those long-lost vinyl records gathering dust in a closet somewhere – now you can preserve them forever in digital format as well.

 You get everything you need to digitize your home videos with this bundle which will not only save you time but money as well.

A composite cable is included along with a warranty and guarantee just in case something doesn’t go your way.

The UCEC Capture Gold allows you to connect your VCR directly to your computer through the included USB port so that you can make use of this video editing software without having to buy any additional equipment for the purpose.

It also includes capture CDs which will help preserve old recordings such as slides or VHS tapes from damage and deterioration from sunlight or extreme temperature changes making them more resistant to ending up cracking or chipped when handled incorrectly over time.


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