Best wall mount shop vacuum

Best wall mount shop vacuum. If you’re running a business out of your garage, you know how much of a hassle it can be to keep it clean. However, with standard garage floor vacuum cleaners, there’s just no way it’ll stay easy-to-manage or easy on the eyes.

That’s why we recommend getting the best wall mounted garage vacuum cleaner instead. These specially designed vacuums have all the same power as a heavy duty wet/dry vacuum in a much more compact space so that you’re able to fit your vacuum literally anywhere in your home without taking up too much of your precious space.

7 Best wall mount shop vacuum

1.Vacmaster wall mount vacuumbest wall mount shop vacuum

The 2-stage motor produces high suction strength, with hose lengths of 41′, 11′, and 20′, as well as a 61′ chord. At the handle, there’s a convenient cord storage box. On-board, you’ll find everything you need to clean your house in one spot.

A lightweight and easy to transport hose. The on/off switch at the base of the hose provides power control at any distance.

The self-adhesive mounting bracket makes it super easy to install on a single stud, giving you plenty of reach for wall washing jobs that don’t require a ladder!

The Macmaster 5-Gallon* Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum is the most versatile equipment available. With a 2-stage motor and a 40-foot cord, this vacuum will handle any job with ease.

The Macmaster 5-Gallon Wall Mount wet/dry vacuum is unstoppable, thanks to its remote control that allows you to turn your vacuum on or off while you’re working.

A 21-foot hose and 20-foot power cord make this vacuum incredibly versatile enough to handle even a big workshop. A big part of the VWM510’s appeal is its mobility storing it on the wall makes the machine agile so you can keep cleaning even when moving from one room to another, or if you need to get to somewhere off the floor.

2. VacuMaid GV30 Wall Mounted Garage Vacuum vacumaid gv30 wall mounted garage vacuum

A wall-mounted vacuum is a highly powerful equipment with a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. For strong, long-lasting use, this style of unit is made of galvanized steel with a powder coating.

Simply mount the hanging bracket to the studs in the wall before sliding on the vacuum unit to use this device. It’s as simple as plugging it into an electrical socket to address your concerns.

This vacuum cleaning equipment has a 120-volt motor that consumes 25% more electricity than comparable brands. It has a 7 gallon dirt capacity, which is large enough to transport nuts, bolts, and sawdust, as well as any other dirt you might find in your home. Apart from gathering up a lot of trash, it will also provide you with extra space to store other items that tend to clutter up your home.

Because who has time to muck around with a dirty and messy garage, this cleaning kit includes some must-have equipment for keeping your garage clean like a pro.

With this cleaning kit, you’ll have everything you need to complete the job on a more regular basis. We’ve included all of the necessary tools so you can get started in the morning before work or at night after kicking it at the club (or wherever).

3. BISSELL Garage Pro Wall-Mounted Wet Dry bissell garage pro wall mounted wet dry 

Every Bissell purchase will assist in reuniting homeless pets with their forever families. Bissell is a proud supporter of the Bissell Pet Foundation’s aim to aid people in need.

The Bissell Pet Foundation’s main causes include the adoption of badly treated or abandoned animals, spaying and neutering, public education on both animal care and adoption issues, and feeding and caring for orphaned animals or animals who have been victims of weather events or natural disasters in order to prevent them from being euthanized in shelters.

On begin, the Garage Pro is a wet/dry vacuum that mounts to the wall, saving space in your shop or garage. This is because it allows you to have more floor space and saves you money.

You can even reach into your car or around the garage when this vacuum cleaner is placed on the wall, thanks to its 32-foot length! You’ll never have to guess when it’s time to empty it because it includes an LED Full Water Tank Indicator.

Features Whether you’re vacuuming your car or cleaning up the shop, the 12-amp motor provides powerful suction for garage cleaning.

The wet and dry vacuum was designed to manage a variety of spills and messes, including liquids, dirt, and grime. The blower is great for clearing rubbish from your work area.

Car detailing is a breeze with these seven multi-tools. They’re adaptable enough to take on almost any duty. In addition, the supplied accessory bag makes it easy to keep them.

4. Prolux Professional Wet/Dry Garage prolux professional wetdry garage vacuum 

You may now pump up anything by connecting the hose to the exhaust port. This is an excellent item to have on hand because it allows you to quickly clean all of your gardening tools.

Inflate balloons, air beds, above-ground pools, and any other inflatable project you want to put in space so that it can stay inflated for long periods of time without needing to be refilled.

This is fantastic to have on hand when you’re hosting an event or throwing a party in your backyard, or if you enjoy walking out on the water to see what’s going on.

The Proulx Garage vacuum accessories series is a high-end vacuum attachments series for your home. With unique equipment intended to tackle daily issues like pet hair and dust bunnies, you can spend less time cleaning.

To mention a few, we have extension wands, detailing / inflating tools, crevice tools for those hard to reach corners, and a squeegee for wet cleanup. All of our accessories are appropriate for pet owners. Our stores are in Buford and Decatur, Georgia Eastside location is coming soon.

5. WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacs Portableworkshop wet dry vacs ws0501wm portable

There are surface cleaners on the market with capabilities that make it possible to clean the interior of your automobile just as easy as any other room in your house.

There are numerous reasons why this form of vacuum cleaner is advantageous in terms of safety, accessibility, and convenience.

Making cleaning easier is something we can all appreciate, and it’s likely something you care about, but making it safer for you or the person who uses it to get around the vehicle is also a worthwhile update.

This portable wet dry vacuum cleaner for cars has a robust copolymer drum that resists dents and cracks and will not corrode. This compact vacuum saves space in your room while still offering all of the reach you require. With a hose that stretches up to seven feet, the vacuum is ready for home detailing (for four feet or longer extension locks for stability).

The extra-large wheels and carrying handle make it easy to navigate around furniture. The hose’s other end contains accessories developed specifically for cleaning a car’s inside, so you can rest assured that your peace of mind will be preserved once you start using it on a regular basis.

Vehicles must be well-maintained in order to function correctly. A wet dry auto vacuum cleaner may help remove undesired dirt and grime from inside a windshield or bumper, as well as any other inside automobile surfaces. This vacuum should be kept in the garage so that you don’t have to carry it too far each time you need it.

6. VacuMaid GV50PRO Wall Mounted vacumaid gv50pro wall mounted garage

The AirWatch Round Deluxe In-Wall Vacuum System includes a 50-foot cord, a hanger, an on-board tool caddy, and a floor/upholstery tool.

It has a 7 gallon dirt collector capacity, and all of its galvanized steel and powder-coated components are corrosion-resistant for long-term use.

This unit saves space on the floor and can be set up in minutes with the included mounting bracket. If necessary, you can purchase an additional hanger bracket for a secondary area if you so desire. Since 1956, Lindsay Manufacturing has been producing central vacuum systems.

With a disposable sealed HEPA type bag, this vacuum cleaning device is simple to maintain. Your vacuum picks up the dirt and debris and deposits it in the bag within your dirt canister.

Long reach hose, extension wand, automobile care attachments, floor and above floor tools, and storage accessories are among the equipment and accessories included for your cleaning needs.

The iRobot Roomba vacuum is an excellent addition to any household. It’s quite useful and simple to use. Although it’s well renowned for its carpet-cleaning abilities, it also works wonders on hard floors.

Furthermore, this robot can clean up crumbs and garbage without needing to be plugged in, making it an ideal addition to your kitchen and living room, where you sit every day and eat off the floor on a regular basis.

7. Shop-Vac Best wall mount shop vacuumbest wall mount shop vacuum (2) 

This wall-mounted wet/dry vacuum is ideal for cleaning garages, workshops, and other areas where a mobile handheld vacuum is required.

The 3.5 gallon tank and 3 peak horsepower motor on this tool are powerful enough for quick pick-up chores in homes, garages, and workshops.

This wet vacuum includes an 18-foot lock-on hose, 1-1/4-inch extension wands, a 12-inch nozzle with brush and squeegee, a round brush, gulper nozzle, and crevice tool, as well as a collection bag, foam sleeve, and cartridge, and a tool storage bag that fits securely on the rear of the machine.

This Shop-Vic Wet/Dry Vacuum from Shop-Vic is made of robust plastic and has a wall mountable design with onboard storage for the power wire. It works well for both suction and spill cleanup.

This vacuum comes with Hex cleaning accessories like as a long power chord, a long suction hose, a gulper nozzle, and a crevice tool, making it suitable for use on wood or laminate flooring.


Best wall mount shop vacuum. When looking for a hanging shop vacuum, you will want to take into consideration the power of the motor; the capacity of the tank and how long of an extension hose you may need.

When considering these aspects, you will have better luck finding what is best suited to your needs. This can be a tricky decision because there are many models with different features.

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