Best Washing Machine Cleaner

Best Washing Machine Cleaner. A washing machine is a household essential for its ability to keep clothes clean, but dirty laundry can be harmful in more ways than one.

Not only does soap residue and mold build-up make the machine run slowly, but bacteria from stains or bodily fluids that linger can even present health risks to your family.

By using a washing machine cleaner regularly, you’ll not only prolong the life of your appliance but give your family peace of mind as well.

We’ve compared popular models based on value for money and added benefits such as health and safety, which will help you choose the right washing machine cleaner to suit your needs.

Best Washing Machine Cleaner

1. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleanerbest washing machine cleaner

OxiClean’s Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters has the power of their iconic original cleaner – it tackles all manner of dirt and grime and also drives away undesirable odors from your washer!

This can protect your clothes from bad smells from happening in the first place because e coli is bound to happen if you don’t wash enough. And you should make sure that it works for both standard and  washers, because there’s nothing worse than a machine that smells of rotten eggs instead of freshly-washed clothing.

It’s safe for those with septic tanks and kind to the environment too, which is why this cleaning product is so great, especially if you take into account all other brands that contain phosphates.

OxiClean Washing Machine Odor Destroyer does a great job at removing odor-causing residues in any washing machine. OxiClean Washing Machine Cleaner with Odor Blasters can help clean these areas and wash away that smell during the next load!

Whether you’re using it for standard or high-efficiency machines, this wash day essential will make sure that nothing gets between you and clean clothes except for detergent that works.

2. Lemi Shine Washing Machine Cleanerlemi shine washing machine cleaner

Lemi Shine is a citrus-scented washing machine cleaner used for both the inner and outer surfaces of machines. It contains washing powder that’s soaked in residues from previous washes, causing it to be less effective.

Lemi Shine wipes with natural citric acid dissolve hard water build-ups and soap scum twice as effectively as washing in water alone.

It’s safe on any wash cycle or fabric / clothing type and can be used once every month for all types of washers including top loading, front loading, large capacity, standard size, high efficiency, and heat pump.

While this product is primarily used as a detergent, it can also be used as a pre-treater (by soaking affected clothes in water with the detergent) to dissolve any hair stuck in your machine’s cuff.

This property will also eliminate any lingering bad smells and makes the machine cleaner. It can even remove 99% of bacteria from fabrics and will act to eliminate limescale by both washing away residue particles and chemically removing the calcium particles that cause scale build-up inside your machine!

3. ECO-GALS Swirlz & Scrubz Washing Machine Cleanereco gals swirlz & scrubz washing machine cleaner

Eco-Gals Eco Swirlz Washing Machine Cleaner has a formula that is septic safe, will not harm aquatic life, and comes packaged in biodegradable wrapping. It’s suitable for top-loaders and front-loaders, standard and HE machines.

The tablets melt into a cleansing foam which rinses the inner parts of your washer tub and drainage system, eliminating odor and residue from detergent buildup.

Without any strong perfumes or fragrances, Eco Swirlz are good for those sensitive to scented detergents as well as being an environmentally friendly option to keeping your washing machine clean.

Eco-Swirlz provides a scented option that’s chemical-free without the use of perfumes or strong fragrances. The foam is made up of plant-derived ingredients, minerals as well as natural enzymes.

This helps it eliminate odors and other stain-causing substances in your laundry while also contributing to keeping your environment clean and safe for all to enjoy. You can feel good about saving your clothes from smells because Eco-Swirlz are removing them.

4. Glisten Washer Magic Machine Cleanerglisten washer magic machine cleaner

Glisten washer magic machine cleaner can be used for a wide variety of cleaning purposes. In addition to cleaning the drum of your washing machine, this powerful liquid formula from Glisten also targets odor, residue and germs by dissolving soap scum and mineral deposits in the machine.

Unlike other similar cleaners available on the market, its active ingredient actually flushes away all gross stuff while also helping you tackle stains as well as safety-related issues within your machine.

All surfaces affected including multiple wash cycles and doors will benefit greatly from regular applications to keep them free of grime, residues, soap scum and mineral deposits.

This cleaner is safer for your family and the environment around you. It works without any harsh chemicals, which means it is gentle on laundry and hard on stains.

This cleaner also has the EPA’s Safer Choice label it’s good for people and the planet. Glisten Washing Machine Magic is safe and effective for HE washers as well as traditional models, so there’s no need to worry about buying a new machine just to get sparkling clean clothes!

5. Affresh Washing Machine Cleaneraffresh washing machine cleaner

Affresh washing machine cleaner tablets dissolve slowly in order to create a soap-like substance and then dig deep into a your dirty washing machine.

This product can be used with top or front loading washers and conventional and high-efficiency devices.

The Affresh tablets are complete with six of the cleaning devices which give you an entire 6 month supply. Each tablet comes in a lightly scented variety to remove musty odors that have been trapped inside machines by using high grime removing ingredients.

They work to fight any long-lasting smells such as mildew, moldy odors or humid environments, as well as tough stains that may have developed on laundry products, killing bacteria along a way so your clothing remains sanitary and fresh. Simply put one tablet in during the hot wash cycle for best results.

Once done load up all of your clothing products and then once completely dry the clothes and wipe away any excess solution from the machine’s inner drum.

Affresh washer cleaner is a tablet-form laundry and cleaning product. It can be easily dissolved directly into the washer, or it can be used in place of a normal load of laundry soap.

6. Oh Yuk Washing Machine Cleaneroh yuk washing machine cleaner

The Oh Yuk Washing Machine Cleaner, a high-performance odor eliminator that gets rid of the smell good and leaves behind a natural, fresh-citrus scent like no other product on the market perfect for leaving your home smelling crisp and clean without worrying about lingering smells from strong-scented cleaning products.

The liquid cleaner can be used to wipe the door and other surfaces inside a washer without buildup or residue since it’s phosphate-free.

Oh, Yuk suggests putting four ounces of the cleaner into hot water and letting your front- or top-loading washer soak in it for an hour before running a rinse cycle with more hot water. It’s great for standard, HE, or top-loading and front-loading washing machines.

Oh Yuk! Washing Machine Cleaner is specifically formulated to make your washing machine safer, cleaner, and healthier for everyone by removing contaminants such as dirt and build-up that cause stinky odors and leave your clothes unwashed after the cycle completes.

Machine Cleaner produces impeccably clean results leaving you very satisfied with the results. With its quirky name comes a range of easy-to-follow content topics: product characteristics, price, ordering options – all of which are both engaging to readers and search engine friendly!

7. Plink-9024 Best Washing Machine Cleanerplink 9024 summit brands washer and dishwasher

These Plink tablets dissolve in both a standard washing machine and in a dishwasher, with the lemon scent offering a zesty boost well-deserving of its name.

No matter which appliance you decide to use, you won’t regret it as these tablets take on tough jobs like dried milk residue or caked-on pasta sauce with ease.

If versatility is on your wish list, choose this one! Plink washer and dishwasher freshener is a special liquid that helps your washer and dishwasher feel from the inside out and leaves it smelling great.

It removes buildup from different parts of your laundry and dishwashing machine, as well as cuts through any foul odors that might be lingering about. You can use this liquid every two weeks in your washing or cleaning cycle to keep your appliances feeling fresh and clean on the inside.

Plink’s Washer Dishwasher Freshener and Cleaner tablets eliminate foul odors by effectively removing grime, mildew, mold and other residue from inside machines. This convenient alkaline cleaning treatment helps maintain plumbing by keeping drains clear; regular use keeps sinks, bathtubs and surrounding areas fresh.


Best Washing Machine Cleaner. We hope you enjoyed our article on the best washing machine cleaner. We’ve compared the most popular brands on the market to help you choose the right washing machine cleaner for your needs. With the help of our research, you can choose the right product that will help you keep your washing machine in working order and keep your family safe as well.

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