Best Waterproof Backpacks For College

Best Waterproof Backpacks For College. When choosing a waterproof backpack for college students, there are a number of features that are important to have.

Large compartments for textbooks, a padded laptop sleeve, plenty of pockets for school and personal items these things might not come standard in the best backpack for college students, but with the right combination of factors they can make a huge difference.

Most waterproof backpacks aren’t made specifically with students in mind! This is due in part because most waterproof backpacks are designed specifically for more outdoorsy activities like kayaking or rafting rather than day-to-day use on campus.

Luckily we did some hardcore digging and found some waterproof backpacks that would work well as a good backpack for college students.

7 Best Waterproof Backpacks For College

1. The North Face Women’s School Jester Laptop Backpack

the north face women's school jester laptop backpack

A backpack designed for students and young women specifically with comfort in mind will make all the difference to relieving any discomfort you have been enduring from your previous bag.

When it comes down to finding a great one, two features that customers find particularly useful are its ability to be water-resistant as well as padded on the inside as well as outside of the straps to maximize air flow on hot days, which adds up to a lot in terms of overall product satisfaction.

This backpack is made from durable, high-quality materials suitable for most weather conditions including rain and snow, and has some great features that go in its additional compartments such as protective laptop sleeves and RFID pockets where you can store your credit card or passport while traveling in public transit or walking around cities.

It comes in many colors so you can choose one that you like best.The Jester 3.0 Pack was designed with the busy college student in mind and for those who don’t mind looking stylish on campus.

This bag is specially equipped to hold absolutely everything that you could ever need for daily life.

The FlexVent suspension system features a flexible yoke built from custom injection-molded shoulder straps that provides comfort, ventilated support, and a back panel made out of comfortable, breathable material.

It can be found in different colors and comes with numerous pockets: 2 side zipper pockets, 1 zippered back pocket, 3 spacious & secure multifunctional pockets, and even a big storage compartment for a laptop or tablet.

You can also find two water bottle holders on each side of the pack as well as a front bungee cord to make sure you have everything within your reach.

2. A-LAB | Model D | Waterproof Bicycle 

a lab model d waterproof bicycle 

The A-Lab waterproof backpack is the most water-friendly backpack for anyone planning to go to college. Students today are more ambitious than ever, and realize how important it is to foster a harmonious work-life balance.

The A-LAB Denim Backpack was designed by two former Columbia business school students to help reduce the stress of daily life while ensuring that they can still carry around as much as they need.

Whether going on a camping trip or just aiming to be prepared for all situations in case of emergency, college students need dependable and reliable backpacks that will keep their belongings safe and secure.

Fashionistas will love the muted tones and sleek, simple design that allows you to wear this backpack anywhere with minimal attention or scrutiny.

Students can count on the A-LAB Model D Denim Backpack to turn heads no matter where you go, from class to football games or library breaks.

A-Lab products are created with the goal of being as simple as possible. And, while we strive for a minimalist aesthetic, our design goal is not only about aesthetics but also about utility

We designed our product line to be long-lasting and durable, so you can carry what you need throughout the day without worrying about it wearing out the first time it gets wet or dirty.

The simplicity of its design and the attention to detail that has gone into the research and development of this product line, which includes waterproof stitching and high-density threading, are both beautiful.

Not only will your bag withstand daily use, but avoiding damaged or compromised interiors will be one less thing to worry about.

As you can see, A-LAB bags were designed not only with a minimalist in mind but also with an urban commuter in mind who has everything they need prepared for them at all times – like oneself, without a doubt!

3. Chrome Industries Cardiel Fortnight 2.0 Backpack

chrome industries cardiel fortnight 2.0 backpack

Bags are used to hold our items, as we all know. This bag is specifically made for students who attend college and have to transport many things like books and laptops.

It’s made so well that it can also be used for other occasions. It has a low-profile design which makes it easy to store inside of lockers or under desks and out of the way from other things. A cool thing about the backpack is that it’s waterproof.

So, you won’t have to worry about getting your items wet if you get caught in the rain while walking through campus.

Furthermore, this bag has compartments that are padded internally which helps protect your devices not only from water damage but denting caused by crashing against each other when you toss your backpack on the ground because it has pockets for pretty much everything you might need in a random class or assignment which truly make it extremely useful overall.

The Chrome backpack has one shoulder strap and an 18-inch shoulder drop. It measures 18 inches tall by 13 inches wide.

There is a waterproof zip-around opening and a compression flap, and both of these features extend to the zippered pockets on the outside of the bag.

The outer pocket, on the other hand, is designed for smaller items such as an MP3 player or smartphone because it can be easily removed from the rest of the bag.

This feature-rich waterproof backpack can be purchased online for around $200, which may appear to be expensive at first glance, but considering everything it has to offer, it’s definitely worth considering.

4. BOLANG College Backpack for Men 

bolang college backpack for men 

Backpacks are a very popular choice among students and this one is sure to be loved.

There are 3 loops and many pockets inside the backpack itself, so you won’t have to worry about how things are lining up in there.

If you’re carrying a laptop or tablet, there’s even plenty of room for that, too; the bag can fit laptops in sizes up to 15 inches.

Another nifty feature of this backpack is it’s water-resistant and maintains its structure, even in heavy rain conditions (or a spilled drink!).

The handles on both the top and bottom of this backpack also make it great for people who carry around their belongings all day long; carrying will be easier on your hands.

When choosing from our backpacks on sale, it is good to keep an eye out for quality features such as sturdy zippers, reflective strips for safety, as well as weatherproof materials.

Being a student requires being able to carry things from class to the classroom. If you’re into hiking, traveling or any outdoor activity, you would find this backpack a suitable fit for your college journey.

The size of the backpack is 18.75 x 12 x 6 inches which are good enough to store books and other objects that may need you during the day without having to worry about being too bulky or heavy! This bag comes in seven colors blue, green, black, red, pink, gray, and light blue.

You’re sure to find one that appeals most so as not to be distracted by such an eyesore when carrying it along with all your campus essentials.

The price-quality ratio is great and this is an excellent backpack for the price! It’s extremely light – only 0.7 lbs which makes it one of the lightest back packs out there today!

5. HotStyle 599s Simple Backpack, Medium Sized

hotstyle 599s simple backpack, medium sized

This is a great product for college students, especially people like me who are more familiar with carrying around backpacks during their school years.

This backpack was made from water-resistant fabric that you can use every day in all kinds of weather conditions.

It’s got separate pockets for pens, paper, and whatever else you can think of so you don’t have to blindly search through your backpack all the time.

There’s also a special laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 17 inches. If you need all the security and stability that a backpack can offer, this one takes the cake.

The waterproof backpack is not only comfortable enough to hold a lot, but it’s also strong and durable. You can use it for carrying books around campus or even when you travel since it’s waterproof.

The zippers are very reliable in spite of their price. I’m sure most people will fall in love with how safe and easy to carry around this item is due to its padded shoulder straps not to mention that the sturdy handle on top has been molded from lightweight, high-quality plastic.

We really love the fact that there are plenty of space for school supplies, a lunch box, overnight/gym clothes, or tech devices/gadgets for work (or whatever else you may want to store in here), as well as many internal divisions and two outside water bottle holders plus an anti-theft pouch on the back too! It comes with cool designs so take advantage today!

6. Dry CASE BP-35 Masonboro Waterproof 

dry case bp 35 masonboro waterproof 

The DryCASE Waterproof backpack is specifically designed to hold items of importance during any outdoor activity.

With 35 liters of room inside the bag, students who like to bring everything can keep their belongings dry and protected from harsh conditions.

Wrenching material that makes it waterproof is vinyl which has been recycled.

It’s also made with a special lining with a Velcro for any essential compartments that should not be in contact with water, such as books or tablets.

The adjustable strap is padded to ensure users can keep the bag comfortably on their back even if it’s packed with heavy items.

The shoulder strap on the other hand is waterproof which means it’ll keep the rain out so nothing gets soggy when exposed to moisture outside.

This product is lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around when it’s not entirely filled with water. If you’re going on a boat but don’t want to be confined to one place, this backpack will keep your belongings dry for days.

This waterproof backpack is the ultimate go-to for anyone who loves the outdoors. It features an attached rain cover that can keep its contents 100% dry for up to 24 hours.

The rain cover is resistant to natural scratching and fading from sunlight exposure, rain or river water spray, dirt, and even stains from spills.

The bungee cords on this book bag also let you store extra items in case they’re not completely dry. With so many great things going for it and a price to match, this waterproof pouch will be your smartest buy yet.

7. Dakine Mission 25L Backpack

dakine mission 25l backpack

If you’re commuting to school or college for your classes on a skateboard or scooter, then the Dakine Mission backpack is an awesome choice.

It’s a water-resistant laptop backpack that comes fitted with board straps on the front.

The backpack is sizeable, well designed and made from quality materials by a quality brand who produce quality bags usually.

It looks stylish in many colors (but black as well) and it fits padded laptops up to 15 inches in screen size allowing some added room for books and other bits of extra gear.

The design of this bag is pretty basic and simple, to be honest but it doesn’t need anything fancy because it works so well.

And we like textured black which contrasts against most colors anyway. One can see at the top of this backpack that there are two places to secure a piece of equipment if you request them.

For example, if you want to carry a skateboard or a helmet with these straps, go ahead. You can also simply carry other smaller items in these straps, such as a swimming towel.

A well-padded 15-inch laptop sleeve is located at the back of the backpack and should keep your computer safe.

There is also a tablet pocket at the back of the backpack that will keep your tablet or kindle safe while inside and outside.

Other features include fleece-lined pockets, a 25-liter hydration compatible design, and a stowable waist belt for comfort while carrying this backpack all day.



Best Waterproof Backpacks For College. We hope that if you’re a college student looking for a waterproof backpack you found some inspiration here.

With the right features in place, a waterproof backpack can be a great tool to help you keep your things dry and organized whether you’re using it for school or for an outdoor activity.

Even if you’re not a college student, we hope you found some good information here on waterproof backpacks.

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