Best Wheel Brush

Best Wheel Brush. The wheels of your car are really difficult to wash because they come in a variety of finishes and many have intricate designs filled with tiny crevices that are hard to reach.

Do yourself a favor and get a quality wheel brush, this way every inch of your wheels is spotless after a wash, without requiring a significant amount of effort.

As you can imagine there aren’t a whole lot of factors to consider when shopping for a wheel brush.

You’ll just want to make sure the brush features soft bristles that are safe on every finish so that you don’t damage your wheels while cleaning them.

As you know, there aren’t too many factors to consider when shopping for a wheel brush as long as it features soft bristles that won’t affect finishes and which will clean the best.

7 Best Wheel Brush

1. Chemical Guys ACCG08 Wheel Brush

chemical guys accg08 wheel brush

The Chemical Guys ACCG08 Wheel Brush flagged synthetic bristles that reach deep inside the crevices of dirty wheels to scour off dirt with gentle but thorough regularity.

These specially designed flagged bristles get in there between spokes and clean out every last bit of grime they can find while being remarkably gentle on sensitive wheel surfaces.

The long, flagged design allows this brush to reach right up under lug bolts, making it great for cleaning tough-to-reach spots such as nasty summertime mud built up around them on heavily-traveled wheels.

It also works wonders on exhaust tips, fenders, bumper plastics, and shower door tracks. Guaranteed to completely remove even the most stubborn caked-on muck from all those nooks and crannies you would otherwise never have a chance to get at.

 This cleaning tool has an ergonomic handle that is primarily made of hard plastic.

In addition to preventing your hand from being cut or bruised because the handle is designed to prevent that possibility, it can also be used on wheels of all different sizes as a result of its versatility.

The cleaning brush’s bristles will thoroughly clean the wheel without harming them.

2. Adam’s Angled Wheel Detailing Brush

adam's angled wheel detailing brush

With Adam’s Angled Wheel Brush you can clean the spokes behind your wheels in no time.

With the new fiber blend and 45-degree angle, you can clean all the carbon from your exhaust tips.

Available in Small (17″) and Large (19″) sizes. Soft and dense, this brush is made from 100% polypropylene fibers. With soft durable chemical resistant bristles, it cleans well and lasts longer.

Handgrip that won’t slip even in the rain makes full use of its extra-large no-slip surface so you’ll never have a problem brushing or gripping your car or bike.

When you want a clean vehicle, you should ensure that you clean your wheels and tires. You should begin washing your car from the top down before you wash it with a pressure washer or use a foam blaster to clean it with your favorite car wash soap.

In order to help you clean every part of the wheel surface without damaging your hands or knuckles, this wheel cleaning brush should be used.

You can work on wheels with more intense chemicals without worrying that you will damage your brush if you use the new fibers. Washing your wheels will be a piece of cake with the fibers since they hold on to suds quite well.

3. ABN Car Wheel Rim Cleaning Wheel Brush

abn car wheel rim cleaning wheel brush

The ABN® Car Wheel Woolies Brush is uniquely designed to safely clean your vehicle’s wheels, tires, and rims.

This brush is also great for cleaning out any tight spaces that might exist in the wheel wells of your vehicle.

It does not matter if you are trying to clean around hubcaps or other accessories attached to your car’s wheels because this little wonder will easily fit under any set of conditions.

The brush itself won’t crack, break or cause any chipping but it will still provide you with just as good of a clean compared to using traditional brushes and it will save you a lot of time in the process.

Whenever you use the word “wheels” this is the kind of treatment people use on their automobiles – especially new drivers who want their vehicles to look sharp without having to put up much effort at all. Even though this product is made of a super soft material, it still works well with soapy water.

When used regularly and on a regular basis, it can clean out your vehicle in a snap due to its low lint level when wet.

This means clean-up is simple. You don’t just have to rinse but you also have the option of shaking it dry or letting it air dry.

4. Maxshine Microfiber Wheel Brush Kit 3

maxshine microfiber wheel brush kit 3

Maxshine Microfiber Wheel Brush 3-Piece Kit are three car cleaning brushes that are great for removing brake dust and road grime.

The brush can be used to clean hard-to-reach areas such as wheels, and it’s long enough to reach deep into even the largest of wheel wells.

The bristles on the Maxshine Microfiber Wheel Brush 3- Piece kit are big enough for soapy water or degreaser or for paint cleaners.

It can also be used to give your grill a good scrub down, Because of how long and fluffy it is, it is perfect for any tight spot that you need to scrub.

You can easily wash each brush in your dishwasher with no problems at all! Just make sure you take them out before the drying cycle.

This wheel and rim brush is made of premium quality microfiber, which ensures a safe, scratch-free wheel cleaning experience.

The super-soft highly flexible design makes it great for close-up cleaning while densely thickening the tips, ensuring that no dirt or grime gets left behind on your rims, wheels, and tires.

Get different results depending on the size of brush you choose allowing you to achieve a variety of detailing jobs ranging from close-up detail work to bigger detailing jobs like digging dirt out of deep wheel wells.

5. Large Spoke Wheel Brush with Plastic Coated

large spoke wheel brush with plastic coated

Large Spoke Wheel Brush is Wire Core Firm Bristles Natural Tampico bristles twisted in a rubber dipped rust-resistant wire. Has a plain sanded wood handle with a hanger on the end.

Ideal for cleaning between wheels and tires, to remove built-up dirt and road grime from brake dust, not just from your standard washing process.

Also keeps the tires in good condition. Easy-grip plastic handle. Even if you have aftermarket wheels, you most likely spend some money on them and they can get dirty too.

The Large SpokeWheel Brush is designed for reaching between spokes and around rims to remove baked-on brake dust, making it easier to clean as opposed to using household sponges or material.

One thing that stands out about this brush it reaches between narrow gaps without scratching the surface of your shiny new rims.

With a non-rusting handle that’s also made with natural materials that don’t crack or snap apart when bent, this will be the last set of wheels you ever own.

The Large Spoke Wheel Brush is a complete headlight restoration tool that removes oxidation, scratches, and yellowing from aging headlight lenses.

6. Chemical Guys Acc_G01, Wheel Brush

chemical guys acc g01, wheel brush

This premium brush Chemical Guys Acc_G01 is made from 100% synthetic bristles resistant to acids and strong degreasers, meaning you can use this brush with all of your favorite cleaning chemicals.

Unlike brushes that use real horsehair bristles, these bristles are much softer on waxes and sealants when washing your car and won’t soak up all of the chemicals as wool or cotton will.

Compared to natural fibers, synthetic bristles also last longer than natural hair because they simply don’t absorb as much moisture.

The non-slip handle offers secure control while the 20 inches long angled head of this high-quality brush reaches even in hard-to-reach spaces around wheels and engines alike.

Cleaning wheel wells, fender liners, wheels, and tires are easy with the Chemical Guys Acc_G01, Wheel Brush. Unlike paintwork and glass, all-wheel parts need special cleaning equipment.

You can remove embedded dirt, brake dust, and grime using the Chemical Guys Extra Long Wheel & Tire Brush without damaging the wheel finish. Fender liners and undercarriage parts should be cleaned of mud, dirt, and grime.

7. QUIXX 10180 Rim Twister, Cleaning Brush

quixx 10180 rim twister, cleaning brush

The QUIXX Rim Twister is our special tool for cleaning the rims of your car. When it comes to getting rid of stubborn grime and brake dust, no other product can do it better.

You see, there are over 10,000 high-tech brushes that remove dirt quickly.

The brush head itself is made with advanced engineering and features a specific arrangement of bristles that are carefully embedded within to allow you to clean the deepest crevices on your wheels and rims without causing any scratches or scuffs along the way.

This brush is also great for removing messes from many other parts of your vehicle such as grills, side skirts, front spoiler, exhaust systems, headlights, and much more.

We recommend using this tool in combination with one of our cordless screwdrivers or drilling machines.

With its flexible design and multi-use functionality, the QUIXX Rim Twister can help you clean up in a time flat where other cleaning methods would take you much longer.

This rim cleaner features a unique semi-precision steel wheel that quickly loosens stubborn build-up on rims and brake calipers without ever touching them.

Plus, with the QUIXX Rim Twister, you’re getting an effective dual-function tool that not only cleans but protects your coated wheels as well.



When it comes to wheel brushes there are a couple of things to consider. Wheel brush size, wheel brush material, and wheel brush finish are the three main factors.

Wheel brush size deals with the diameter of the wheel brush. Most wheel brushes are either 20” or 24”. Wheel brush material is typically made from either plastic or brass.

Wheel brush finish is dependent on the color of the wheel brush. Some wheel brushes are available in different colors for show or for function.

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