Best yerba mate gourd

Best yerba mate gourd. It may sound fairly easy to find the yerba mate gourd that’s right for you but trust us, it isn’t always. There are a variety of choices when it comes to finding a bellyaching’ good mate gourd.

If you go with traditional calabash gourds, there are a ton of options like size and color as well as engravings or stamps. Some gourds come in glass or metal and some are even designed by artisans. Now, depending on the type that’s right for you, the nuances in your taste will vary with each one.

7 Best yerba mate gourd

1. BALIBETOV yerba mate best yerba mate gourd

Traditional Calabash gourd set is handmade in Argentina from a Natural fruit. A calabash Mate Gourd, a stainless steel Bombils straw, and a cleaning brush are included in the package.

Each piece is a work of art due to the carved design ring rim embellishments. Enjoy the Mate – A Beverage rich in antioxidants and nutrients the original way, with an all-Natural Gourd.

Every one of our Calabash (or pumpkin) Gourds will be completely unique allowing for beautiful and interesting patterns to be formed as it roasts over the open flame.

This makes for an authentic experience when enjoying your Yerba Mate. – Depending on the type of gourd, mate in gourd containers can store anywhere from 5 to 10 oz of liquid.

These  exclusively utilize natural fruits, so there’s no way of knowing how much liquid a gourd can hold in advance. The Bombils straw is the ideal way to enjoy your traditional Mate beverage and a fascinating South American keepsake because it is an artisan-created product made entirely of natural fruit.

The Gourd is glued with the interior of the dry fruit peeling, with each customer being instructed to cure the fruit before use in order to seal the pores and avoid bitterness.

2. Here & Now Yerba Mate Cuphere & now yerba mate cup

For added portability, this package includes BPA-free, leak-resistant lids. It comes with two spill-proof cups from different Brazilian locations, as well as handles and a brush, all of which are designed to help with balance.

Not only will you be supporting a Brazilian company, but these items are also organic and well-designed for on-the-go mate consumption. We adore them, and we hope you do as well.

Fits in most cup holders, allowing you to have a glass of mate while on the road, no matter how bumpy the journey may be. A pouch and a cleaning brush are also available for any additional straws.

It is critical to clear the thoughts and relax for a few moments. Mate Factor is a one-of-a-kind product that will allow you to eat mate in a way that has never been done before.

This groundbreaking Yerba Mate set makes enjoying your favorite drink at home or at work easier than ever.  Yerba mate is a shared experience.

When drinking the naturally caffeinated beverage, one can be certain that they are getting all sorts of essential minerals in their diet like calcium! For many people, this comes as a pleasant surprise – because they can get nutrients without even trying as hard.

3. Yerba Mate Natural Gourd/Tea yerba mate natural gourdtea cup set 

The Yerba Mate Cup is a traditional means of enjoying Mate flavored tea that is used by millions of people all over the world. Mate is high in antioxidants and minerals that can help you feel more energised and focus better.

It may also help you maintain a healthy waistline, improve physical performance, and protect you from illnesses. When using a brown stainless steel Yerba Mate Gourd Tea Set with Cleaning Brush, Yerba Mate is best served.

It makes a great gift for frequent mate drinkers or those who want to try something new like matte tea, especially for seasoned Mate drinkers or those interested in tasting mate for the first time, especially if they want to attempt the traditional technique of making and enjoying it.

Hot liquids stay hotter for longer in double-walled tea cups, and cold drinks stay colder for longer in double-walled tea cups. The two walls of a double walled tea cup are different, with one being leak-proof and the other being airtight.

Not only for Yerba Mate Tea, but also for coffee or any other hot or cold beverage, double-walled tea cups are ideal. As a result, it’s a flexible addition to any kitchenware collection.

4. Gaucho Market Yerba Mate Cup gaucho market yerba mate cup gourd set

The handcrafted mate gourd comes from Argentina’s Calabaza region, and it’s farmed specifically for its “legendaria cineraria.

It goes by the names “mate,” “Puro,” and “Morongo,” all of which are derived from the Quichua language of the Incas, who ruled over one of South America’s largest native empires during pre-Columbian periods. Each mate gourd has a distinct shape that differs slightly from the next.

Green tea is high in antioxidants and important vitamins, and its health benefits have been lauded for ages! When it comes to keeping a person’s body operating, yerba mate turns out to be just as good – if not better – than green tea.

It increases blood flow, which enhances energy levels, strengthens the heart, and is especially helpful at reducing stress. The mate gourd holds 5 oz., the bombils (straw) are 5.5″ (14cm) long and have a replaceable filter, and the yerba mate spoon is 4.5″ long (11 cm.

Gaucho Market guarantees each and every product it sells. If something you bought from us isn’t up to par, please contact us as soon as possible so we can correct the situation or assist you in finding something else that meets your needs.

Its  promise customer satisfaction 100 percent of the time. You can always count on us for assistance if you have any issues that need to be resolved for whatever reason.

Please ensure that you carefully follow our instructions before using the product for the first time, as failure to do so could be harmful or cause damage during installation or everyday use.

5. Kalmateh New Yerba Mate Gourd kalmateh new yerba mate gourd 

There are a few alternatives for finding the perfect gourd for your lover. You can select the yerba mate gourd that most closely resembles your personality.

Is it vital to you, for example, to have something that compliments your décor and appears fashionable? Is it more important for you to have anything created from sustainable or natural resources, or is it not significant at all.

If you prefer a water bottle, would you prefer one that didn’t require coasters to protect your furniture or do they take up too much space.

These milagro mate gourds are ideal for transporting your yerba mate wherever you go! Dishwasher and microwave not recommended.

These  multi-purpose mate gourd cup fits our bombils straw, allowing you to take your mate or drink with you wherever you go.

Its revolutionary yerba mate gourds are intelligently intended to unite traditional mate drinkers with the modern world, since you may consume it as is or make your own infusion and take it with you on the go  A bombils straw and cleaner are also included for straining the yerba mate leaves.

6. Evepure Yerba Mate Gourd Mate Gourd evepure yerba mate gourd mate gourd 

Easy to clean by hand, but not microwavable or dishwasher safe. The yerba mate can be used for a variety of purposes; it is ideal for those who like the traditional matte way of drinking the infusion.

It allows blending and creating your own potions for those looking for some extra kick during the day, as well as anyone who doesn’t want to wait till they get home to quench their thirst since it can be drunk on-the-go Its distinctive gourd shape allows you to carry it in your bag or rucksack at all times.

There are no welding marks and the surface is completely smooth. It has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold while walking. Soft silicone tips that may be removed protect lips and teeth, making it easier to drink cold or hot beverages.

The Mate gourd is ideal for holding a variety of beverages, including wine, champagne, cocktails, beer, coffee, juice, and tea. Because mate is frequently served with biscuits or other delicacies, drinking it is a tradition that draws people together.

The shape of these mate gourds makes them comfortable to grasp, and the lovely brown colour adds to the overall appeal. Their distinctive shape will give your Yerba Mate drinking experience a creative twist.

They may also be useful while on vacations or other outdoor adventures due to their small weight. They’d also make great gifts for your friends, family, and other loved ones.

7. UPGRADED Best yerba mate gourdupgraded best yerba mate gourd

The gourd is a traditional instrument that millions of people throughout the world use to drink Mate flavoured tea. Yerba Mate boosts endurance, immunity, and mental focus.

This Gourd Tea Set comes with two traditional bombil straws and a cleaning brush, so you can make delicious Mate in any situation! We hope you enjoy more time relaxing at home or on-the-go with your new Gourd Tea Set from.

This Yerba Mate Cup is made of double-walled stainless steel and is suitable for both hot and cold liquids. It maintains your desired temperature.

This Yerba Mate Cup can also be used with coffee or any other hot or cold beverage. The sides are perforated, allowing the natural flavors to pervade the water.

This tea cup is simple to use and even simpler to clean because each portion is independent from the others, allowing it to be tossed in the dishwasher for a fast rinse and you’re ready to enjoy your mate.


Best yerba mate gourd. We hope you enjoyed our blog. As we mentioned before, the Calabash gourd is a traditional gourd that was originally used in South America. We hope that you were able to learn about this unique gourd and find out more about the culture surrounding it.