Britney Spears Alleges Assault by Victor Wembanyama’s Security Guard

By Loura

Britney Spears, the celebrated pop icon, recently expressed her dismay as she shared a chilling encounter with the security personnel of French basketball sensation, Victor Wembanyama, in the heart of Las Vegas.

Security Altercation at Aria Hotel

A rather unsettling situation unfolded at Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, as local law enforcement confirmed their involvement in a battery investigation.

According to the Las Vegas police, they responded to an incident at the hotel, though no arrests or citations were forthcoming.

Spears Relives The Trauma on Social Media

Taking to her social media handles, Spears described the incident as a deeply “traumatic experience”, an occurrence that caught her off guard.

The 19-year-old basketball prodigy, Wembanyama, explained that he was unaware of the exact situation, only knowing that an individual was shoved.

Wembanyama’s Las Vegas Visit Before NBA Debut

The highly anticipated NBA draft pick, Wembanyama, was in Las Vegas in preparation for his first Summer League match. The event took place during his visit to a restaurant located within the Aria Hotel on South Las Vegas Boulevard.

Britney’s Attempt to Congratulate Wembanyama Turns Sour

Britney Spears expressed her disappointment after an alleged encounter with a security guard for Victor Wembanyama, this year’s top NBA draft selection.

She recollected spotting Wembanyama in her hotel lobby, attempting to extend her congratulations on his recent achievements.

However, her intention was met with a severe rebuke as she alleges that a security guard struck her in the face.

Spears’ Recollection of The Incident

Spears shared her ordeal, explaining how a tap on Wembanyama’s shoulder led to a forceful response from the security personnel, which allegedly caused her glasses to fall off and almost toppled her over.

The San Antonio Spurs’ new addition, Wembanyama, recounted the incident differently, stating someone attempted to seize his attention by grabbing him from the back, leading to the security’s intervention. Threads

Spears Addresses Wembanyama’s Statements

Spears refuted Wembanyama’s version of the event, insisting that she merely tapped him on his shoulder. She went on to criticize the over-aggressive reaction of the security personnel, comparing it to her own security team’s more restrained approach when dealing with eager fans. Her statement to CBS News further revealed the incident took place around 11 p.m.

Spears Shares Incident to Highlight Need for Respect and Non-Violence

Despite finding the incident “super embarrassing,” Spears felt it necessary to share her experience to highlight the need for respect, even in public life, and to condemn physical violence. She used this platform to show solidarity with victims of violence and advocate for a more respectful approach.

Awaiting an Apology

Spears expressed that she has yet to receive a public apology from Wembanyama, his security guard, or the San Antonio Spurs, further adding to the unresolved tension around this unsettling event in Las Vegas.