Consumer reports best flashlights

Consumer reports best flashlights. A handheld flashlight may seem like an old technology, but advancements in flashlights have made them these days much more useful for tasks than ever before.

These battery-operated devices which help you see in the dark are used these days not just for emergencies, but also for everyday needs like checking on your kids or letting yourself in when you’re locked out of your room. They aren’t just brighter and more convenient; they’re smaller, too.

It’s important to be prepared for anything when you’re out and about, whether it’s getting together with some friends after work or enjoying a hike in the woods on weekends.

For example, if you live in an area where blackouts are common, you should make sure that you have an adequate flashlight – because there are times like this when even candles (while they tend to be quite handy) aren’t quite strong enough.

Consumer reports best flashlights

1. COAST® POLYSTEEL® 600 Focusing LED Flashlightconsumer reports best flashlights

The new Paracordz line exemplifies the ultimate flashlight for anyone who works or plays in rough-and-tough environments.

The Paracord 600 flashlight is designed for extreme durability, with Coast’s trademark Pure Beam feature.

It’s unique from the inside out, as it comes with a tough, 550 paracord inner-casing that’s wrapped in a grip textured nylon polymer outer-casing that also comes with a built-in emergency whistle and can be removed so you have access to your core inner-casing if need be.

This special design enables the lights to withstand whatever comes their way, from being plunged into the water to drops from high up. Using 4 X AA batteries, you will get a runtime of up to 40 hours on low.

The tough exterior and Ultra View Flood & Bulls-Eye Spot Beam technology ensure that your light maintains its quality in harsh conditions. 710 Lumens and a maximum beam distance of 810 feet – this Polysteel 600 combines durability with our newest technology.

2. iProtec Chameleon II Flashlight, High-Powered Flashlightiprotec chameleon ii flashlight, high powered flashlight

iProtec Flashlight, High-Powered. By designing expertly and painstakingly constructing iProtec lights, the company has come up with a compact, easy-to-use device that will illuminate any dark environment in your vicinity.

Featuring a strobe mode as well as different colored lights designed to create the ideal ambiance in any situation red, green, or white using 150 lumens of power.

iProtec Chameleon II Flashlight, High-Powered Flashlight. Made with durable aircraft-grade aluminum, the Chameleon II is impact-resistant (1 meter) and can last for many years without showing any wear and tear.

It has four lighting modes: low, medium, high and SOS. And it features a hands-free magnetic base and steel belt/ pocket clip.

This high-powered flashlight comes equipped with 150-lumens of white LED light, 65-lumens of green LED light, and 15- lumens of red LED light.

You can select between 4 lighting modes: 150 lumens white light, 65 lumens green led, 15 lumens red, or a 150-lumen flickering mode.

The body is made out of the aircraft-grade aluminum constructed body that’s both impact resistant and shock absorbent. It has a hands-free magnetic base and features a steel belt/pocket clip for convenient portability.

3. Coast XP11R Rechargeable Dual Power LED Flashlightcoast xp11r rechargeable dual power led flashlight

Coast’s XP11R Rechargeable LED Flashlight features a dual power alternative, an included USB cable and standard light modes to help you get through those seldom-used late nights.

This flashlight offers up to 2100 lumens of bright white light, which is enhanced by Coast’s signature Turbo Mode without the need for any additional parts, keeping your equipment lightweight and easy to carry at all times.

Coast XP11R Rechargeable Dual Power Pocket Flashlight. This battery-operated flashlight comes with a portable ZITHION-X rechargeable battery and is compatible with all Coast Extreme Performance alkaline batteries as well as other, non-brand name options.

That way you don’t have to compromise on performance when choosing rechargeable or use more expensive types of batteries.

The COAST XP11R is a professional multi-beam flashlight that produces ultra-bright light and four modes of lighting which is perfect for nighttime searches as it comes with a maximum output of 2100 lumens so it’s bright enough to cut through the darkest darkness that you have ever seen.

It only weighs up to 6 ounces, so there is no reason you shouldn’t pick this up for your everyday adventures. If you are in search of convenience, then the COAST XP11R is by far one of our most convenient flashlights but keep in mind that this product does come at an expensive price point.

4. EVEREADY LED Flashlight Multi-Pack, Brighteveready led flashlight multi pack, bright

Super Bright, Durable Flashlights is a MUST-HAVE item in your home. These multi-packs come with 4 durable flashlights that everyone can use.

They’re made of super-strong aluminum alloy and have been designed to provide you with long-lasting use.

The LED bulbs never require replacement and conveniently turn on when the sliding switch is moved. Plus, the ribbed casing gives you a secure, easy-grip; Easy-to-operate, no-hassle switch.

Great for children who need a flashlight for reading or going to the bathroom late at night or for adults needing an easy way to illuminate hard-to-reach areas.

This Emergency LED Flashlight comes with batteries to power it on straight away so you’re never left waiting.

The flashlight itself can be used around the home to ensure you will always have power and light when you need it like in emergency situations or power outages as well as during any other lights out emergency they make great gifts too.

5. Eveready LED Floating Lantern Flashlighteveready led floating lantern flashlight

The Eveready LED Floating Lantern Flashlight floats so it’s easy to find in the water and is great for fun at the beach or by the pool.

It’s also handy for emergencies just in case of storms or hurricanes. This sturdy, waterproof flashlight comes with 3 D batteries and holds 4 D batteries for extra power.

The Eveready LED Floating Lantern Flashlight has all of the things you want in a flashlight. First and foremost it’s extremely bright, with light beams shining up to four times more intensely than industry-standard flashlights.

Three easy-to-replace batteries can hold a charge for up to 400 hours, an impressive feat that means this lantern will be there for you whenever you need it.

It also features an ergonomic handle that makes carrying it around as simple as can be and built-in hanging loops allow for easy storage on your boat or inside your tent. There’s no doubt that this flashlight is one of the best around.

The Eveready Floating Lantern Flashlight is a great option if you like to take your flashlights with you when you go on picnics, hikes, or even to the beach.

It comes with easy-to-change batteries and can provide up to 48 continuous hours of light from just two D batteries. To increase battery life, consider also getting additional D batteries for this flashlight.

6. Duracell Ultra 550 Lumens Aluminum Flashlight duracell ultra 550 lumens aluminum flashlight 

Duracell Ultra 550 Lumens LED Flashlight. Duracell Ultra AAA LED Flashlights to include three ultra-bright flashlights that give you the option of 5 settings to fit your needs with two hours of battery life on high and seven hours on low.

Rechargeable through any USB port, each flashlight is ultra-slim and lightweight so you can easily slip it in a backpack or purse for safekeeping, it’s also weatherproof so they’re perfect for outdoor activities.

Duracell Ultra flashlight by Duracell. 550 Lumens available in Aluminium. Flashlight emits 130 meters of bright white light and lasts two hours on a single AAA battery. Brightness can also be reduced to 100 lumens for up to 7 hours if not needed at full capacity.

Flashing mode available for convenient use in any situation including emergencies or late night use, available for 3 AAA batteries included when you order online.

7. LE LED Flashlight LE1000 High Lumensle led flashlight le1000 high lumens

Our LED flashlight is very easy to carry with you, weighing less than 4.2 inches, and extremely compact in size with a diameter of 1.2 inches. It easily fits in your jeans or pants pockets and even smaller handbags or purses too.

You can light up an entire room, hallways, and long corridors easily with its LED beam that is 482 feet long when you shine it on something.

The super bright 140-lumen light shines for a full 55 minutes while being so power-saving as it uses only one AA battery that you can recharge as often as needed without worrying about the cost of new batteries.

This flashlight from Impact is made with premium aluminum, which is resistant to rust and corrosion. The lamp can narrow or widen its light beam thanks to the head-pulling zoom.

You can get a focused spot beam or a spread spotlight by adjusting the focus and getting a spotlight or flood beam that you need.

8. STREAMLIGHT Consumer reports best flashlightsconsumer reports best flashlight

The deep-dish parabolic reflector is matte black in color and a barrel band helps protect the flashlight from minor bumps and scratches.

This flashlight includes a flashlight and battery as well as two chargers to keep it ready for any situation: one for AC adaptors/outlets and another for DC vehicles/vehicle batteries. And lastly, there’s an extra battery included too.

A rechargeable flashlight like the Streamlight offers you 3 levels of lighting plus a strobe. The C4 LED has an incredibly long 50,000 hour lifetime and never needs to be replaced.

Best of all, the PiggyBack charger/holder can not only charge your flashlight but can also charge an extra battery simultaneously.

This light is made out of tough machined aluminum and features a nonslip rubber grip so you know that it’s built to last despite being strong enough to withstand abuse.


Consumer reports best flashlights. With so many locations out there and so many different reasons for needing a flashlight, it is a good idea to have one that is reliable and easy to use. If you are looking for a flashlight that will last for a long time and be able to handle whatever you need it to, check out the flashlights at you can check out the flashlights.

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