Consumer reports best mattress for heavy person

Consumer reports best mattress for heavy person. Mattresses vary in thickness, firmness, and material composition, making them more comfortable for people with different body types.

If you weigh more than 230 pounds, a medium-firm mattress with few cushioning layers and strong support may be the most comfortable for you.

Having said that, mattress preferences are entirely subjective. We make broad recommendations based on feedback from sleepers of various weights, but ultimately, you are the best judge of which bed is most comfortable for your body.

Hundreds of mattress sets for larger-than-average-sized people have passed through our testing facility. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, our team of experts has narrowed down a list of options worth considering.

We considered how well each model suited to heavy people, as well as their performance in various mattress-based tests such as edge support, pressure relief, testing focus, and so on.

We then ranked the top ten products based on the feedback and ratings provided by testers like you who weigh more than 230 pounds.

Consumer reports best mattress for heavy person

1. Novilla Queen Size Mattressconsumer reports best mattress for heavy person

Novilla is the best memory foam mattress because of its superior four-layer all-foam construction.

This top layer contains gel-infused memory foam, which helps keep the body temperature cool, as well as egg crate foam, which improves ventilation across the entire memory foam surface.

This Novilla mattress is finished with a soft cotton fabric cover that improves overall breathability and makes nightly sleep more comfortable.

The Novilla 12″ gel memory foam medium firm queen size mattress provides the right amount of support regardless of how you sleep.

The 4-layer design keeps your partner’s movements from causing havoc, while your head, neck, and spine are perfectly aligned every time you lay back down.

Whether you sleep alone or in a queen-sized bed with your partner, this special mattress will be the ultimate upgrade for you and your body by improving the quality of your sleep and preventing premature sagging.

The mattress is made of CertiPUR-U Certified foam, which has no harmful off-gassing or substances such as formaldehyde, mercury, or other heavy metals.

The skin-friendly rayon fabric used for the bed mattress cover is heavenly soft to the touch. Novilla’s queen size memory foam mattress offers a healthier, cloud-like experience.

2. Sleep Innovations Marley Cooling Gel Memorysleep innovations marley cooling gel memory

This 8-inch memory foam mattress is a Queen size, making it ideal for larger people or adults who prefer to sleep close to their partners.

When sleeping, the gel memory foam top layer and supportive center help to relieve pressure points.

The Marley mattress’s medium and medium-firm options feature a triple layer design with airflow channels in the middle to maintain a comfortable environment without causing uncomfortable temperature changes elsewhere on the bed, so you’ll always feel warm all throughout.

We’ve got you covered, whether you’re a padouk or a zoologist. We’ve got plenty of options for every type of sleeper, including those who sleep on the plane, in their headphones, and are all about the bass.

The Marley mattresses are made in both the United States and Mexico. They are hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified to provide you with high-quality foams that comprise our memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows, allowing you to get the rest you deserve.

We provide high-quality mattresses at reasonable prices. We don’t believe that customers should have to overspend to get a mattress that will provide exceptional support and comfort for years to come.

As a result, we stock our inventory with high-quality mattresses from well-known brands as well as our own private label items. The latter provides the highest level of customer satisfaction.

3. Sweetnight 12 Inch Queen Size Mattress in Boxsweetnight 12 inch queen size mattress

The Sweetnight mattress is a three-in-one mattress with a comfort layer and a support layer.

The top comfort layer is made up of four individually wrapped “inch gel memory foam with high memory quality, which keeps the sleeper cool at night and relieves back pain.

The support layer is made up of two layers “inch memory foam and base foam to provide you with unparalleled comfort.

We did our best to make this mattress as perfect as possible so that you wake up feeling better. Give it a shot with a free trial period of 100 days.

The queen-size mattress is made of advanced foam. For the best level of support, there are four layers and three zones that adapt to the size, shape, and weight of different bodies.

It assists in proper body alignment by relieving pressure in a cooling manner that is comfortable enough for a deeper sleep. This mattress is intended for people who have back pain and has a good medium feel.

Consider the gel memory foam mattress, which has 12 inches of plushness and comfort on its side and is made with specially designed support to fit your queen-sized bed.

The foam core’s dual air cells provide balanced support while eliminating bumps and dips to provide even pressure relief. Furthermore, this gel bed can be used as both a mattress and a mode of transportation.

4. Jacia House King Mattress 11.4 Inches Pillow jacia house king mattress 11.4 inches pillow

The Jacia House 11.4 Inch Hybrid Mattress features an optimized innerspring layer of individually wrapped coils, a 2.6-inch memory foam layer, and a premium 1-inch pillow top for the superior comfort you require for your ideal sleeping environment.

Jacquie House is a memory foam mattress with a pillow top in the shape of a house.

This Memory Foam Mattress has individually wrapped innerspring coils for added comfort and equal weight distribution by conforming to your body’s curves.

Allowing you to sleep soundly without tossing and turning from pressure points or sleep disruptions from motion isolation thanks to its motion transfer control design.

The Pillow Top allows you to sleep comfortably whenever and wherever you want. It’s soft and squishy. We combine comfort with anti-fireproof design by using premium materials and a high-tech concept. You will have fresh air and a pleasant view in your home or office.

The mattress is shipped compressed and rolled, so it takes up less space on the delivery truck and arrives sooner. Because a mattress pad does not require a box spring, it is not included.

Customers may require up to three days for their new mattress to fully expand, depending on the temperature of the room to which it is delivered.

Cold weather or an overly crowded space during the expansion period are two other factors that will affect decompression time.

There are no additional shipping charges as a result of this delivery method – all applicable shipping rates apply regardless of whether the item arrives fully expanded or takes longer to expand.

5. Inofia Twin Mattress, 12 Inch Hybrid Innerspring inofia twin mattress, 12 inch hybrid

If you’re going to unfold the mattress from its plastic wrap, proceed with caution. It’s possible that you’ll end up smacking people nearby with it.

The 7 zoned individual encased coils are located at the mattress’s core.

Multi-layers of CertiPUR-US certified comfort foam are laid on top. This hybrid mattress is slightly bouncy while also conforming to your body for targeted pressure relief, providing many people with a balanced sleep experience.

The cover is made of a soft dual-layered fabric that divides it into two comfortable layers.

The top layer has open holes that allow air to flow through the mattress and directly onto your body, lowering the temperature around you and allowing you to sleep comfortably.

The side mesh promotes heat dissipation, allowing you to sleep even cooler. Through its breathable design, independent coils keep the bottom layer lifted away from a flat surface, allowing air to flow freely under your body to release any heat produced during sleep. You’ll never be overheated next to this bed mattress.

This twin-sized mattress outperforms a traditional innerspring mattress. It is better at isolating motion and producing less noise.

It is known to have a longer lifespan on average if it is made of high-quality materials. In addition to these features, the edge support has been improved to prevent sleepers from rolling off or sliding out of the bed during the night.

6. Zinus 12 Inch Consumer reports best mattress for heavy person

consumer report best mattress for heavy person

Our unique recipe for never-ending sleep. Infused with refreshing green tea and moisture-absorbing ActivCharcoal, this pressure-relieving memory foam cradles your shape and helps you cope with pain.

The mattress is made up of 3 inches of high-density conforming memory foam, 2 inches of soft, airflow-enhancing comfort foam, and 7 inches of durable base support foam.

It is a great combination of memory foam (pressure-relieving) that works well with side sleepers or small/average-weight bed partners.

Each mattress is vacuum packed, rolled, and compressed before being placed in a single box.

The box delivery method allows us to efficiently deliver our mattresses directly to your bedroom, saving you the trouble of attempting to carry a heavy mattress into your home.

Simply unbox and unroll this mattress, and it will expand to its original shape in 72 hours.

The Worry-free 10-year limited warranty is one example of a claim that has been tested by the Federal Trade Commission, which concluded that consumers saw greater value with this unique “try and buy” approach.


Is there a weight limit for a mattress?

Most mattresses are designed to support up to 250 pounds, so make sure the mattress can properly support your body and does not sag over time.

Does body weight affect mattress?

The amount of pressure you apply to a mattress is determined by your body weight. As a result, the bed’s comfort suffers.

For example, while a firm mattress may be too firm for a lighter sleeper, it may be the ideal balance of pressure relief and support for a heavier person.


Consumer reports best mattress for heavy person. Choosing the best mattress for your needs can be difficult. We want to make the process of selecting a new mattress as simple as possible for you here at Sleepys. We’ve put together a Mattress Buying Guide to help you make the best decision. This guide will assist you in comprehending the differences between mattress types and materials.

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