Consumer reports engagement rings

Consumer reports engagement rings. To pair the idea of fashion with something that’s long-lasting and timeless, like an engagement ring, can seem counterintuitive. After all, the former is usually thought of as being cut short and often fleeting, while the latter is equated with longevity.

But in reality, everyone’s tastes vary because what’s classic to one individual may seem out-of-date for another. That’s why it feels like a worthy undertaking to learn about the trends predicted for engagement rings by 2022; doing so provides an opportunity to expand your knowledge about trends in general and gain a deeper appreciation for your personal style palate.

An oval-cut engagement ring in a rose gold setting. It’s been said that diamonds are forever and while they do represent the classic side of engagement rings, modern trends lean towards more interesting shapes such as ovals and emeralds because they appeal to different preferences. If you want to be unique and start a conversation then this is the best design for you.

Consumer reports engagement rings

1. Amazon Collection Platinum or Gold Plated Sterling Silver consumer reports engagement rings

To remind you of the love you’ve found and the power of an infinite bond, this sparkling wedding ring set is crafted in precious platinum with a high polish finish.

With dazzling 7.5×4.5mm Asscher-cut Infinite Elements Cubic Zirconia surrounded by a double halo of round brilliant cut stones, it makes a romantic style statement certain to please today’s dazzling divas.

This fine jewelry arrives in a designer box. Set upon a cushioned bed, the ring showcases its dazzling brilliance from every angle making it perfect for showing off on your big day or any other occasion to express your enduring commitment.

A collection of Amazon products. This item runs a little large, so those between sizes should round down. Each of these silver pieces is designed to last for years to come. There is a metal plating or flashing on this piece, but it can wear off over time and with heavy use.

Store your plated items in a dark, cool, and dry place, like a pouch or an airtight box, to maintain their longevity. It is a good idea to place some soft fabric between items to prevent them from touching each other.

Touching items together can result in color fading or dullness over time. Avoid exposure to cleaning products or perfumes. If you ever want to have your jewelry replated again, your local jeweler should know where you can send it.

2. Gold Plated Sterling Silver Round 3-Stone Ringgold plated sterling silver round 3 stone ring

This 3 stone ring is a sterling silver prong set with Cubic Zirconia, featuring a classic design. This ring measures 5mm in width and is platinum plated.

It makes for a classic piece of jewelry that would come in handy on the wedding day or for any other event or occasion you could think of.

Diamond-like Cubic Zirconia bears the same brilliance and clarity as to their diamond counterparts, but at a more reasonable price.

In terms of cubic zirconia, this particular type is fairly popular among jewelry consumers who are looking to save money while still presenting themselves elegantly.

You should measure your ring size before ordering as this item tends to run large. It is best suited to those who are currently within the lower half of the given size range.

We hope you enjoy this brand-new piece of jewelry! The design was handcrafted to high-quality standards. We’re always looking for manufacturing partners who handle our supplies responsibly, making every effort to use sustainable resources and socially-responsible providers whenever possible.

3. Swarovski Zirconia 7-Stone Round-Cutswarovski zirconia 7 stone round cut

7-Stone Round-Cut Ring with CZ Stones – Sterling Silver plated in Platinum – Product description: 5 sizes. 7 stones. The color is white.

With its brilliance and clarity, cubic zirconia is an affordable alternative to diamonds and a popular jeweler’s stone for a wide range of jewelry designs.

Each cubic zirconia is just like a diamond in that they both have an unchallenged brilliance and clarity.

Cubic Zirconia are a fun way to get an affordable alternative if you’re in the market for some beautiful jewelry as these will stand up to everyday wear.

To get value out of your investments in jewelry, make sure to keep them in a dark, cool, and dry environment. It’s best for their longevity if you avoid rubbing plated items against one another.

Do your best to ensure that they don’t come into contact with cleaning solutions or perfume as these can both create problems for vintage jewelry. Your local jeweler can advise you on where you should send your pieces to be replated if this becomes necessary.

4. Kobelli Moissanite and Lab Grown Diamondkobelli moissanite and lab grown diamond

The classic Solitaire Engagement Ring set with a large center stone is set alongside two side diamonds on either side to give it a more modern streamline feel.
The ring’s white glow resembles the brilliance of the full moon and will make any stone look twice as big.
The size makes this setting perfect for any type of rock, whether that be natural or lab-grown. This design is ethically manufactured in Los Angeles, California by Kobelli, who are dedicated to complete transparency with their production.
The diamond engagement ring features a tension set solitaire lab-created Moissanite center stone surrounding two rows of side stones placed in a prong setting.
The side gems are color graded at an illuminating DEF, the highest possible grade from the GIA, and cut to an incredibly high quality of round brilliant. Every single gem is unclouded, ideally shaped, and finely polished to perfection with facets to maximize brilliance.

5. 14K White Gold Classic Engagement Ring 14k white gold classic engagement ring 

14K White Gold Classic Engagement Ring. Its classic round brilliant cut ring adds the perfect touch of elegance to any outfit.

The 0.50-carat total weight Cubic Zirconias are bezel set in a beautiful classic design ring made out of 14K white gold and make it the perfect piece you’ll definitely want to wear every day as it sparkles with a timeless shine.

Her eyes sparkled every time she looked down at her hands and saw the gleaming brilliance of this gorgeous 14 karats white gold engagement ring.

At 3 grams, it was the perfect weight for her to wear day in and day out. She would get compliments on it every single time she raised her hand to give a high five or wash the dishes after dinner.

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring. Round cut, 6.5mm diameter, color F-G, VVS-VS Clarity. 30 pieces of 0.50-carat total weight cubic zirconia side stones.

Crafted out of top-quality cubic zirconium and precision cut resulting in superior brilliance; the Cubic Zirconia engagement ring weighs 3 grams together and are crafted out of 14 karats white gold. Perfect engagement ring to wear every day or when traveling around the world! Includes a signature gift box.

6. SWAROVSKI Women’s Attract Round Ring Collectionswarovski women's attract round ring collection

The sparkles of this designer ring reflect the light like diamonds in the sky to leave an aura that is so reminiscent of a fairytale as only Swarovski crystals can achieve.

Attract is one of Swarovski’s most popular lines because it features a contemporary feel that attracts attention and has an eye-catching appeal.

The crystal bands in this line might be finished with rhinestones, either attached or superimposed on the band, creating an edgy look that is both elegant and festive.

Swarovski jewelry achieves a brilliance that can last for many years as long as the jewels are maintained with simple care practices.

The product will tarnish when exposed to water and other liquids, so it’s important to first remove it before knowing contact with any of those substances. Also, make sure to polish the clean item by using a lint-free cloth.

​This piece is a classic display of elegance, yet it still has that hint of edge. It will stand out without taking away from your other accessory choices for the day.

You can wear it to accent other pieces or on its own, either way, it will be sure to catch people’s eyes as they might ask questions about what kind of material it is and how did someone create such a simple design.

7. Moss agate engagement Best Selling Natural Moss moss agate engagement best selling natural moss 

The contrast between the rose gold plating over sterling silver makes this ring visually exude energy, while the moss agate gemstone brings in its own exotic touch of style and sophistication.

Materials this ring is crafted from 925 sterling silver. The piece has been proven to be hypoallergenic and contact allergy-safe after rigorous testing under contact dermatitis conditions. It is also nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and nonimmunogenic.

Ideal gifts for your lover the ring comes in a gift box which is perfect for any gift-giving or proposal occasion.

Great gifts for women, gifts for mom, gifts for mother-in-law, gifts for wife, gifts for daughter, gifts for aunt, and a great valentine’s day gift as well.

All our rings are handcrafted by jewelry designers who possess years of experience in their field.

Because we want to be sure that you are a satisfied customer, we offer you a 30 Days return policy which means that if for any reason within these 30 days you change your mind and would like another ring of a different style or with different specifications, you can send the original back to us and get an exchange.

8. Peora Moissanite Consumer reports engagement ringsconsumer reports engagement ring

Have a never-ending engagement with your significant other by slipping on this extravagant Sterling Silver bridal ring set.

Designed with a glittering center stone of Peora Moissanite, Cushion Cut, 2 Carat, 7mm, bright D-E color, VVS Clarity, within Basket Set setting.

Accented in all the right places with white Cubic Zirconia stones to give that added glitzy look and feel.

Moissanite is a very hard stone and because of that, it is also referred to as the “diamond alternative”. It measures 9.25 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively easy to wear.

The Peora Moissanites are beautiful with high-quality cut, color, and clarity for maximum scintillation. Experience fine jewelry by Peora – not only a heritage of authenticity but a promise of exceptional quality as well. All Sterling Silver Jewelry comes in a gift box and is hallmarked and stamped with 925.


Consumer reports engagement rings. With the right planning, however, it is possible to create a wedding day that’s as memorable as the engagement ring itself. And the engagement ring, in turn, can become even more meaningful if it’s seen as a symbol that represents a couple’s love, commitment, and unity.

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