Consumer reports food processor

Consumer reports food processor. Controlling the kitchen can save you tons of hands-on prep time. A food processor equipped with a sharp, multipurpose blade is capable of chopping and grinding almost any ingredient, thus freeing your valuable time to cook or eat.

Some of its uses include chopping onions for stock, grinding nuts for fresh peanut butter, and grinding graham crackers for a pie crust. It can also be used to mince herbs, puree baby food and emulsify dressings.

When it comes to food processors, your options are many. The majority of them though all produce the same effect in some form or another with the main difference being that some do the job better than others and come with extra features for a price.

To find out which food processor trumps all others, we bought and tested 11 different models across a wide consumer spectrum.

Consumer reports food processor

1. Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopperconsumer reports food processor

The attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl and helps keep ingredients closer to the blade when chopping or pureeing, so you don’t need any extra tools to scrape down the sides of your bowl.

Since it can fit large quantities of foods, such as a whole block of cheese, the 10 cup bowl can handle large volumes without having to stop to empty it.

Thus, you won’t need to spend much time chopping up things, saving you time, and thus saving you money.

The versatility of a food processor, food chopper, and vegetable chopper model RX1081RD comes with a reversible slicing/shredding disc for thin or thick slices and shreds, as well as with an attached chopping/mixing disc for finely chopped veggies or coarse doughs.

Food processors can give you the control needed for a wide variety of recipes with their low and high speeds plus pulse. Included components: S-Blade for chopping, slicing, blending, and mixing.

2. Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processorbreville bfp800xl sous chef 16 pro food processor

Breville Sous Chef 16 Professional Food Processor with 3.8L large bowl and 600 ml small processor. It comes with 3 multipurpose discs and 5 blades, you can use the food processor to chop, slice marinate, grate and puree.

With the super-wide feed chute, you don’t have to worry about cutting fruits or vegetables into thin pieces anymore because they will be immediately cut into two pieces making your prep time quicker and easier.

The LCD display has a clock and timer function so you can add time to your meals. 110-120 volts is the power needed for this to work so make sure you have an outlet that’s near you and works.

The storage box for accessories can be placed either horizontally or vertically based on the size of the space you have.

Stainless steel blades are part of this since they are super sharp at cutting vegetables. A plastic spatula is definitely not advised because it can melt into the food while cooking.

If you’re turning nuts into nut butter, perfectly slicing carrots or another chopping, dicing, shredding, or mixing, this workhorse knife is perfect for slicing and dicing raw veggies and fruit and everything in between.

With 3 feed chute options and 8 precision tools, you can match the Chef with your unique kitchen needs as well as delight your dinner guests with savory dishes.

3. Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Food Processorcuisinart dlc 10syp1 food processor

As we all know, while cooking, particularly if you’re a chef or a restaurant manager; it’s easy to overthink things.

There will always be something holding the recipe back from being great. However, Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef 16 Pro Food Processor can help to make the cooking process smoother and enjoyable with its number of pulse feature options and full-sized stainless steel blade.

The Cuisinart Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor comes with a 600-watt motor platform that enables it to offer a variety of functions such as slicing, shredding, and mixing.

This versatile food processor system offers multiple blade choices including a dough blade for homemade pasta dough. Check out our price comparison app so that you can compare the features of potentially identical products from top retailers in one place before purchasing a product online or going to a shop nearby your area.

The extra-large feed tube of this food processor/vegetable chopper allows it to slice or chop up whole fruits and vegetables with ease.

There is also a pulse button that one can use to give the food chopper more control over the speed at which the blades chop or process ingredients. The power base on the bottom of this processor blends, chops, purees, and slices with dishwasher-safe parts so it’s incredibly easy to clean up after use.

4. Cuisinart DFP-14WGY 14-Cup Food Processorcuisinart dfp 14wgy 14 cup food processor

The Food Processor has three different blades: a shredding disc, a slicing disc, and a chopping blade. The shredding disc creates evenly sized strands in seconds for optimal blending of ingredients like cabbage for coleslaw or carrots for carrot cake.

The slicing disc slices through tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, yams, and other foods in mere seconds for fresh salsa or potato salad to be enjoyed by a company coming over tonight or a family dinner tomorrow night.

Now that you have the shredded and sliced vegetables ready, use the chopping blade to chop them up fine enough to make a delicious homemade relish to serve with your pork roast later tonight.

With these three tools all in one machine you’ll be saving time, money, and food that would otherwise go into the trash right along with it.

Not only are you saving more food from being wasted but also providing your family with healthier options while creating delicious meals they are sure to love.

This is a large-capacity food processor that makes cooking all kinds of recipes much easier. Whether you’re trying to make something basic on a weeknight, or if you’re looking to make enough servings to have some leftovers for later, this will likely help speed the process up.

Most recipes should be able to fit into the included 14-cup bowl but if there is one issue you find with it, don’t worry since it comes with an extra-large feed tube and even dishwasher-safe parts so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it yourself manually.

5. KitchenAid 3.5-Cup Food Chopper, mediumkitchenaid 3.5 cup food chopper, medium

A small blender to keep at home that effortlessly blends ingredients into useful homemade products such as pesto and meal plans.

The size of the product along with the handle and cord makes it easy to store under a kitchen cabinet or in a closet. It’s dishwasher safe for quick clean-up.

3.5-Cup Food Chopper, Matte Black, KitchenAid. Its included drizzle basin makes it easy to incorporate liquids for sauces and dressings while creating a variety of foods at 2 speeds and a pulse button so you can achieve coarse or fine results. You can create chunky salsas, creamy hummus, smooth sauces, and tasty dressings.

This powerful, 3.5 Cup Food Chopper from Hamilton Beach is a real kitchen workhorse! Whether you want to save time on meal prep, get creative in the kitchen or experience a healthy lifestyle, this handy appliance will come in very handy.

6. ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manualzyliss easy pull food chopper and manual

Powerful BPA-Free Food Chopper for Blending and Salsa This portable food chopper is perfect for travel, small kitchens, RVs, camping, and more.

The multi-blade design quickly blends ingredients in seconds. Booster arms on the top of the bowl keep food from sticking. Hand-powered pull design is great for easy serving; makes salsa in minutes with no need for a blender or electricity.

The Zyliss isn’t your typical chopper or food processor. It’s the first of its kind to feature an extraordinary patented Swiss design blade that cuts through even the toughest foods with ease, like carrots and other hard foods.

With its large 25 oz bowl, this handy tool chops, blends, and purees all at one time easily squeezing out every last drop for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Best of all is its multi-functional power arm that optimizes food processing performance giving you a uniform chop when using its two speeds high & low.

7. KitchenAid Consumer reports food processorconsumer report food processor

Simple Controls that include a High, Low, and Pulse function for better results. It has three-speed options to choose from. In terms of performance, you’ll be impressed.

Especially if you’re new in the kitchen and looking for something with great features that allows you to make a variety of shapes and sizes like emulsified sauces or dressings with added flavor enhancements.

The 2-in-1 feed tube located on the lid is perfect for any kind of ingredients be they sharp like carrots or soft like strawberries.

Plus, there’s an oil drizzle opening within a small pusher specifically meant for oiling up salad ingredients like cucumbers before mixing so as to add extra flavor without the need for more oiling once the salad has been prepared.

Cuisinart makes it easy to chop and whip with the Cup-to-Grip blade handle that combines all the conveniences of a standard food processor into one cup. The technology behind Cuisinart’s patented, torque-controlled imbalanced rotor guarantees smoothly chopped ingredients or whipped toppings every time.

For convenience in both storage and use, the disc and blade assembly fits inside the work bowl for compactness that doesn’t limit capacity. This 7 Cup Food Processor features an innovative design with a one-click, twist-free bowl assembly that is both clean and easy to use.


Consumer reports food processor. We hope you enjoyed reading about the many uses of a food processor. When you’re in the market for a new kitchen appliance, we hope that our list of uses for a food processor will help you make the best decision. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you for reading.

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