Consumer reports infrared saunas

Consumer reports infrared saunas. People who have tried infrared saunas are often amazed at the ease with which they can lose weight or gain new energy just by going to their local health club or installing a sauna in their house.

Whether you want to relax and rejuvenate yourself after a long day, relieve your anger after dealing with a bunch of punks at work, or shed all the extra pounds you’ve been carrying around, infrared saunas offer benefits that appeal to anyone who wants to feel healthier inside and out.

Like the title says, these spas are much more efficient than a traditional sauna since they heat through much smaller spaces. This also makes them much safer definitely worth it if you’re looking to buy one.

If you are in the market for an infrared sauna, then you need to make sure your unit comes with an appropriate number of heaters. In addition to that, when buying a product like this, there are so many different things to keep in mind.

Consumer reports infrared saunas

1. Radiant Saunas BSA2418 4-Person Hemlock consumer reports infrared saunas

Radiant Saunas BSA2418 Hemlock, 4-Person Fitness Sauna. For many traditional saunas, wood is the material of choice because it offers an aesthetic appeal as well as durability.

The Eastern hemlock’s unique properties provide sauna owners with a variety of benefits.

Resistant to decay and hypoallergenic, this durable wood is an excellent insulator, keeping your heat and moisture inside the unit. These appealing home additions are perfect for cleansing your body from toxins after a strenuous workout.

Radiant Saunas BSA2418 4-Person Hemlock. The infrared heat is spread out by strategically placed 9 heaters to keep your body temperature up and relieve aches. This heating system penetrates deeply into the body, rather than just going on the surface, and helps you recover from fatigue.

If you’re looking to add a touch of class to your basement, gym, or master bathroom, upgrading to luxury vinyl tiles might be just what you need.

Real Canadian Hemlock is the perfect wood for adding a natural sophistication to any home décor style and if you choose to install one of our easy-to-understand integrated audio systems, you’ll have crisp sound wherever there are luxury vinyl tiles in your home.

2. Radiant Saunas SA7004 Infrared Heating Matradiant saunas sa7004 infrared heating mat

Radiant Saunas SA7004 Infrared Heating Mat. This item will be delivered curbside but you are encouraged to make additional arrangements with a third-party provider for it to be peacefully placed in your preferred location on the property grounds.

Items purchased from this listing may qualify for in-home delivery or morning delivery, depending upon the size, type, and weight of the item(s) involved.

The heating mat for the ultimate in relaxation. Enjoy soothing warmth wherever you are with this portable device, which conveniently folds up for easy transport and storage. Its long cord gives you the freedom to relax your way.

Radiant SA7004 Infrared Heating Mat. The radiant heating pad comes with a 15-minute timer, allowing you to perfect your rest and relaxation for just the right amount of time before the unit automatically shuts down.

After the heating pad has shut off, it warms back up to a comfortable max temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit creating an ideal setting in any bedroom or living room.

Far infrared heat will help rejuvenate and relax your body especially if you are experiencing minor or major aches, pains, stiffness, or discomfort in your muscles. Far infrared heat delivers a sensation to the surface of the skin which therefore warms, loosens, and eases sore, tight muscles.

3. HeatWave BSA6310 Rejuvenator Portable Saunaheatwave bsa6310 rejuvenator portable sauna

A low emf heater is a useful tool if you have somebody with diabetes who complains that their feet are always cold.

You can place the warmers under their bed and the bedside table and they will not burn through the sheets causing burns or scalds, so there’s no danger of them being capped off any time soon.

This portable sauna has six easy steps. Simply unfold the sauna, unplug it and enjoy its warm interior at home or anywhere else you happen to be.

This handy manual sauna is perfect for people on the go who always want to keep it in good form however life happens.

This portable sauna is a must-have for relaxation and comfort. Folding easily, it takes up little space when not in use. Its moisture-resistant fabric allows for outdoor use so as not to limit you when needing its benefits on your deck or campsite.

With this foldable chair and sauna combo, one is provided with 5 levels of pre-set heat temperature options. The maximum temperature can reach a maximum of 150° F.

Moreover, the included collar is ultra-comfortable and made with durable fabric that folds neatly after installation for easier storage and transport.

A convenient footpad and built-in fan work in conjunction to provide a full-body experience at all times by utilizing their unique configurations and materials to bring users’ bodies closer to a holistic temperature reading; this way, various aches, and pains are reduced or eliminated as part of the entire sauna experience.

This feature-rich folding chair and sauna combo comes with books pockets but it also works well with personal media devices such as a tablet, Kindle, or smartphone so that users can maintain healthy routines while working remotely or lounging inside on a rainy weekend afternoon.

4. Golden Wave Meta Chamber Saunagolden wave meta chamber sauna

Nowadays we see FIR technology involved in many health spas. In fact, the natural healing properties of heat on the human body are well-documented and a wide range of treatments use this technique.

Taking advantage of these benefits is simple a sauna that uses infrared radiation from two independently controlled sources (each ranging from 110 to 150deg F) surrounding the body with soothing, deep-penetrating, and healing FIR heat from all directions is available at our facility.

For optimal health, you can choose between 4 options: full body heating with 5 heating pads in a thermal dome (timer adjustable up to 60 minutes), and 2 heating pads inside the therapy mat.

Golden Wave Meta Chamber Sauna. Far infrared saunas have many health benefits because they do more than improve circulation and reduce stress by elevating your metabolism.

Unlike traditional electrical-powered models that emit harmful EMFs, Golden Wave Meta heaters are so efficient that they emit 80% less heat while still providing the same levels of humidity and dry warmth as other IR saunas which is important for achieving the true therapeutic value of a full-body detoxification process.

5. Relax Far Consumer reports infrared saunas

consumer reports infrared sauna

The Relax Sauna experience will leave you feeling great and relaxed without the nasty side effects of sunlight and UV light.

The upgraded premium model features a zero EMF Far Infrared panel for health benefits such as muscle pain relief, stress reduction, plus enhanced circulation.

With its Zero EMF & EMI Board Technology, completely safe to use near your cell phone equipment, work desk, and more.

We have a world-class customer service department in place to make sure your “Relax Sauna Experience” is the best that it can be.

Whether you need help choosing the best unit for your needs or have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We’ve got an upgraded sauna! This new model is much more reliable. It doesn’t just immediately shut down like the old one but also provides a better heat experience.

What makes this upgrade truly special is that it also includes a black tent so it’s perfect for detoxing or relieving some minor pain when resting inside. We have 100 units in stock and are shipping from our warehouse in the US so there’s no need to pay customs fees.


Consumer reports infrared saunas. Infrared saunas are a great way to relax, refresh, and revitalize your body. These saunas are not only easy to use, but they are also inexpensive and quite safe. Infrared saunas are a great way to relax, refresh, and revitalize your body. These saunas are not only easy to use, but they are also inexpensive and quite safe.

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