Consumer reports septic tank treatment

Consumer reports septic tank treatment. It can be hard to match the diverse needs of a number of different septic tanks in your small-to-medium-sized home by yourself, but if you don’t have the money to hire an expensive professional, there are a number of affordable and effective options that require less than 5 minutes of your time.

We’ve carefully reviewed dozens of available products over a period of more than 6 weeks in order to provide you with high-quality alternatives.

It’s no secret that septic tanks are designed to efficiently and effectively protect us from human waste and its harmful effects. While sewage systems use a whole method of water-based disposal, things get a bit more complicated when dealing with septic tanks.

Having to manage these tanks requires very attentive management in order to keep them functioning at their best levels, especially in areas where heavy rains are a constant problem.

In this guide, we will break down everything you need to know about using septic tank treatments properly in order to ensure that your tank is operating at optimal performance throughout the year.

Consumer reports septic tank treatment

1. GREEN PIG 52 Live Tank Treatmentconsumer reports septic tank treatment

It’s important to maintain your septic tank regularly as not doing so can lead to a buildup of contaminants in the water into which wastewater from a building’s drains and bathrooms is directed.

One of the best ways to keep your septic tank clean and effective for longer is by keeping it flushed out with new, helpful bacteria that will do their part to ensure there are no blockages or other problems with the infrastructure.

Dissolvable packets flush treats 500, 1000, and 1500-gallon tanks and leach lines. For anaerobic septic tanks and leach lines, add a packet to a common household blender filled with 3 gallons of water.

Blend for 30 seconds, then add the solution directly into your tank by hand or through a hose. Use once every 3 months.

GREEN PIG Concentrated Formula is a perfect way to keep your septic tank and plumbing working properly.

This powerful formula contains an army of bacteria that break down the organic matter into a liquid form, making this easier to flow through the leach lines and back into the earth!

This product happens to be chemical-free and formaldehyde-free, ensuring that this all-natural formula is gentle on pipes and plumbing.

2. Rid-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymesrid x septic tank treatment enzymes

Having the right septic system treatment product can be a total game-changer, especially when it comes to making it possible for you and your family to have some sense of comfort knowing.

That there is an efficient pre-measured amount of septic tank cleaners on hand at any given time that is designed for use in pipes and tanks to keep them free from backing up.

To break down paper, protein, oil, and grease, natural bacteria and enzymes are used. One treatment lasts for 30 days!

The kit includes everything you need for your septic tank to work cleanly and efficiently once again. It contains enough material for one flush per month.

In order for any runoff from your household, which may contain anything from paper fibers to cooking oils to grease, be broken down naturally in a reasonable amount of time by the millions of active bacteria that are can be found generally in your septic pump.

These specific natural microorganisms created within your individual tank exist with the sole purpose of breaking down and dissolving these ever-changing hazardous wastes into harmless parts so that these dissolved chemicals can eventually be released safely into the soil.

3. GREEN PIG Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formulagreen pig septic tank treatment emergency formula

The Green Pig Septic Tank Treatment Emergency Formula is formulated specifically to solve problems in septic tanks and cesspools (often leaving them completely septic tank/cesspool free).

In general, treatments are easy to use, provide immediate results, and are able to get rid of backups, noxious odors (and sometimes odiferous people), pooling water in yards, gurgling water in pipes, tapeworms (which can appear in piping systems that are faulty), lingering dingleberries, and rogue tides.

Green Pig Septic Tank Treatment’s emergency formula is a modified blend of enzymes that break down organic waste fast in your septic tank, leach lines, and leach field.

Green Pig’s emergency formula offers the best treatment and prevention for effective performance.

4. Roebic K-37-Q Septic Tank Treatment Removes Clogsroebic k 37 q septic tank treatment removes clogs

K-37 is a detergent that has the power to dissolve grease in your septic tank or drain field. Keeping the passageways clear, prevents clogs from building up and stops liquid from leaving your property.

This allows for proper digestion and evaporation of waste as well as reducing foul odors. K-37 is also safe to use indoors unlike some other brands since its biodegradable ingredients are not toxic.

This enzyme, when mixed with your wastewater, helps break down any solid matter, thus reducing sludge levels and any associated scum. No more odors (hurray!) or clogged drains thanks to this enzyme.

Roebic Tank-Treat Septic Disinfectant and Multi-Purpose Cleaner come with BacteriaGuard technology and the exclusive E.O.S. A shield that microbially cleans and disinfects everything from gardens, pets, swimming pools to kitchens and homes.

5. Roebic K-57-Q Septic System Cleaner, 32 Ouncesroebic k 57 q septic system cleaner, 32 ounces

Roebic K-57 is powerful enough to act quickly in emergency situations where sluggish conditions, clogs, surface water accumulations, or back-ups have occurred.

For the job of cleaning a building’s drain and sewer line runoff which can sometimes lead to sewage backups – Roebic K-57 is a trusted option.

This natural product will not harm your drain or pipes because it contains no harmful chemicals. It will allow for the cesspool to remain clean with no harmful bacteria.

Roebic K-57 Septic System Cleaner is an effervescent and conditioning treatment for septic tanks and drains fields. The formula is specially made to tackle the ongoing cleaning and maintenance task of your septic system, allowing it to keep functioning effectively.

Roebic K-57 Septic System Treatment is made from natural organic ingredients, including plant-based surfactants, which dissolve easily in water. This biodegradable formula does not block drains or cause damage to any type of pipes, even those made of PVC.

Roebic is a family-owned business established over 50 years ago. The owner has many years of experience as a plumber and has made his living helping others solve their plumbing issues and now Roebic is able to help fix septic system issues while being environmentally friendly.

6. Rid-X Se Consumer reports septic tank treatmentconsumer report septic tank treatment

Try Rid-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder. It helps maintain a free-flowing septic system & prevent expensive septic tank backup problems by immediately breaking down household waste.

It’s safe for all pipes and septic tanks to come in powder form so that users can pour it down their toilet and flush in order to provide two months of treatment for tanks up to 1500 gallons.

Keep your septic system healthy by using RID-X Septic System Treatment. As far as keeping a septic system healthy goes.

The most important thing is to use RID-X every month alongside regular and optimal septic pumping to ensure it stays in tip-top condition and also prevents costly backups which can render one’s home totally uninhabitable.

The septic system needs maintenance to prolong itself and make it last longer. This means that the septic system has to be cleaned out on occasion so the entire system doesn’t stop functioning properly.

RID-X Septic Tank System Treatment Powder is a simple solution that prevents all of this from happening. Since using RID-X, the conditions of my own septic tank have improved dramatically with my tank now being able to handle more waste and taking care of it better than ever before.

How to Clean septic tank treatment


Consumer reports septic tank treatment. We hope you enjoyed our article about how to clean your septic tank. With this knowledge, we know that you can keep your septic tank clean. So what are you waiting for? Try one of these methods for yourself and start keeping your septic tank clean! If you have any other questions or concerns about cleaning your septic tank.

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