DeAndre Hopkins to the Titans

By Loura

DeAndre Hopkins to the Titans

As training camps approach, the brilliant wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins remains unsigned. For weeks, speculation has swirled that Hopkins may pick between the Titans and the Patriots.

The Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs have also showed interest. However, neither club has the financial resources to make a comparable offer to Hopkins.

It would necessitate Hopkins prioritising a championship above a large cash agreement. Until recently, there was little information known about Hopkins’ likely landing location.

However, Draught Kings claims to have some unique information on DeAndre Hopkins joining the Titans.

It Makes Sense

Is Draught Kings privy to DeAndre Hopkins knowledge that the rest of us aren’t? That seems to be the case, and the decision makes excellent sense.

The Tennessee Titans desperately need a standout wide receiver. Treylon Burks, Nick Westbrook-Ikhine, and Kyle Phillips, their top three receivers on the depth chart, have yet to establish themselves as powerful playmakers.

If DeAndre Hopkins entered the Titans’ locker room, he would immediately become the team’s most dependable and effective pass-catching option.

He may not be happy with the prospect of receiving the ball from Ryan Tannehill or Will Levis this season. Nonetheless, there are concerns about the Patriots as well.

Despite being a good rookie, Mac Jones underperformed in 2022. While some credit Matt Patricia’s coaching, Mac is ultimately responsible for his success.

It’s also worth mentioning the relationship between Bill O’Brien, the new offensive coordinator in New England, and D-Hop.

Bill traded Hopkins to Arizona during their tenure with the Texans. Although any remaining unpleasant sentiments are said to have resolved, their history is notable.

Hopkins Needs A Big 2023

DeAndre Hopkins will have a pivotal year in 2023 if he wants to sign another large deal with the NFL. His failure to finish a full season has defined the last two seasons.

He suffered a six-game ban in 2021 for violating the league’s performance-enhancing substance policy, and injuries restricted him to just nine games last year.

Hopkins, 31, is coming off two straight lacklustre seasons and must establish himself once again.

Will the Titans’ possible acquisition of DeAndre Hopkins elevate them to a real contender in the AFC South? Could it propel them into the conference’s Wild Card race?

Only time will tell whether Hopkins eventually contracts with the Titans, but one thing is certain—DeAndre Hopkins will need to put in a strong showing in 2023 to restore his position as one of the league’s elite receivers.