Door locks reviews

Door locks reviews. Smart locks don’t bring new deadbolt mechanisms to your front door, but they can allow you access without a key and assist with monitoring who comes in and out of your front door.

Some smart locks pair with a mobile app on your phone that allows for remote access or even operates the lock using a voice command.

The best smart lock for your front door is different from the one for a couch door or sliding patio to open up an apartment.

For example, if you have a family member who often forgets their keys, then having a home lock that works with traditional locks so that they don’t need to replace them is an important feature to look out for in addition.

Other features like auto-activate when you enter your room or more code allows users to label their own code are also convenient depending on what you’re looking for in your apartment lifestyle. If you want to provide more protection, upgrading to connect with being safer than ever via Alexa and Google Home devices can be useful too.

Door locks reviews

1. Kwikset 99420-003 Aura Bluetooth Programmabledoor locks reviews

Allow your smartphone to communicate with a lock by downloading the Kwikset app, which can be found in the Google Play Store or the iTunes app store.

unlock the door closest to you, all that you need to do is tap on the icon and it will open right away! Allow it to match up with your home’s Bluetooth range; then access the code in order to help make sure nobody is messing around with your padlock in any ill-willed way.

Always have quick access to your home with customization of up to 250 unique, ownable user codes that will always be there for you and only you. If you accidentally leave it or lose it you can write yourself a new one instead of tearing your hair out.

You can also update all the passcodes on your smartphone if that is more convenient for you and conveniently schedule recurring passcodes in case certain people should be able to access your house at certain times but not others.

Receive alerts regarding the door’s activity or view its event history on your smartphone using the Kwikset app anywhere in the world.

2. MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital Door Knob Lockmilocks tkk 02sn tkk sn digital door knob lock

The MiLocks TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn digital door lock is a 6 keypad lock that you can place on your doors, closets, and any other door for extra privacy and safety.

This thumping security device doesn’t require any batteries yet works perfectly with the help of faucet pressure.

It’s cheap to buy for all your lock requirements. Don’t waste time looking for something lesser than this particularly if you need to go with quality.

With this keypad door from MiLocks, you’ll enjoy new excitement and convenience in your home. Both left-handed and right-handed interior doors 1 1/4″ – 1 7/8″ thick can be installed with this electronic entry door.

Take advantage of the simplicity of using a code instead of a key to access your home. Lock up high-value items such as jewelry, diapers, spare change, and even condoms in your bedroom and home office.

On the touchscreen display panel, simply mark your most frequently used numbers. Simply enter a four-digit code below the touchscreen display or use the keypad below your smartphone if you’re leaving the house with it.

After 15 seconds the doorknob will automatically lock and if someone tries to open it they won’t get in unless they know your 4 digit code.

3. LaView Door Lock with Keypad, Keyless Entry Door Locklaview door lock with keypad, keyless entry door lock

Don’t fumble with your keys before you can unlock and step graciously over the threshold of your home; instead, open up your door with a keyless entry system.

A key card lock comes equipped on a touchscreen platform which allows you to easily enter your home by keying in a pin or swiping an electronic card. You can even program 20 unique user codes for yourself or your family members or friends.

This deadbolt lock gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to giving your sitter access to your home. You can set up temporary codes that will give them only limited access, and these codes will expire after 24 hours so that they are not able to get into your house any time they choose.

The door lock also sets itself if left unused for 30 seconds, so there’s no need to worry about forgetting to lock it when you’re out for the day.

Every time you purchase our lock – a comprehensive installation guidebook is included in the package, explaining how to go about installing the lock. Additionally, there are detailed video footages for your convenience as well as written directions. Our lock does not need to be hard-wired – it runs on batteries and even comes with 4 sets of fresh AA batteries, so you can start using it right away.

4. Wyze Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lockwyze lock wifi & bluetooth enabled smart door lock

You can customize the Wyze App to close or lock your door from any distance using the Wyze App. This smart door lock is physically connected to your WiFi via a small bridge, called the Wyze Lock Gateway.

Enable auto-lock and auto-unlock for seamless functionality which will have you siding with the robots instead of against them.

Wyze Lock allows you to share access to your home with the people who need it most. You can set up permanent and temporary access for any one of your choosing whether a close friend, family member, dog walker or an occasional contractor, Wyze Lock makes it easy.

Allowing you 24-hour access through a mobile app and keeping track of each event – no more dealing with complicated keys under doormats! It’s never been easier to control who comes in and out of your home.

Uniquely, the Wyze Lock is not just a door lock. Unlike other door locks available on the market today, this one possesses a state-of-the-art sensor in order to tell you the status of the door regardless of whether it’s been opened or closed.

One of the more compelling features that come with this product is that the gyroscope located inside of this unit automatically senses whether or not your door is able to be opened or if perhaps someone has simply moved it around so as to trick it into thinking that it’s unlocked. How very clever.

5. LOCKLY PGD628FMB Secure Plus Latch lockly pgd628fmb secure plus latch 

Opening and closing your door with LOCKLY Smart Lock’s fingerprint technology can take as few as 0.5 seconds, so you don’t have to struggle when it comes to entering or exiting your home. It’s even faster than having to fumble for your keys.

The world’s first patented peek-proof keypad displays an always shuffling set of numbers across 4 buttons and is different every time. So while your access code remains the same, the location of that code on the keypad dynamically changes.

This means you can input your number quickly and easily but the only person able to guess where it’s located is you which is just how we like it.

Keyless Entry from the convenience of your smartphone – thanks to the software that enables this feature, you can now lock and unlock your home entrance door from the convenience of your smartphone or other devices.

In addition to this, there is a touchpad digital lock system which is perfect in case of emergencies as it comes with backup physical keys that are kept under close wraps just in case something happens to your access code.

6. Kwikset 99420-001 Door locks reviewsdoor locks review 

A Kwikset 99420-001 Aura Bluetooth Programmable Keypad Door Lock is used to map or record individual pin codes for your guests and family members. You can control access via a smartphone or mobile device when within acceptable proximity of the lock.

Keyless entry convenience is only the start of your features with up to 250 unique custom codes that you can create, temporarily disable, and delete at your fingertips through your smartphone or tablet.

You can also set schedules for temporary codes and remotely enable/disable them anytime so even when out of Bluetooth range they are still easy to access from your smart device using the web app.

When the lock senses activity, you can receive notifications of the lock’s activity through a smartphone app on your device in Bluetooth range. The Kwikset app allows you to view the history of all events that have been registered in your lock.

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Door locks reviews. We hope you enjoyed our article about the best smart locks! We know that it can be difficult to choose a lock for your home, but we hope you found our article helpful as a guide to choosing the best smart lock for your home. If you have any questions or concerns about choosing a smart lock.

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