How big is a picnic table

How big is a picnic table. For an adult, 24 inches of legroom will prevent any unnecessary discomfort. You may want to consider purchasing picnic tables that provide 24 inches of legroom per person if you plan on hosting a large crowd.

Adults usually prefer tables that are eight feet in length because of how spacious and comfortable the seating would be for six people.

If your event is for eight adults, you should also purchase a table with dimensions that are approximately eight feet long.

This applies to both outdoor and indoor events as well as social gatherings that take place outdoors as well such as family reunions or even birthday parties.

How big is a picnic table

how big is a picnic table

Picnic tables are typically built with a certain set of specifications in mind.

Table height is generally between 28 and 34 inches off the ground, and tables stand at 30 inches along with wide widths from 28 to 30 inches.

Most tables are 8 feet long, but 6-foot ones are sometimes ordered as well.

The most common rule of thumb when it comes to planning how long your table will be is making sure there are at least 24-30 inches per person who will be sitting at it.

The seat matters

When choosing a picnic table, it’s important to think about the size of the seating area. For example, they’re typically benches.

The seats are 19 inches off the ground and there are about 11 inches of room from the bench to the table height.

Benches are typically 1-1.5 feet wide and 6 or 8 feet long, which matches the length of most tables that range in height from 28″ – 31″.

The shape matters

Some picnic tables are rectangular but square tables work well for smaller gatherings. Table and bench heights are the same but dimensions can be either 4 or 5 feet wide and long.

Picnic tables can be customized to fit families’ needs, including extra height for tall people, or longer tables to accommodate large family gatherings.

If you are entertaining a small child, build a couple of small benches with extra inches so that they can more easily join in the tabletop festivities.

Sizes and dimensions of a standard picnic table

Picnic tables are perfect for the outdoors and can be used not only around backyards but in parks – providing an enjoyable environment for family picnics, romantic dinners under the stars, corporate luncheons, and more.

Picnic table tops tend to range between 45 inches to 60 inches in height. If a standard picnic table is too tall or too short then what you might want to do is combine two shorter picnic tables so they complement each other in terms of height but make sure to do this before you purchase one.


What kind of wood is used for picnic tables?

Softwood species such as pine, spruce, and fir are types of wood that can be used to build picnic tables.

These woods are basically the best options for building picnic tables because they provide the perfect mix of durability and resistance against damaging elements such as moisture from rain or snowfall.

How thick are picnic tables?

The table construction for my projects has been influenced by the NPS Rustic architectural style which was common at the time of its creation.

This would include solid concrete construction, usually about 4 inches thick, that was cast at Camp Pima before being disassembled and moved to its final destination.

How wide are picnic benches?

The width of benches that you’ll see in such settings varies from 1-1.5 feet while the length of a bench depends on the size of the table that it’s paired with; these can be anywhere between 6-8 feet.

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