How High Should A Mantle Be

How High Should A Mantle Be. When you’re choosing a mantle for your fireplace, you have a few options. Your first choice is material – wood, metal, or composite.

National specifications state that your mantle should be between 11 and 21 inches above the stove, but this height can be adjusted to fit your own personal preference or enforced depending on local regulations.

If the installer of your new mantle has to cut the height levels for any reason, it is vital that they are instructed upon safe working practices when using power equipment.

How High Should A Mantle Behigh should a mantle be

When it comes to picking out the perfect mantel for your space, sometimes people are so confused by the selection that it seems like an impossible task. Here’s some good news – there’s no science involved when choosing a mantel because you ultimately have to go with your gut.

We will discuss here sizes and how high should a mantle be.

Length OMantel

Mantel sizing is one of the most debatable aspects of installing a fireplace mantel. Some people prefer their mantel to run the length of the wall while others want only their mantel to be slightly bigger than the fireplace box.

A common mistake is when someone makes their mantel 12″ longer than the fireplace box, even though they want it only generally bigger. For example, if your fireplace box is 42 inches wide, try getting your mantel to be 48 inches in length instead.

The vast majority of our mantels fall within the 70 inch to 78 inch range but because each one is made by hand for your specific area, we have no standard or simple formula for determining actual length.

Mantel Hight

A mantle measuring 6 inches in height is suitable for a large room, but it may be overwhelming in a smaller space.

Our iView Faux Series insert gives you the opportunity to make use of your fireplace without having to sacrifice precious floor space for something bulky like an actual chimney.

The FP-610 model costs only $2 per day and delivers warmth without obstructing your view with a glass panel that obscures the fire and can break over time!

Depth of Mantel

When choosing the depth of a fireplace mantel, consider how much traffic will pass through the area. Is it going to be a tight fit between your existing and new furniture.

Will you expand into a massive two-story space? Our mantels are usually between 10 and 12 inches in depth, but if that isn’t specific enough for your needs let us know and we can accommodate.


What is the ideal height for a mantel?

Mount the mantel 4.5 feet high, 20 inches deep and between 4-5 feet wide so that it appears that your room is larger than it actually is.

NFPA 101 recommends a 12-inch “clearance” between the top of your fireplace box and the bottom of your mantel, as well as requiring additional testing in local housing rules, but we think it’s easier to just follow these simple instructions from Home & Garden, who have been around for quite a long time now.

What should the mantle’s location be?

A shelf above a fireplace is traditionally referred to as a mantel. To avoid getting burnt by the fire, place your mantle ideally at least 12-18 inches away from the opening of the fireplace for every two inches that you have on your mantle.

If you want your mantle to extend farther or higher than six inches, then it must be hung at least 18 inches away from the fireplace’s corresponding opening and 6 inches away from the fireplace’s rear.

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