How Much Does It Cost To Dig Out A Basement

How Much Does It Cost To Dig Out A Basement. Expected costs according to the permits are $50 per cubic foot for excavation.

Although what you are eventually charged is more likely dependent on a combination of factors, from the size and placement of your stones to whether or not you have a contractor who has taken out a particular kind of policy.

But be careful about one thing this number can climb beyond expectations, especially if your land isn’t prepped by an expert before construction begins.

How Much Does It Cost To Dig Out A Basement

how much does it cost to dig out a basement

Excavating an underground basement costs about $50,000 to $90,000 on average.

Unlike excavating a crawlspace, there are fewer surprises with excavating a basement because of its close proximity to the ground above it.

We will discuss here what are the cost factors.

Type of Soil

Sand, silt, and loam soils are the easiest to remove since they’re light and loose. Furthermore, on these sorts of soils, an excavator operator will be able to work more rapidly, lowering your costs.

It becomes more difficult to excavate if there are massive boulders or hardpan (highly compacted clay).

If the stones are too enormous, the contractor may need to hire a second (larger) machine, which will come at a hefty additional cost.

Removing Fill

If you don’t need it, a dump truck will not have to cart it away. It is assumed that your excavating contractor will use a dump truck. Some basement excavations reuse the fill to backfill the basement once it’s finished.

Others may use the leftover fill for “cut and fill,” which involves excavating one piece of land and filling another to improve drainage if there is a lot of grading to be done, cutting and filling with your basement fill could add to the expense.


If your property requires extensive grading, the operator will take more time for quality assurance than someone who builds a flat yard.

This can lead to double-mining and/or material overruns which are costly as well, therefore increasing your cubic yard costs.

Basements built-in landscape dips or on steep side yards may require additional grading that would normally be charged at a longer-than-average basis of $50 per cubic yard.

Clearing the Land

clearing the land

When it comes to building a basement, there can be many obstacles hindering your progress but you should explore your options so that you beyond any doubt have an accurate idea of what you will have to pay for.

Settling for just the lowest price might leave you with more associated problems such as having other costs that don’t fit in a budget as you build out your house.

For example, sometimes clear-cutting lots is required and this can add up much faster than expected.


Is it expensive to construct a basement?

A basement is more expensive to build than an above-ground addition, especially on the East Coast.

Due to size limits and planning concerns with above-ground development, building a basement extension provides valuable additional living space without the expense and trouble of moving.

Is it possible to build a walkout basement on level land?

If you’re building a new home, you should choose a site that is ideally flat so that you have no issues with the piping or other structural elements.

If your lot happens to be sloped you could potentially save some money by making use of natural topographical features like having a nice walkout basement.

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