How Often Should I Water Mums

How Often Should I Water Mums. Fall is a popular time to wear mums. Their vibrant colors contrast with the season’s other vibrant colors because they flower explosively into a variety of jewel tones.

Mum plants are relatively easy to maintain, but you must avoid overwatering them.

Water mums frequently but never leave them in soggy soil, especially during the colder months of the year, when it’s very easy for overwatered mums to become disease-causing.

Check out these tips for watering your mum’s plants correctly.

How Often Should I Water Mums

how often should i water mums

Keep your mums from getting too dry or wilted between waterings. You should water them every other day at the very least. They need to drink about 1 inch of water a week.

Instead of water from above, try watering from below since their roots grow from the soil, not from the foliage.

The regularity with which moms should be watered is discussed in this article.

Watering Schedule

Mums have different watering needs depending on their soil. Hot and dry months require frequent watering whereas rainy weather may not need sowing at all.

Try to feel if the soil is dry with your finger if it is hard and dusty, then it needs to be watered.

The need to tend to these plants will vary greatly depending on where you live down in the local climate, so be sure to check for what works best for your particular area.

Find Out If Mum Needs Water

Water your mums at least once a week or twice during peak summer months to avoid spreading disease, and don’t water too little to prevent spider mite infestations.

You can test the soil’s moisture by sticking your finger about an inch into it; if it sticks, then it’s fine. If it crumbles in your hand, then the plant needs water.

Water this plant early in the morning or evening when the sun is lowest in the sky to prevent evaporation, and it will produce beautiful blooms all summer long.

Mums Without Water 

Mums cannot go more than two or three days without water when they are first planted and during their growth and blooming seasons.

Water your mums two to three times a week, not so infrequently that the soil dries out between each watering, but also not so often that the soil becomes soggy and saturated with water as this can cause root rot.


Are water-potted mums able to be overwatered?

Mast says that overwatering your mums can cause mold and rot problems, as can not watering them enough. “Make sure your mums don’t dry out,” she advises, “as this will cause the foliage to drop and the blooms to fall off.”

How much sun or shade do mums need?

Chrysanthemums are light lovers. It is best if they receive more sunlight each day so that they can flourish and thrive.

Sunlight is essential for their growth. During the hot summer months, you may want to consider putting up a cover if there is too much sunlight in the afternoons.

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