How Often To Water Palm Trees

How Often To Water Palm Trees. The palm tree is a hardy plant that loves water, but they are not an aquatic plant. During the summer, palm trees need water the most.

Many people wonder how often to water palm plants and that’s why we made this guide for you.

Some of you might have a lot of doubts about watering plant tree, but we decided to make this wondrous read that will explain everything you need to know to ensure your palm tree stays healthy and grows strong.

How Often To Water Palm Trees

how often to water palm trees

This article discusses how often palm trees should be watered.

Plam Tree Watering

New palm trees should be planted in pots that have been thoroughly cleaned before use and then filled with any ordinary potting soil.

Water your tree every day for the first week and feed it twice each day in your second week, once each day in your third week, and then on a twice-weekly schedule throughout your fourth week and beyond.

If the top layer of the earth becomes dry, keep watering your tree until your tree has fully adapted to its new home.

Palm Needs Amount of Water

When watering plants in pots, the amount you choose to use should be 10-20% of the size of the container your plant is in. If it’s a 10-gallon pot, then pour away 1-2 gallons of water through the top.

During hot weather conditions use a little bit more and for cold weather just a little bit less.

But remember that sandy soil doesn’t hold moisture as well as clay potting soils so check to make sure it’s moist and get rid of any excess if needed. Satisfy but don’t saturate as this will cause root rot and kill your plant visitors quickly.

Palm Tree Water Timing

palm tree water timing

It’s important that you water your palm tree early, either in the morning or evening so as to avoid scorching heat and direct light throughout the day.

This is because leaving droplets of water on the leaves and bark on hot, sunny days could lead to potentially damaging scars.

So remember to get up early or stay outdoors in the evening when it’s cooler to make sure your palm is watered properly.

Find Out If Palm Trees Need More Water

We will discuss here how to determine if palm trees need more water.

Measuring Moisture Using Leverage: An easy way to check if your palm tree needs water is by using a digital moisture meter. When you insert the device into the soil, it will show you how much humidity is present in that specific part of the soil.

Soil moisture can vary across a given area and it’s important to perform comparative checks to ensure the reading is completely accurate.

Once you have a comparison, you’ll know whether or not your palm tree needs water at that point in time.

Using A Wooden Stick: In addition to the advised and conventional practices, here is another trick to try out. For this, you’ll need a thin wooden stick. After procuring the item, stick it in the soil of your garden.

Leave it for 10 to 20 seconds and then get the stick out. If no soil is sticking to it when you take it back out, then it means more water is needed; if there is plenty of soil clinging onto the stick, then less water will be necessary.


Would you be able to save a dying palm tree?

Depending on the extent of the damage sustained, reviving a dying palm tree may require the assistance of a professional.

The damaged palm can thrive after some downtime and excellent care during recovery, even if it has more extensive damage.

When watering palm trees, do you water them from the top?

To make sure your palm tree is cared for properly, you’ll want to mulch around its base so that the soil stays moist longer. You also may want to add some sand to your soil because it will improve drainage.

Be sure when watering your plant from the bottom because watering from the top can cause rotting of its canopy.

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