How to adjust orbit sprinkler heads

How to adjust orbit sprinkler heads. Water irrigation systems go beyond simply installing underground sprinklers in your lawn and garden.

When the climate changes, it may become necessary to adjust certain heads to control the watering of specific areas as well as meet the needs of growing plants.

Orbit produces a number of sprinkler heads that can be adjusted easily with a flat-head screwdriver or special keys available from distributors who sell Orbit sprinkler system components.

How to adjust orbit sprinkler heads

how to adjust orbit sprinkler heads

Lawn sprinklers are an amazing way to keep your lawn green and healthy. Orbit models in particular are great because, unlike straight-shooter designs, the water is dispersed evenly around a given area.

Now let’s discuss what we love most about the orbit design: pivoting heads.

Another cool thing about the orbit sprinkler head is that you can adjust it so that it shoots a stream of water in whichever direction you want depending on where you aim your lawn sprinklers nozzle or head.

You just have to know how to pivot and find out what works for you. Let’s look at how below:

Orbit Sprinkler Heads and Their Types

Your orbit sprinkler is an incredibly useful, practical tool. But in order to reap all of its benefits, there are a few things you’ll need to know first.

The pop-up variety twirls out from the ground and back into it with each rotation, covering the surrounding area in a beautiful cascade of water.

The impact variety kicks up and down, spraying droplets in all directions before twisting and spinning on its axis – this kind makes for excellent coverage over large areas.

There are two different types of valves you can opt for as well manual control or automated programs that allow you to set routines like daily cycles according to weather patterns (these work out great for larger properties).

Now that we’ve covered some basic information about your orbit sprinkler, it’s time to move on to how to correctly set the head on the professional sprinkler.

The Impact Orbit Sprinklers

the impact orbit sprinklers

You need to turn off the water. To adjust the spray pattern, remove two frictional collars and pull out the trip lever. Keep it at arm’s length from the handle.

Place one of the frictional collars on the right side. Place the second one slightly away from where the first is. Tighten the screws.

A tighter spray will be less powerful, but it will also provide you with more water. Place these loose until they are close to where they were initially placed.

The result of releasing the handle on this nozzle is greater volume due to a reduction in concentration.

The Pop-Up Orbit Sprinkler

Shut off the sprinkler. To remove the spray nozzles, pick up the screw with a tool. The screw can be unscrewed by hand once loose.

You can now rotate the nozzle clockwise as far as you like, and stop turning once you are satisfied. To install the screw into a nozzle, use a flathead screwdriver.

When pulling counterclockwise against its inside, turn it hard until your desired level of pressure is reached. By slipping everything back into place, all nozzle changes can be restored.


Your sprinklers will reach all areas of your lawn and garden if you make certain that their head is properly adjusted.

If one part of your property does not get drenched in water, then check the adjustment on the nearest one to fix the problem, or you might consider replacing it with a head that has a longer spray distance.

Just remember: no matter how fast you make the adjustments, one may end up getting completely soaked. You will find our guide extremely useful in this endeavor, we are confident.

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