How to build a couch

How to build a couch. When updating a room in your house, furniture is one of the easiest ways to make it seem more lived-in and stylish. But when you want to give your sofa a whole new look, it can be difficult to know how you want to proceed.

If you’re just getting started on the DIY section of your home revamp project, giving yourself a sofa makeover can be tricky .

Luckily, we have some tips from specialists with experience on how to get started making your own DIY couch.

How to build a couch

how to build a couch

When you’re looking for a versatile, comfortable piece of furniture for your living room, purchasing an already-made couch is the most popular choice.

However, there has been an increasing interest in building one from scratch as more and more DIY makers create new ideas for pieces of furniture like couches that are relatively easy and inexpensive to make.

These at-home upholstery projects require basic carpentry skills or knowledge on where to get help if needed and use materials sourced from your local home center.

Sectional couch with two pieces of upholstery

Do-it-yourself couch using two chapters for the base and plywood for the back and sides. During construction, woodshop tools such as a miter saw, circular saw, and nail gun will be used.

A pocket jig works by clamping them on the workpiece, holding the drill bit in place while cutting an angled hole into it.

One thing that is essential to the building process is called Scotch 5200 Adhesive which helps with aligning things together because you are using pieces of wood for most of its parts.

The cushions are simply made from foam cut down to size and encased in envelope-style cushion covers.

A plywood couch or daybed

The couch is constructed with only four laminated plywood pieces of 1/2-inch thickness, and the rest of the frame is made out of 3/4-inch plywood.

The 4 legs and the back are previously cut to size, but you must cut them in such a way that they can slide into the bottom side rails to form the outer walls all this while making sure that they cover the gaps.

It’s a do-it-yourself project that can be built in 24 hours with some basic hand tools (or power tools if you have them).

The Platform Couch

Platform couches do not have curved metal springs inside, so it makes them much easier to upgrade and customize. If you want to add webbing for water drainage, for example, go for it.

To make this platform couch even more unique, tweaking the hardware or the upholstery covering the sky is the limit. This project is fairly easy because of plastic dowels in order to secure all of the wooden pieces together effectively.

It’s a great way to get creative with your build as adding wood glue can really pump up the design specifications if needed.

But don’t let too many small screws or dowels scare you; they are simple enough but will look stylish when all is set and done if taken care of properly.

Sagging Couch Fixing

sagging couch fixing

Couches with sags can be replaced without spending much money or putting up with uncomfortable seating.  By using some old-fashioned plywood, you can raise your couch back up to its proper height.

Our recommendation is to use 34″ thick plywood in order to prevent sagging in the future. Make sure there is no excess plywood sticking out of either side of the couch, as well as enough space for cushions on both sides.

Additionally, if your couch has deep cushions on it, you might want to fold plywood sheets in thirds rather than fours.

When you put the cushions back on top, they will fit perfectly over the wood since their side measurements match the measurements of the wood.

Using plywood to support a couch

Before cutting a piece of plywood by yourself in order to replace the old one in the couch you bought from Ikea, first ask if there is anyone who would be willing to do it for you.

You can go to a local store or hardware gym and see if they could cut it for you there – many places offer this service provided that you make an appointment.

After having any type of woodcut and ready, place it inside your couch as if it was properly built. To ensure it doesn’t ruin your new furniture, proceed carefully until you have everything arranged according to specifications.

Now, before sitting on your newly rebuilt couch, check for signs of wear and tear (if applicable). Once that’s taken care of, sit down slowly, so as not to destroy anything on your couch. How to build a couch.

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