How To Check 240 Voltage With A Multimeter

How To Check 240 Voltage With A Multimeter. A voltage is measured in volts and it describes the potential amount of electric energy present at a specific point.

The most common ways to measure current are with a multimeter that fits into your socket or with an analog voltmeter you can get from any electronics store like Radio Shack.

You can see the voltage on countertops or refrigerators, ice cube makers, coffee makers, hairdryers, and other appliances after removing the back of the device. Use care when working around electricity.

How To Check 240 Voltage With A Multimeter

how to check 240 voltage with a multimeter

This article describes how to use a multimeter to test 240 volts.

Step 1

It’s essential to know what your 240-volt outlet’s configuration is. The outlets usually have three slots: two horizontal slots with 45-degree slants, and one vertical slot below two horizontal slots.

The two vertical slots each carry 120 volts, while the middle slot goes directly into the earth’s ground.

Step 2

Turn your multimeter’s dial to measure 240 volts of AC. Connect the black and red test wires that came with your multimeter to it by pushing them into the appropriate terminals or holes.

You should use the probes in order to test something that runs on electricity. When the probes are in use, avoid touching their metal tips to avoid being shocked.

Step 3

The metal end of one test probe should be placed in one of the slanted 120 V slots at the same time. Place the metal end of the other probe into the next identical slot at the same time.

Multimeters should read 240 volts across both horizontal 120-volt circuits. Check to see if any breakers have been turned off or tripped and turn them back on if the multimeter does not display 240V across both circuits.

Step 4

You will need to select 120 volts in your multimeter. Red probe metal tip should be inserted into any slanted 120-volt slot. Black probe metal tip should be slid into the middle slot.

You may have a defective circuit if your screen does not display anything or if it displays anything close to 0-volts AC.

Make sure both probes are clean by wiping them off with a lint-free cloth. Then move on to the next slot to find out which circuit is working properly.


240 volts, how do you get them?

Circuit breakers of the double pole type are used to install 240-volt circuit breakers. When one of these is clipped into a 120v switch box, power can flow through two separate sets of wires instead of just one or none.

Featuring three hot wires, these breakers can handle appliances requiring up to 40 amps each. For safety reasons and to ensure a reliable electrical flow, neutral and ground wires are also required.

240-volt outlets are used for what?

If you’re looking for an outlet that can help take the pain out of large appliances, then we highly recommend a 240-volt circuit because it provides more power that can handle bigger products like a kitchen range, space heater or window air conditioning unit.

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