How To Clean A White Hat

How To Clean A White Hat. Wearing a white hat during the spring and summer months can not only be stylish but also keep you shaded from the sun.

It can prevent any excessive sunlight from entering your eyes, especially if you are out in it for long periods of time. Despite their elegance, white hats reveal every speck of dirt, making them difficult to clean.

White hats should be cleaned properly before being worn again if they begin to get dirty.

The interior area of the hat may also get dirty due to sweat forming on your brow when you wear it and this can occur over longer periods of time too.

How To Clean A White Hat

how to clean a white hat

Our discussion here focuses on cleaning hat.

Step 1

Remove any stains from the headband and prepare it. In order to protect your hat’s logo or lettering, you need to pretreat it with a laundry spray specially formulated for fabric coloring.

It is also a good idea to pretreat the headband of your hat if it has any stains. When using color-safe products on hats with colored stitching or graphics, make sure they are color-safe.

Step 2

Place your hat in a mesh clothing bag – such as one for washing lingerie – before washing it along with your delicates.

If you already have a laundry bag that is specifically meant for clothes, sheets, and other moderately-washable surfaces, then use it in place of the provided clothing bag to protect your fine felt from the machine’s aggressive agitation.

Step 3

Use cool water and a delicate cycle when washing the cap. Wash it gently, taking extra care to clean any stains. Once you’ve done that, load the hat into your washing machine and start the appropriate cycle for various clothing items.

For most hats, this will involve choosing a cold or cool delicate, or gentle setting with a normal spin speed. Let it wash in the machine until the cycle is complete and remove it from there.

Step 4

You should allow the hat to air dry on a towel or other similar surface. Drying your hat in the dryer is not recommended. If you wear it while it is drying, make sure it does not shrink.

Allow the white hat to air dry outside or in an area with good ventilation instead, preferable away from direct sunlight.


A hat can be bleached white, but how?

Use the gentle cycle when washing your hat rather than throwing it in the washing machine, whether you are washing it by hand or giving it a quick spot cleaning.

It’s really important not to wash the hat using bleach. Bleach can eat away at many types of fabric and even disintegrate the material itself if used too much.

Can you wash a hat with dish soap?

Pour soapy water into a basin or sink. Scrub the hat by getting it wet and rubbing dish soap into it, making sure to get in between the creases.

Make sure you’re working the soap really well in there; this helps to prevent problems from occurring further down the road.

Let soak for 10 minutes and then rinse out really well at least twice, unless water no longer looks sudsy when you remove it from the water.

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