How To Clean Burnt Grease From Bottom Of Frying Pans

How To Clean Burnt Grease From Bottom Of Frying Pans. It goes without saying that the insides of frying pans should be cleaned on a regular basis.

The problem is, however, how to clean the pan’s exterior bottom and remove the oily deposits which naturally form on the outer surface of your frying pans as they come into contact with heat.

Because there is no non-stick coating on the outer surface of your frying pans, it often takes more work to get the job done right.

How To Clean Burnt Grease From Bottom Of Frying Pansclean burnt grease from bottom of frying pans

We will discuss here methods of clean burnt grease from bottom of frying pans.

Method 1: Putting Salt

Salt is a popular food ingredient that many of us keep in our kitchens due to the wide range of dishes we can make using it.

It’s obvious purpose is as a flavor augmenting additive, but another less well-known function is that salt solutions can enhance the chances of removing stains from fabrics.

Method 2: Mixture of Vinegar & Baking soda

Baking soda and vinegar are two staples in any kitchen. While they may be great to use on their own, when used together, they make an even more powerful cleaning duo.

The unique reaction between the baking soda and vinegar releases carbonic acid that works its way deep into the stain to lift it out of the fabric.  Be sure to use hot water when rinsing so that all of your cleaning agents are dissolved.

You may need several rounds once the grease has been released but continue until no more bubbles form after a surface test has been conducted.

Method 3: Detergent & Boiling Waterdetergent & boiling water

This can be applied in cases where the tools you use to combat stains and keep your pans stain-free are not readily available. In these situations it helps to simply mix up some detergent with water and use that solution to remove the most stubborn stains.

Method 4: Using Cream of Tartar

Using cream of tartar to clean the bottoms of your pots is also a good idea. For this, you’ll need one cup of cold water, two table spoonful’s of white vinegar, two table spoonful’s of cream of tartar and a clean coarse scrubbing pad.

You will also need to put on an old pair of rubber dishwashing gloves so that your skin does not come into contact with any harsh chemicals when you are cleaning the pots with these ingredients.

The best way to wash it is by dipping the pad in the mixture and rubbing it on the bottom slowly.


How do you clean pan’s bottom of black charred stuff?

After baking soda has been sprayed onto the bottom of a pot, it’s important to let it cool before scrubbing and cleaning. Once the bottom has cooled from being sprayed with the baking soda, bubbles will typically start to rise to the surface. At this point, it is time for a sponge or a nylon brush, along with some soapy water to get rid of any stains, burnt bits and messy bits in your pot that are left behind on the bottom.

Is it safe to keep vinegar on stainless steel for an extended period of time?

If a stain is really tough to get rid of, 10 seconds or more may be required. Just make sure you let it soak and make sure that any excess vinegar is wiped off before you are done. It’s always best to use gentle strokes when wiping up the stainless steel in order to avoid leaving streaks behind.

How To Remove Grease Stains Of The Bottom Of Your Pan Or Pot


There are lots of ways that you can get burnt on food out of a frying pan or pot besides with oil. For example when cooking pizzas in the oven, quite often it can leave you with horrible burnt black crusts fortunately though, I’ve got some tips which may help you to work towards removing these unpleasant burns from your pans.

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