How To Clean Butcher Block Countertops

How To Clean Butcher Block Countertops. A web search of the benefits and drawbacks of butcher block countertops yields numerous benefits relating to appearance and general use, as well as a single drawback: maintenance.

To say the least, it’s a forgiving surface that can be sanded and oiled to seem brand new. Ordinary cleaning techniques should suffice without having to use harsh chemicals or cleansers however. How you choose clean it is up to you after all.

How To Clean Butcher Block Countertopsclean butcher block countertops

Utilizing cleaning tools and hot water, clean your countertops by thoroughly scrubbing them and rinsing them off in soap and hot water.

Spray disinfected vinegar across the countertop to create a neutral or basic pH environment for your countertops and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping away any residue.

We will discuss here how we can clean butcher block countertops.

Step 1: Scrubbing The Counter

Take everything off the kitchen counters and clean them with a wet sponge and some dish soap. Scrape away any dirt or crumbs that have accumulated, then check your work with a dry paper towel.

Once you’re done cleaning your wood top, give it a good scrubbing to ensure that it’s clean of any food or other contaminants. Change your rags often if they get stained as this will make them less effective in cleaning the surface area you are working on. Thoroughly rinse the entire piece when you’re done.

Step 2: Using White Vinegar

To disinfect the counter, take a clean dish towel and combine it with white vinegar. Wring out the towel to let all of the vinegar settle into it before wiping down the counters. Allow the vinegar to settle for 15 minutes before use.

Step 3: Using Lemon and Saltusing lemon and salt

Mix 1 cup of lemon juice with 1/2 cup salt and the vinegar solution that was used during the wash . Rub the mixture onto the counter with a sponge. The salt and lemon juice combination will disinfect and clean any leftover soap scum while rubbing off stains.

Step 4: Remove The Salt

Once the stain has dried, use a clean dish towel to wipe away remaining salt. Wipe until dry and take note that the area should be left alone to dry out before applying other liquids or foodstuffs to it.

Step 5: Oil Treatment

Butcher block counter tops can be easily revived by applying a thin layer of food-safe butcher block oil to the dry surface and allowing it to soak in for up to 24 hours before wiping away any excess. Apply as many coats as it takes until the wood is completely saturated and feel comfortable enough to use again.


Can you clean butcher block countertops using regular cleaners?

If there is any crusted dirt or food on your wood table, use a scraper to remove the yucky stuff. After that, grab a wet sponge and add some dish soap to it. Scrub across or with the direction of the wood grain to clean countertops! After rinsing your sponge and using it to wipe off kitchen counters, use a rag to gently dry off any water left behind.

Is bleach ok to put on butcher block?

Bleach should be used with care, because it has the potential to discolor the wood and leave a lingering after-scent. If you use bleach, make sure to only mix equal parts of bleach and water in a jar or container – not in the bucket you’re cleaning the butcher block with.

How to clean and maintain your butcher block countertop

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