How To Connect Round Ductwork Together

How To Connect Round Ductwork Together. Air heat is distributed throughout the house through ductwork connected to the HVAC system with sheet metal.

The sheet metal works to ensure that pressure levels remain consistent, particularly when the windows and doors are closed. Ductwork contains flexible fittings that allow it to make numerous turns.

In order for the system to work effectively, each connection must be properly secured with a crimped joint or quick-connect fittings.

How To Connect Round Ductwork Togetherconnect round ductwork together

As part of this section, we will show you how to connect round ductwork.

Connecting Round Ductwork

S-cleats or drive clips are used to connect ducts and foil tape is best for sealing them.

Alternatively, you can use duct tape, but the heat and other elements will wear away the tape over time, so it is not recommended for long-term use.

S-cleats is actually shaped like an “S” and are typically used when 2 straight ends have to come together in order to go through a frame for example.

So, one side of the HVAC ductwork slides into the top and the other side into the bottom of the s, thereby layering the ductwork.

Drive cleats are used when one needs to connect duct ends. They look like a “C.”. Typically, drive cleats are used to secure ductwork directly to end caps, elbows, and tees.

A DIYer often uses this tool to create a 180-degree turn in the connection area so that the locking tabs on either side of the cleat can lock it together. You should ensure that the ductwork is properly supported when installing it.

Individual pieces of ductwork may appear light, but when they are all put together they begin to feel heavy and can cause injury if proper precautions aren’t taken.

The bottom of the ductwork is secured to the bottom tab of the “Z” and the top tab of the “Z” is secured to the beams or joists using leftover pieces of c-clips or s-cleats shaped like a backward Z.


How does ductwork stay in place?

When looking for the best possible option to secure and support your ductwork, you might want to choose a system that is sturdy, strong, and stable. A vertically and horizontally solid option can give you the leverage needed to keep air ducts secured tightly in place.

Do you know connect round ductwork together?

To begin, select the duct pieces that have crimped and uncrimped ends that will be used for the connection. Once done, insert the Duct One end that has been crimped into another.

Duct piece to make a straight connector. Then the tape goes on to cover up the vertical seams. Finally, you can screw the pieces together with ease really quickly.

A round duct goes on top of a square duct, but how do you connect them?

Locate the drives at the connection closest to the duct’s end. Position a screwdriver underneath the top drive on the upper frame by pushing it inwards.

Take hold of the lower drive tabs using self-locking pliers and push them inwards with your supplied screwdriver. Then, pull out the duct to remove it from their connection point.

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