How To Cut Durock Cement Board

How To Cut Durock Cement Board. A cement board made of Durock is an ideal material for tile and construction projects.

Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other high-humidity areas in your home, this durable material prevents moisture and mold growth.

Because it is stronger than plywood, it can be used for everything from a base to flooring to wall and countertop installations.

Cutting this cement board does not require the use of circular saws or jigsaws since scoring between the grooves and bending will produce clean lines without having to overlap, which may compromise the strength of the product.

How To Cut Durock Cement Board

In this article, we discuss cutting the durock cement board.

Step 1

Make sure you don’t have to clean up after you cut wood with carbide-tipped blades.

Cutting the durock cement board requires a blade that can withstand the strain.

Carbide-tipped circular saw blades for cutting wood have fewer teeth than other circular saw blades and can handle pressure from durock cement without breaking. Select the blade with the least number of teeth.

Step 2

Mark a straight line on the durock cement board where you want to cut it with a carpenter’s pencil.

With a straight edge or ruler, mark a straight line on the durock cement board.

It will serve as your guide with the blade of the circular saw as you cut the cement board, so make sure it is visible and straight.

Mark the underside of the durock cement board with a pencil so you can easily see it when you use the saw to cut along the backside of the board.

Step 3

You want the blade to extend 1/2 inch past the board. With its blade guard retracted, hold the circular saw in front of the durock cement board with the power off.

To adjust the depth, loosen the knob and pivot the base so that it extends beyond the durock cement’s bottom. Secure your saw and tighten the knob.

Step 4

Using a circular saw, align its cutting guide with the top line on the board. Once the circular saw is upside down.

Flip it over so that it is upside down and then align this side with the bottom line of your first mark on the board.

During cutting, you can place your workpiece on a sawhorse for stability and align this end of your circular saw so that it cuts into your durock cement from underneath.

Step 5

Make sure the saw is already running at full speed before cutting the durock cement board. In that case, the blade won’t be able to easily cut through the board, and it may get stuck.

If you want to avoid this dangerous scenario, give your saw some time to warm up before cutting anything.

Step 6

Continue pushing the saw slowly through the durock cement board. Follow the marked line on the board with the blade of the saw while maintaining control.

Don’t push too hard; this could cause the blade to jam. If you hear the blade catching and not moving smoothly as it passes through the durock cement board, pause and slow down your progress.


Is Sawzalls capable of cutting cement boards?

Circular saws and grinders with abrasive or diamond blades can be used to cut cement backer boards.

A reciprocating saw can be used as an alternative, which has the advantage of being portable. This also applies to scoring knives that are specifically designed to cut cement backer boards.

How do you cut cement board? What tool do you use?

Before you start scoring the cement board, make sure it’s flat and firm on the wall, then choose a scoring tool.

You can also use shears or a utility knife, but it is recommended to use a carbide-tipped scoring knife since these blades can penetrate hardened fiberglass.

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