How To Cut Memory Foam

How To Cut Memory Foam. Memory foam is a popular material for mattresses. It’s been getting more and more attention recently because of how comfortable it can be, not to mention its durability and how easy it is to clean.

If you’re thinking of buying a memory foam mattress pad for your old bed, you should definitely consider buying a new mattress that comes with one.

This can drastically improve the overall comfort level of your bed while providing extra cushioning as well as helping keep you warm in the winter months.

How To Cut Memory Foamcut memory foam

In this article, we’ll explain cutting memory foam.

Step 1: Setting Foam

Set your memory foam on a table with the side that you will be cutting hanging over the edge. Select a sturdy, flat surface to place your memory foam on.

You should place your memory foam so that it overhangs your chosen cutting line. As a result, when you cut the memory foam, you won’t damage the tabletop when you press on other parts of it.

Step 2: Using Electric Carving Knife

To cut your foam down to a specific size, it is possible to use an electric carving knife. To find the pattern you want on your foam, you’ll need to first draw the pattern out.

To get nice straight cuts, make sure the serrated side of your electric carving knife is facing upwards and aligned with your line. When setting up for cutting, hold the carving knife perpendicularly for smooth cuts.

Step 3: Cutting Foamcutting foam

To cut the foam, first, draw a line along where you want to make the cut. Next, use your electric carving knife by holding it perpendicular to the line.

This way you’ll be able to slowly make your cut through the foam instead of cutting too hard and altering its shape. Slowly push the blade through the foam on its designated line until you have completely made your cut.

Then, remember to turn off your knife so that neither you nor anyone else will accidentally get hurt before removing it from the foam’s surface.

Step 4: Again Cutting

If the blade is not passing through the foam, cut along the line again with your carving knife. Making cuts in memory foam makes the material dense and tough.

The blade must pass through the foam several times before it goes all of the ways through. Be careful to hold the material still while cutting or you might end up ripping it apart in some areas as well.

If you need to make other dimensions from your memory foam, repeat this process after these two steps have been done for a more accurate fit.


When cutting foam, how do you avoid making a mess?

A hot knife is the best way to get a clean cut when working with Styrofoam. Heated knives are safer for small cuts and will leave a lot less mess than a normal serrated knife.

The key when cutting Styrofoam is to push the blade forward gently in short dips and to use little pressure, otherwise, it could crack or break apart.

The gel memory foam can be cut to size, right?

Memory foam that is thicker than 2 and a half inches should not be cut with scissors, as this may cause it to become damaged. It’s not compatible with standard fitted sheets because most manufacturers make the product larger than the mattress itself.

You can easily overcome this problem by trimming the thickness yourself if needed.

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