How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw

How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw. It is essentially a cutting tool used by professionals. Cleanly, quickly, and consistently cuts tiles. Although these types of tools can be expensive, they can be hard to find in a hurry.

Many people do not realize that there are several other ways to cut tile without a wet saw. Other methods will differ in terms of quality and cost depending on the size of the task at hand.

Also, keep in mind that the less complex a project is, the more likely it is that you can handle it without much difficulty yourself.

How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw

The following is a guide to cutting tile without a wet saw.

Step 1: Marking Tile

Using your ruler, draw a line along the edge of the tile across where you want to make your cut.

Then using your pencil and square, mark straight lines at each corner by making lines that connect the 2 endpoints of the diagonal line made on opposite edges.

Step 2: Filling Tray

When the water pump is turned on to full capacity, fill the tray of the wet saw with water and check that there is a strong stream of water.

To cool down the blade, place it in the tray with water flowing over it. The tray should not be filled beyond the maximum line.

Step 3: Setting Tile On Saw

Place the tile firmly onto the saw’s table, ensuring that the blade is positioned at the relevant mark.

Keep sliding the tile about an inch away from the blade before turning on the saw.

This will prevent the tile from immediately cutting through the blade. Ensure that the tile stays flat on both surfaces of the saw and that it is not slanted in any way.

Step 4: Locked Fence

Make sure the fence is locked against the tile edge for a straight cut. Tiles of different sizes can be adjusted by adjusting the fence from side to side along with the saw.

In this case, the saw’s table has a long bar on top that sits near the blade and can easily be adjusted up and down. Once it is aligned with the blade, push it against your tile’s edge, and lock it into position.

Step 5: Turn On Wet Saw

By pressing the on/off switch located on the side of the unit, you can turn on the wet saw. A green “on” button should be located on the unit.

The blade will need to be covered with water before you can start cutting anything.

Step 6: Push Tile Toward Blade

To cut a tile with the wet saw, fit the tile along the fence and use both hands to gently push it through the blade.

Don’t force the tile. Instead, you’re guiding it along into the blade using your hands. As you get near to where you started.

Firmly press one half of the tile into the other half as you push it through the blade. This will make a full cut without breaking tiles.


Can a utility knife be used to cut tile?

Using this tool, you can make curved cuts in tiles that aren’t possible with straight-edged tools.

Tile scribes or utility knives make the task easier to perform if the tile has been scribed beforehand. Rather than cutting large pieces at once, it is better to cut smaller bits at a time.

What causes my tile to break when I cut it?

By pushing/sliding the handle all the way down and pulling back, you will be able to snap open the tile in a much more effective manner than with a regular tile cutter.

To make a deeper cut, you must apply a slight amount of pressure when you slide the same metal handle to the middle of the tile. The wrong amount of pressure can result in broken or cracked tiles.

Final Word

The cutting of glass tile does not require the use of a wet saw.

Nowadays, it is necessary for you to understand these steps if you want to cut glass tile in order to save money and time, or perhaps you want to do an excellent job when performing this difficult task.

The steps are straightforward and very simple and they shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.

How To Cut Tile Without A Wet Saw

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