How To Cut Wire Shelves

How To Cut Wire Shelves. Adding wire shelving to your pantry, closet, or garage will make your storage space more functional. And it’s easy to do yourself.

It might seem difficult to cut the shelves to size, but if you’ve got a good set of bolt cutters, you’ll be done in no time.

Even if you don’t have bolt cutters, a hacksaw or even a Dremel will work just fine as long as you are careful. If you are doing this type of project, you should never take shortcuts because safety must always come first.

How To Cut Wire Shelvescut wire shelves

In this section, we discuss Cut Wire Shelves

Using butter knife

Before you buy wire shelving, you should measure the width and depth of your closet or room to make sure it will fit in the space.

Wire shelving typically comes in a variety of sizes that match a room’s dimensions or a closet’s size.

If you still need to cut your wire shelving, take these measurements with you and try to come up with an option that allows you to fit within these confines so as not to have any excess left.

Making The Cut

To prevent the wire shelving from moving during the cutting process, hold it firmly between your feet while cutting.
Take your tool of choice here a pair of bolt cutters or another saw that you have at hand and break through the wires one by one. It is likely that you will have to make several small cuts to get through them all.

Rough Out The Edges

Most cutting procedures leave the shelf with sharp, potentially dangerous edges when using bolt cutters. You should use either a metal mill file, drum sander, or sandpaper to smooth out any burrs or metal shards generated by your cuts.
For extra protection against short circuits, add a plastic cap that came with your wire shelving. There’s nothing wrong with smoothing down the edges once your shelves are erected.

Metal can be cut with a hacksaw?

Originally and mainly made for cutting metal, a hacksaw is a fine-toothed saw with fine teeth. Hacksaw blades, like most frame, saw blades, can be mounted on both sides of the blade at a 90-degree angle. When pressure is applied, it will make contact with a wooden fence in order to more easily cut through wood fibers.

The wire can be cut with scissors, can’t it?

Using pliers or wire cutters rather than scissors or blades is the best way to cut wire. One reason wire cutters last longer than scissors is that their cutting surfaces are made of strong metals. You will also be able to cut the wires more easily without accidentally hurting yourself.

Is a knife capable of cutting metal?

Sheet metal can be cut much more easily with a utility knife than with snips or a saw. Simply score the light gauge metal stock with a knife to complete this process. A properly done cut will result in clean edges that can be simply trimmed away.

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