How To Drill Into Concrete With A Regular Drill

How To Drill Into Concrete With A Regular Drill. Many people are unsure whether they need to use a hammer drill or a regular drill when drilling into concrete.

The truth is that either method can be used, however, you will find a lot more success with the use of a hammer drill if you want the holes to be wider and deeper in terms of length and span.

When using a regular drill only, you will find it takes much longer for the drill to complete its task but that’s OK. The amount of patience needed is expected considering it isn’t designed for this type of material.

How To Drill Into Concrete With A Regular Drill

drill into concrete with a regular drill

Using a regular drill, this guide will show you how to drill into concrete.

Step 1

The concrete surface should be marked with a pencil at the desired location. It’ll be helpful to have an equal-sized piece of tape handy if you need to make any last-minute drill-bit adjustments.

Double-check that the taped drill bit is appropriate for drilling in your selected material and make sure it’s not bigger than what you need.

Step 2

Slow down your drill. The best way to make a guide hole is to use your drill in controlled and short spurts. Drill 1/8 inch deep, or roughly just over one centimeter.

Use the guide hole for easier control. As you get more confident, increase the size of the drill bit as well as speed.

Step 3

Avoid forcing your way through obstacles. You may damage the drill bits if you drill any further. Stop the drill and set it down to increase the drill bit size.

Once you have enlarged the hole, use a hammer to tap a masonry nail on the tough spot. You can now drill more slowly.

Step 4

You should remove the drill every 15 seconds and brush the concrete debris from the hole before continuing.

This prevents the friction that comes from grinding out all of this unwanted concrete, making drilling much easier with less pressure.

Step 5

You can remove the bit from the concrete once you’ve reached a depth you’re satisfied with. Safety goggles should be worn at all times.

Dust particles should be removed with compressed air. Vacuum up anything that falls on the ground and then goes ahead and inserts your anchors. That’s it.


Does a regular drill work for drilling holes in concrete?

Concrete can be drilled with an ordinary rotary drill. The process is slow and requires significant effort, as well as being physically demanding, particularly for projects that need to be accomplished at great heights.

Although it takes more time than using a hammer drill, the process of drilling into concrete with an ordinary rotary drill can be effective in specific situations.

Is it possible to drill through concrete with a cordless drill?

Yes. While a cordless drill may not perform as well when it comes to drilling into concrete, it will get the job done.

How well your drill performs will be determined by its battery life and other features such as torque and the ability to change out the drill bit for one that can handle rougher surfaces, like a stone or brick wall.

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