How To Fix A Door That Won’t Stay Open

How To Fix A Door That Won’t Stay Open. A house with a door that won’t stay open can feel like you’re living in a haunted house.

Thankfully, the problem is usually easy to fix-it can be as simple as adjusting the hinges or replacing the doorknob so that it fits better.

Or maybe there’s too much friction from any gaps between the door and its frame, so you can replace these pieces for smooth action instead of quick-closing snaps that make you think of jump scares and screams.

How To Fix A Door That Won’t Stay Openfix a door that won't stay open

Here you can find instructions for fixing a door that won’t stay open.

1. It is imperative that you examine the condition of your hinges first. Place some magazines under the door if it is loose so it stays in place with a stopper.

Now try to tighten the hinges using an Allen wrench or another one if needed. It should now be easier for your door to open, if not, move on to the next step.

2. Open the door’s hinge and check inside it to see if there is an excess of oil or grease. If so, clean it out then close the door.

Check for any possible alignment issues with the hinges by trying different opening positions of the door to determine what does and doesn’t work.

3. Take one of the hinge pins out of its socket and place it in a vice. Using a hammer, tap the pin carefully until it becomes slightly bent or wavy. Ensure that the pin does not have any damage.

If no such damage is found, then reinsert the pin into its original position in the hinge. Continue this procedure for each hinge pin.

Test the door to make sure everything is working properly again before you secure each individual pin back in place.

4. Used a doorstop to help hold the door up to the right level. Begin loosening the hinge screws then place a shim in between the hinge and where it’s attached to the frame of the door.

Tighten the hinges using your screwdriver to see if your adjustments helped with door alignment. Continue to the next step if not.

5. Carefully take the door out of the frame. Chisel the hinge areas to make them deeper. Replace the hinges if necessary.

The door should be hung by first placing it on its top pin, then its bottom pin, followed by its middle pin. The hinges should now line up properly. If necessary, repeat the process and your door should stay open.


Is there a reason why a door won’t stay open?

An unreliable door is both an indication that your hinges are not aligned correctly and a sign that your screws holding them are too tight.

Try loosening your screws first and then moving your hinges outward in relation to each other by stuffing thin strips of cereal box cardboard under the door and then tightening again.

A swinging door is difficult to stop. How can you stop it?

Be sure to keep an eye on your ruler as you find the middle of the hinge pin. Next, you’re going to use your hammer and carefully bend the tip of the hinge pin until it is slightly angled to provide enough friction for it to stay still when a door is open or closed.

Once that’s been done, take out a measuring tape and measure out how much space there is from either end of the pin to where you want the hinge installed.

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