How to get dog smell out of couch

How to get dog smell out of couch. The best you can do is to get rid of the pungent odors that linger after your beloved pet has peed on your sofa.

Because dogs carry waste with them wherever they go, regularly cleaning your soft furnishings can help remove the residue and make your home an inviting place for pet lovers as well.

How to get dog smell out of couchget dog smell out of couch

Baking soda is actually a natural odor remover, and you can use this to get the musty smell out of your sofa. Sprinkle baking soda on the fabric and leave it to sit overnight. Vacuum thoroughly first thing in the morning. The scents should be considerably reduced or eliminated entirely.

Cleaning couches

Many sofas have removable cushions, throw blankets or pillows. If you pull these things off and separate them by washing them and not washing them.

You’ll be able to deep-clean your sofa more effectively. Start by taking everything apart as much as possible to see where all the dead skin or other animal remains might be hiding out.

Remove and wash removable coversremove and wash removable covers

Take any removable pet-sofas that can be washed in the washing machine (like blankets and removable cushion covers). The covers of throw pillows are also removable.

You should be able to find labels attached to each of these items that state whether or not they can safely be put into a washing machine.

Make sure you always check the tags after squeezing out as much liquid as possible from the inserts and add 1/2 cup of vinegar to help get rid of odors.

The high heat in the dryer can set smells into fabrics even more, so try to do a sniff test before doing this step and repeat this cycle until your sofa is odor-free.

Apply Upholstery cleaners

If you need better odor removal for your sofa, you can rent a cleaner with an upholstery attachment like that of a carpet cleaner.

It’s a good idea to have this rental come in at the end of cleaning when you’re the closest you’ll be to having most of the smell removed, so it’s less likely to get soaked up by your furniture later on.

A handheld upholstery cleaner may also be a worthwhile investment depending on how frequently accidents are occurring or if yours just got soaked in a wet dog scent pest control problem.

Using Baking Sodausing baking soda

Baking soda is a common ingredient and can be used for various things, but it’s especially helpful around the house because of how cheap and effective it is.

For example, if you have furniture that has retained a bad smell because of pets (or food), baking soda can be useful.

Allowing the baking soda to sit for a while allows it to absorb a lot more odour than you might believe. Simply use your vacuum cleaner the next day to remove all of the baking soda.


It is essential to remove any dog hair and other potential sources of odor from your upholstery. One habit you can get into is vacuuming a little every day by doing both the movable sections as well as all surfaces including the inaccessible crevices.

If you do have removable cushions, we recommend that you do not throw them in the washer or vacuum them since not doing so could cause the problem to come back much stronger.

Our advice would be either to: buy comfortable non-removable covers, or use an air-purifier/deodorizer device.

How to prevent future odors

Getting fur, dander, and different substances out of your dog’s fur coat can go a long way to reducing the scent. Regularly bathing and grooming your dog will also help reduce doggy odors (just make sure he/she is 100% dry before bringing them inside).

Cleaning up after your dog is outside can significantly reduce how much fiber makes it indoors. Bringing in a helper to brush him or her outside will cut down on the chances of leaving hair behind.

If you don’t have that option, be sure to use a pooper scooper when walking outside or take your furry friend for a ride in their stroller.

An air purifier may help temporarily remove the scent if there is no obvious source to locate. While some people swear by this solution, it might not work for neutralizing pet radicals in larger spaces.

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