How to get rid of house flies with white vinegar

How to get rid of house flies with white vinegar. You may find houseflies highly irritating when they fly from fertilizer mounds to food on your table. Moreover, they can transmit more than 100 pathogens from room to room, which may cause serious illnesses and dysentery.

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How to get rid of house flies with white vinegarget rid of house flies with white vinegar

The smell of vinegar can repel flies. In fact, a few pots of boiling cider vinegar can be an effective DIY fly repellent on its own.

All you have to do is grab some cider vinegar and put it in a jar in areas you know to be prone to pesky flies. The smell alone should keep them away.

Using a fruit fly vinegar trap

Fruit flies love the smell of apple cider vinegar. This makes it the perfect attractant for traps that are designed to snare these tiny pests.

Fruit flies are usually easy to trap, but you may need an extra scent other than vinegar if your traps don’t attract enough fruit flies to be effective.

Add a drop of dishwashing liquid to your DIY fly traps in order to make them appealing and effective.


A wide-mouthed small bowl of apple cider vinegar next to a bowl of fruit or anywhere where pests seem to be gathering will draw the fruit flies to their doom. This is one of the most basic ways to attract tiny flies.

The apple cider vinegar alone can be deadly for those pesky flies. The simple culprit is the acidity (pH) level in non-distilled vinegar, which causes an acidic death for the pests over time.

Simply set out a small mason jar filled about 1/4 way with bottled apple cider vinegar and place a cut piece of fruit such as a strawberry in this jar along with some white paper set into the mouth of the glass jar with a cone shape cut from it.

This way flies seeking sweet liquid forms of food can wander into your trap but will have trouble getting back out because even though they’re tiny, their wings are large compared to their bodies.

Appy Homemade Vinegar Fly Trap

Making a vinegar flytrap can be made by cutting the bottom of a soda bottle off and inverting the top into the bottom to make a funnel-like opening through which flies fall.

In addition, you can cut an empty apple cider jug down two inches below the neck and invert the top into the bottom to create a funnel.

Make sure the quarter cup is filled to the top with water or cider vinegar and not overfilled or they will leak out.

Alternatively, you can fill larger jars with just enough water mixed with fish bait, minced meat from your supermarket meat department or fishing store, or artificial fly bait.

Your problem will be eliminated within minutes by drowning them. Make large batches of both indoors as one requires such attention and care.

Using vinegar fly sprayusing vinegar fly spray

If you are interested in an organic method of eliminating flies and other insects lurking around your home or on your lawn, a simple homemade solution of vinegar and dish soap can help.

Combine the two ingredients with water, then spray it on areas where flies land for optimal results.

When mixed together, this solution is known to stick to insects’ feet like glue which can prevent them from landing properly the next time they try to fly from one surface to another.

While this recipe is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a regular fly trap (although it may not eliminate flying fruit flies completely).

You should still be careful when spraying near plants that you’d like to keep around because this mixture is also harmful if dripping onto them or surrounding soil.

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