How to get rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gum

How to get rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gum. A lawn or yard can be severely damaged by moles because of their tunneling under the ground.

Burrows are created by moles all over your yard as they search for new places to dig once their excavations become vulnerable.

There are many different ways to rid your yard of these pesky critters, but not many people know that chewing gum can be effective as well.

How to get rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gumget rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gum

To get rid of moles in your yard, find some Juicy Fruit chewing gum and remove the yellow wrappers. Wrap the sticks of gum separately in aluminum foil and push them into the holes in your lawn where you think the moles are hiding.

The moles will be attracted to the scent of the gum but won’t be able to digest it because they will die from mercury poisoning since it’s been revealed that chewing gum contains a metal that requires numerous amounts of power for our kidneys to eliminate.

Identifying moles

If you see a few moles appearing every day, then you are likely only looking at moles. The term “molehill” is often used to describe mounds that are lesser in size when compared to the ones created by moles.

To help identify if there are actually voles instead of moles, it’s best to first look for a molehill, which will never be formed underground like how they operate only voles will burrow near the soil surface.

Get some juicy fruit gum

To effectively combat moles, you should place fruit gum along their tunnels. If you have a big yard, you might need a couple of boxes. But when it comes to managing a lawn against this pest, quantity increases.

Cut the strips of the juicy fruit gum

Place the fruit gum strips inside the runways you’ve identified by tearing them up into little pieces. Moles are being fed chewing gum so they will go to where they are likely to go.

Placing gums at the mouth and in other deep places in your yard will also help if you already have tunnels and mounds.

More pieces are deposited in the garden

If you’ve got moles trouble in the yard, then sticky juicy fruit gum let in place will encourage them to be much more likely to munch on the pieces of gum.

Having so many placed all over your lawn can be a great way to invite moles to eat them up and hang out or stay in your yard for a bit longer compared with having just one or two grapefruit gums laid around.

Leave these fresh juicy fruit gums laying out for as long as it takes until you find a trace of them being gone.

Reapply gums all over the yard

Reapplying gums to your lawn can be a challenge as it requires new measures to be taken every few days.

But the best way to keep moles from causing damage is by reapplying gums in your lawn on a consistent basis and most importantly making sure they stay fresh and intact.

You will know if this is not being done properly if there are no new visible mounds and ridges because moles instinctively have to build hills and ridges if they feel their homes are threatened by intruders.

Other methods of killing moles

Moles can be controlled in a number of ways. The best way to get rid of moles is with marshmallows, bait, or poison, however, be cautious with poison as the mole bodies left behind will seep back into the ground, damaging surrounding plants as well as any vegetables you plan to consume.

In place of executing a brutal attack against moles, it might be a good idea to try natural remedies like mint leaves and dishwashing liquid.

Also, you could use electronic devices which emit high-frequency sound waves designed to scare off pests. Your neighbors may not appreciate being too close to such disruptive technology.

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