How to grow a plum tree from a seed

How to grow a plum tree from a seed. Not all plums have seeds inside. While it is possible to grow a plum tree from any plum you’ve eaten, the chances of that tree producing the same kind of fruit are slim because most plums are grafted onto other trees.

Saving seeds or planting them in pots and then re-planting them later is a more viable alternative to growing your own plum trees as long as they will be placed in a garden.

An area where there’s some sort of natural dirt that can be used to plant them; otherwise, you can try using potting soil but the odds won’t be quite as good.

How to grow a plum tree from a seed

how to grow a plum tree from a seed

Plant the plum seeds 3″ deep in a mound that is roughly 6 inches in diameter and spaced 2-3 feet apart when planting the fresh seeds, then mark where you have planted the pit with some kind of stake so it can be found again until sprouting.

Give them some water and watch for growth.

Prepare a sand-perlite mixture

Place 1 part perlite and one part sand in a plastic container. Perlite is a type of rock that’s crushed into tiny pieces and used as a filler to improve drainage in garden soil.

Some nurseries stock it, or you can buy it online if your local nursery doesn’t have any on hand.

Using a hammer tap the plum seed

Using a hammer, create slight crescent-shaped indentations in your plum seed’s shell. This process of “scarification” signals to the seed that it is time to germinate and grow.

The roots of the plum tree grow deep into the ground making sure not to let you down by failing to deliver fruits that are both fruitless and pitiless.

Plant the seed 2 to 3 inches deep

When planting seeds, make sure to bury them at least 2 inches into the soil mixture of sand, perlite, and organic soil.

Once you’ve planted your seeds, water them and make sure to gently keep their soil moist but not wet.

Identify a location for the container

Put the container where it will stay cold for at least four weeks. During the winter months, we recommend leaving it outside, or if your refrigerator has a separate freezing compartment, you may also want to consider this option.

Remove seed from cold storage

A plant seed can be grown if it comes from an organic source.

You can remove the tree or any type of plant seed from its cold storage area and report it in a more organic soil mixture. Let the tree grow for 1 year before harvesting.

Regularly water the seedling

regularly water the seedling

Plant the seedling in a well-lit area with adequate soil drainage. Place a saucer underneath the pot to collect excess water.

Be sure to check daily for dryness and water as needed, keeping in mind that even the most hearty of plants can be killed by oversaturation.

Plant the tree at a permanent location

Trees should be planted in a sunny spot with well-draining soil that gets full sun most of the day. If your soil isn’t loose enough, mix organic soil into it to improve drainage.

Transplant the small plum trees into 6-inch pots and continue to grow them in a sunny spot indoors.

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