How To Grow A Red Onion

How To Grow A Red Onion. Most people are familiar with red onions, especially if they prepare meals for themselves. There is a very distinct flavor to these reddish bulbs, which belong to the Allium family.

Red onions are an easy vegetable to cultivate, so you’re in luck if you want to learn how to grow them. If you provide them with sufficient light and water, red onions grow well in home indoor gardens and require very little maintenance.

The instructions we have provided will guide you through all the steps necessary to grow a healthy head of red onions within a short period of time.

How To Grow A Red Onion

how to grow a red onion

In this article, we will discuss how to grow a red onion.

Step 1

Plant your seeds outside six to eight weeks after starting them indoors. Plant your red onion seeds in a small pot or tray, placing them one centimeter apart if using a container.

The seed should be placed in a location that has good drainage, and the soil should be covered with a thin layer of compost. Water immediately after placement.

Step 2

It is best to water your seedlings one to three times a week. Utilizing a watering can regulate the amount of moisture put into the soil so that you will notice the seeds sprouting into their true form – seedlings.

Once you have properly watered the soil, and let it dry off, rinse and repeat until your plants grow up tall and strong.

Step 3

Your seedlings can survive the outdoor environment once they are 1-2 inches tall. During the first day or two after planting outdoors, place seedlings in a partially shady area.

Dig holes one inch deep and space plants three to four inches apart. Use compost and water to cover the plants.

Allow the red onion to grow for at least eight weeks before harvesting in order to allow the bulbs to produce ample amounts of starch belowground.

Growing Time For Red Onions

In general, red onions harvested for their bulbs take approximately 4 months to fully grow, while green onions can usually be harvested in about 3 weeks.

The leaves on your red onions should be watered less when they fall over. The green leaves of your onion plant start to flop down when they get close to being ready so you should reduce watering them at this point.

When you bend the foliage down after it has started to fall over, it will mature faster.

Sunlight Requirement For Onions

sunlight requirement for onions

When grown in direct sunlight, onions that are placed in an area that is too hot for the plants to survive can develop sunscald. Sunscald can also be caused by cold temperatures.

Compacted soil can also cause sunscald; this prevents healthy drainage during long periods of rain, resulting in root and leaf damage.

Make sure you provide your seeds with well-watered soil and a thick layer of mulch to regulate temperature to prevent sunscald.


Planting onions at what time of year?

A great way to grow onions is from seed. Plant onion seeds in well-prepared soil when the ground is cool, such as in October and November.

When planting onion sets or transplants put them about ½ inch deep into the soil. Uproot your onions in early May as it can take a long time before your plants are mature enough to be harvested.

Is it possible to grow onions in pots?

Plant seeds in 8-inch pots if you want to grow onions that can be harvested early and replanted. In order for bulb onions to grow properly, they require more space for each bulb, which means about 3 inches per bulb.

When growing onions, many gardeners use plastic containers or partially buried wooden barrels.

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