How To Hang A Flag On A Wall

How To Hang A Flag On A Wall. Symbolizing a nation and identity through a flag is possible. A tiny flag is often attached to the breast pocket of a politician’s dress shirt to represent their country. We all love our national flags.

When you are passionate about your country, then you must respect it and display its flag whenever you have the opportunity, whether it is in an office environment or at home. Hanging a flag on the wall inside your house or office is a great way to show your patriotism.

How To Hang A Flag On A Wallhang a flag on a wall

Here are the instructions for hanging a flag on a wall.

Step 1

Make sure there will be no danger of falling. To ensure the flag remains in good condition for as long as possible, it must be hung in a secure place to prevent it from falling.

As soon as it touches the ground, the flag should be retired. It is best to burn the flag to symbolize its honorable passing.

Step 2

Hang the flag on the wall by its grommets. To hang your flag vertically, see where or if there are grommets printed on the side of your flag near the top and bottom corners.

Use this spot located in each corner to hang it from a pole such as a flag pole or anything approximately 4 feet tall that has an object at the bottom such as a stand for a lamp, etc.

Step 3

To evenly distribute weight, use more than one pushpin per side of your flag when hanging it vertically. Make sure you space out the pinpoints evenly to prevent rips from damaging your flag and to prevent it from sagging.

In order to prevent damaging your flag, avoid placing pushpins halfway through the outermost edge of your stitching.

Step 4

You should use enough push pins to evenly distribute the weight of the flag across all the sides of your flag when hanging it horizontally using push pins.use enough push pins

In order to prevent permanent damage to the flag, it is important not to pierce the stitches. When inserting each pin, make sure your flag is well-supported and you do not pierce any stitching.


What do you use to hang a flag on a wall?

Use two or three 3M Command hooks purchased from a local store that specializes in housewares, like Home Depot for example. Simply hang the hooks on the wall and then sow loops on the back of the flag so that it could attach to them conveniently.

Be sure to use 3M Command hooks as they are specially designed not to damage your walls in any way.

Flag Hanging

Final Words

Hanging the flag on a wall upside-down is considered to be disrespectful, so it should always be pointed in a way that the stars are facing up. If you are going to display your flag horizontally on a wall, you should start in the upper left corner.

Vertically displaying the flag is also possible. In no way should the stripes of the American Flag ever be positioned over or under one another.

The Flag Code that when hung vertically, the stars should appear in the upper left corner and when hung horizontally, it is acceptable to start with stripes at the top left and then proceed rightward: In other words, either of these methods would work just fine.

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